Movie on Cdn Channel
This afternoon there was a documentary of sorts on the "W" channel, called "Ice Girls". The info said it was following 4 young women (2 Cdn & 2 from the UK) on their journey in figure skatin...

Gershwin On Ice--on TV right now!
Just tuned in to channel 55, WLNY, Long Island, NY. The Info blurb says it is skating to the music of George and Ira Gershwin. This must be a very old show--two skaters so far and I don't ...

Bared midriffs
I am about tired of seeing young women bandying about with bare midriffs and then saying "What?!?" when they catch you lookin'. They are playing the game and that is part of it, to be looke...

LINDSAY Celebrates the NEW YEAR With YOU!
To all my great friends and supporters! Thank you for making 2004 a wonderful year for me! I'll be working hard to make 2005 an even more wonderful one- for you! Hope you'll...

Looking for all-event tix to Canadians
As long as I'm talking about the ladies' renaissance...I should mention that I am seeking an all-event ticket to Canadians that would otherwise go unused. If you have one, e-mail me (after r...

The Canadian ladies' renaissance...what is responsible?
I thought this would be a good topic for a nice, long thread...besides which, I really do want to know the opinions of people who know more about this subject than I do. What do y...

Yet another frightening singer to appear on an NBC skating show
Well, this one should strike fear into Fiona's certainly did mine. On the Brian Boitano show appearing on NBC on New Year's Day, one of the singers will be...Brian Boitano. ...

Is Russia going back to Stalinism and dictactorship?
The Russians have no freedom now-at least Alexei got out.

Sale & Pelletier are engaged...
David popped the question on Christmas Day.

IMHO, Irina is best
I know nothing about the niceties of edging or jumps or costumes or choreography or any of the other subjects that pop up here...I just know that Irina has the best attitude toward life an...

Music Info help, Please!
I was looking at some old tapes from 2003-04 season & wanted to download some music. Does anyone know the artist/composer for any of the following pieces: (1) Transition skated by Todd Eldre...

what's wrong with the sexonice Yahoo group?
No photos of Kristi from her Dec 4 or Dec 25 appearances? What's going on??

Separated at birth?,,2-2004600870,00.html In this picture, Anna Kournikova looks very much like Oksana Baiul. The article says she "looks badly in need of a kip". I do...

THE MIDNIGHT DEMON 29th DECEMBER 2004 Australia's "alternative views" electronic newspaper A service of A...

One more question
Are there any DVDs of the skating performances of Gordeeva & Grinkov? I've been casually looking for them for a while and had no luck - nothing even on tape. Thanks...

Grand Prix
I just finished watching this event. Could someone explain why no US skaters were competing? (Okay, except for Ice Dancing.) No, I don't know much about the skating world, i ...

Skating in Strange places - Music video contest -
Local skater, John Coughlin, and some friends entered a music video contest. It is really quite well done, considering the director, a very good friend of John's, whose name is Buddy Blackm...

doing the math
Interesting article. Michelle is not resting on her laurels. She says she has enough medals, but it wouldn't be a competition if she wasn't still trying. <http://www.washingtonpost.c...


Michael Weiss Pro?
Michael Weiss has appeared in two Disson skating shows recently. I thought these shows weren't sanctioned by the USFSA to its skaters. Has this changed, or has Weiss suddenly turned pro? <...

Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate IV
I wonder... how much money does a professional figure skater usually get for doing a show like this? What's up with Shae-Lynn Borne skating alone? Is Victor Kratz no longer aro...

Prettiest skaters in '04?
Who in your opinion are some of the prettiest skaters that you have seen on TV in '04? === "I learned a lot from Jessica--what not to do." -- Ashlee Simpson

Review: Kleenex Celebration on Ice (Canadian touring show), Dec. 18
Why did I go to Oshawa, Ontario, last Saturday, even though I had to take an expensive cab ride back and forth from my local bus station, not to mention transferring from a bus in Toronto to...

From pitching the broad to producing a bloke
I was trying to post about this one earlier when I had a computer hiccup and everything locked up. Anyway, sorry I didn't post earlier. The happy news is that Kris and Kristy Wirtz are paren...

Chintzy Las Vegas ice show fools cable providers
Hmm. Yesterday, according to the guide that pops up on my TV courtesy of my cable company when I press various buttons on my remote, one of my local stations was supposed to show the syndica...

Inga Rodionova
I understand that Inga Rodionova who skates for Azabajain has been trying to find a new partner in order to allow her to return to Europeans and worlds for that country. I understand she has...

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Berkeley CA threatens to close ice rink "Berkeley city officials are threatening to close a 64-year-old ice rink because its owner has failed to upgrad...

FS: 1988 "Champions On Ice" Program
1988 "Champions On Ice" Program I have for sale the 1988 "Champions On Ice" Program (Sept. 17, 1988 London Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada). The program contains 22 pages including

Re: Sasha Cohen returning to John Nicks
"Doris Penndorf" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected] > Apparently the entry was only up for a few hours and the...

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