Cooling off: Figure skating has slipped from mid-'90s height of popularity
Cooling off: Figure skating has slipped from mid-'90s height of popularity As the Champions on Ice tour hits Sacramento, the sport tries to reinvigorate its appeal. By Melody Gutie...

Looking to buy back issues of Internationl Figure Skating
I'm wondering if anyone would like to get rid of some issues of International Figure Skating back issues. I'm looking to buy a handful of old but recent issues - any of the ones I don'...

Gold Coast to host GP Final
SURFERS PARADISE, Queensland (ADMS) - The Gold Coast region will be hosting the Grand Prix Final this coming season. The Iceland Arena in Surfers Paradise will be hosting the...

Russian Federation complains judges are biased against them
This is certainly a first, isn't it? I can't remember the last time "skating while Russian" was considered a bad thing, but here is an interview I translated that alleges just that! ht...

News about Chris Cuthbert He will be covering the 2010 Olympics after all - and that probably means the skating too!! Yeah!! Shelagh

Free Flat Screen Monitor or Free brand new Sony Wega 27" Trinitron Flatscreen TV!
Hey- I know this stuff is getting a little tired but they really are giving away a lot of free stuff. All you have to do is join, complete an online offer, and refer friends to do t...

"The Strong & the Sequined"--announcement
Dear Readers, I apologize for the long wait between chapters. Unfortunately, my computer has been ill. I got it back from the shop yesterday, but all of my files are gone and most of my...

article on Rudy Galindo
(aka Skating in Not-So-Strange Places) Since COI will be at the San Jose Arena this weekend, where Rudy won his US national title in 1996, a nice article about him appeared in t...

Skating in Strange Places
In a round-up article of travel news in National Geographic Taveller, it mentioned that the Atlantic City convention center had undergone a renovation and one of the upcoming events was fi...

SOI Winnipeg
The Canadian version of SOI breezed through Winnipeg tonight, and it was a very enjoyable show (even though I've seen most of it on TV). I must admit I went mainly to see Alexei's "Passion"...

Strange Tonya Harding sighting
I'm not quite sure why she's going to be there, but... - Rick

"pop" ankle?
Does any else have this? Sometimes when I do my jumps like axel, doubles, or a waltz jump where you have to do a weight transfer I get this horrible pain in my free foot but its in the ankl...

Scott Hamilton in Parade Magazine
From the Personality Parade question-and-answer column: "Q. I heard that ice skater Scott Hamilton has a brain tumor. Is it related to his earlier bout with testicular cancer? ...

News from the Northwoods 04/23/05
Two weeks ago I rode a hundred miles across the U.P. on my motorcycle. Today the ground is white. It really isn't abnormal for Paradise to get a snowstorm in April - or May, even - but with...

Champions on Ice report
Champions on Ice: Random Comments Waiting outside to get in, I surveyed the crowd. It was mostly old ladies. I wondered if I was at the wrong place. Were they all there for an ele...

Happy Birthday Lindsay Davis! DONN

Young Skaters - NY Times
With photo gallery, at New York TImes, April 22, 2005 Ice Princesses By Robert Andrew Powell ...

Brian Orser
Brian Orser gave a skating clinic in the town where I work, and he was interviewed by the local paper. He had a couple of comments on the "Battle of the Brians" being Number 1 in the 10 Mo...

John Curry video online here!!!
I found this by accident. I never saw this program before -was too young at the time.

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: References
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/references Last-modified: 20 Apr 2005 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: =============...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Skating People and Events
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/people Last-modified: 20 Apr 2005 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: =================...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Technical Elements
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/technical Last-modified: 20 Apr 2005 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: ==============...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Rules and Regulations
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/rules Last-modified: 20 Apr 2005 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: ==================...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Introduction and Netiquette
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/introduction Last-modified: 20 Apr 2005 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: ===========...

Champions on Ice
I have a ticket in hand to see Champions on Ice tomorrow. What are these things like? Is it going to suck? I almost don't care; I just want to see The Michelle Kwan. I've never seen her skat...

Silent Skating
Without going into details, I regulary have a studio rink all to myself. It is completely quiet. I can listen very closely to my blades on the ice. Today I was amazed to discover that I hav...

Sasha Cohen at book fair 4/23
Sasha Cohen will be at the LA TIMES Festival of Books at UCLA Saturday, April 23, 12:20- 12:50pm, at the children's stage. She will read an excerpt from her autobiography. Free admission...

marshalls cheesefest
Anyone watch this yesterday? I missed the men's, but enjoyed the women. Emily Hughes looks like she's grown since Nationals. She had a fall I think. They had her ahead of BeBe ...

Been To Lindsay's Place Lately? Her new program- coming soon! DONN

Marriage to a future CANDIAN skating star
One skating fan came into my chat room and told me that one of the Canadian skaters, a future star, knows of my existence in the rooms, and seems to think that I would make an...

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