Sandhu at Trophee Eric Bompard
He may not have reason to celebrate, but plenty of reason to get drunk. I can't believe he let Weir beat him... Very disappointing. Weir's the first US men's skater I have enj...

Amber Corwin at Trophee Eric Bompard
This was the best I have seen her skate. And none of her jumps were cheated at all. She did pop a jump near the end, but other than that, she was fine.

Cdn Nats in London
Is anyone interested in splitting an all event ticket? I am posting this for someone who would like to split one, as they work all week, so they would like to have Friday to Sunday. ...

Johnny Weir - WOW!!!
I caught his short program last night on ESPN's airing of the Trophee Lalique, but fell asleep before the long was shown - shit!!! All I have to say is this guy is awesome. When I watc...

Poor fat Chana can't get a man, so she is reduced to manic nightly bouts of masturbation with only her dildo as her companion. All men are repulsed by her coarseness, her crudeness, even he...

Irina Slutskaya 11/26/04 Interview
I have a translation up on my site, now. She is certainly... uhm... not shy with her opinions about other skaters and Chinese culture.

Where is the fat silly two - bit two -faced wannabee JAP hiding these days? Is she licking her big fat cunt right now and feeling sorry for herself? And hasnt rssif been a nice p...

"Eric Bompard, Cachemire" was all around the rink at Paris. My French-English dictionary and my online translation program have never heard of "cachemire." Can anyone enlighten me? <...

US Airways Stike/Canadian Nationals
For anyone travelling to Candian Nationals, you should be aware that US Airways flight attendants are threatening a strike, and this could affect flights into the Detroit Wayne Coun...

A Modest Suggestion Re: Skaters' Music Info
Has anyone else ever experienced this (as I did yesterday during Min Zhang's Cup of China free skate)? You're watching a skating event and they helpfully show at the beginning of ...

Dismal Eligible Skating attendance
It seems as though attendance at eligible competition gets worse and worse. Sometimes it is too painful to watch. The ISU must be operating in the red. In absence of any charasmatic skate...

NHK Announcing/Skating in strange places
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------669E77B11E7606CD3EA10948 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit First, I had th...

US Airways Strike/Canadian Nationals
For anyone travelling to Candian Nationals, you should be aware that US Airways flight attendants are threatening a strike, and this could affect flights into the Detroit Wayne County A...

Someone is reporting Alexei lives with a guy named Sergei
I figured ALexei was gay.

American music?
While Josh Groban's Mi Mancherai is very beautiful indeed, the only "American" aspect of it are the 2 performers, Josh and Josh (ua Bell). Written by Luis Enrique Bakalov and someone...

cup of russia and Slute
Was Irina's program really that great in the long to justify those marks over Arakawa? Was it her artistry or her technical prowess? Has she put the triple-triples back into her long program...

Cup of Russia Pic and article
This article has a very bad pic of Irina Sluteskaya... head on, holding her skate blade. Not a nice facial expression. Surely they could have found a nicer picture to post to the article. ...

Irina Slutskaya at Cup of Russia
Slutskaya impressive in winning Cup of Russia - Saturday, November 27, 2004 (11-27) 09:31 PST MOSCOW (AP) -- Irina Slutskaya took another strong step in her c...

cup of russia men's results
just now posted ------------------------------------------------------------------ The information contained in t...

Maria Butyrskaya Victim of Domestic Abuse - By Her Married Boyfriend
Rec'd via e-mail from an online acquaintance who is a member of Sounds like she likes the drama of this relationship. Why would she date a married man? To quote R...

Dorothy Hamill on Good Day L.A.
In order to promote Broadway on Ice which is in a local arena herre, Dorothy skated and submitted to an obviously unrehearsed interview. She was delightful. I thought she looked a little...

Good chance to show off your golf!!
Wow!! I got a big news!! maybe some of you already know it.. There'll be held "The 1st Shot-Online US Open" during the Christmas season!! It'll begin from 11/31 (Mon) and th...

Torvill and Dean - do they really need the money?
Much as i thought these two had more class and artistic integrity to get involved in these ridiculous reality TV shows i've read (in metro the free paper on the trains) that they're going to...

Benith Pulls Out of Cup of Russia?
Read this on FSU. Does anyone have any details on what happened. You can never really find out anything on that site.

Benith Pulls Out of Cup of Russia?
Whatever for? Are they sick or hurt or something? What gives?

Benith Pulls Out of Cup of Russia?
Does anybody know why? Are they hurt? Sick?

Paul Wylie commentating
Does anyone else find it rather odd that Paul is now a commentator for the ISU events, given his rather vocal dislike for the ISU? I happen to like him and appreciate his commentary. Just ...

Hmmm, this should have been called the "Jamie & David Show". Unfortunately CBC chose to edit this down to a one hour show, which means only about 45 minutes of actual skating was shown. In...

Bowman Pleads No Contest
From the Associated Press yesterday: Former U.S. figure skating champion Christopher Bowman pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor charges, including having a gun while dru...

--WebTV-Mail-20718-8842 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit Best, Winter Holiday Greetings, from Lindsay, her family, and skating ...

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