Skate Canada
Well, who'd a thunk the results would turn out the way they did. Anyway, just random comments as I'm still tired from watching some pretty surprising skating. Halifax is a...

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Skating Fans, 2004 Edition
OK...I know it's getting awfully late for any of you not out on the West Coast to make use of these, but hey, it's still not impossible to hit the streets even in the East...for that annual ...

Skate Canada Spoilers
# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # All-Canadian skate sweep Phaneuf, 16, claims women's title Sandhu ralli...

Amazing!!!! Spoilers
Wow, wow & wow!!! Phaneuf wins the gold in the ladies!!!!! She had a wonderful skate!!! She has nerves of steel. And.... watch out for Mira Leung.... she could be a contender. ...

Skating in Strange Places
Two items for today... 1. The Future of Ice Dance Costuming Every once in a while I see something in the news that makes me think "There's the future of ice dance costuming." This...

Chris Bowman in Trouble
According to a small item in today's sports pages, Christopher Bowman was charged with felonious assault and possession of a loaded weapon, after pointing a loaded handgun at a woman (no m...

Cynthia Phaeuf Spoiler
Spoiler Wow - she did a great job on her SP last night at Skate Canada, and actually LEADS!! Let's hope she can do as well with her long program. Maybe Canada ...

Skating in really strange places...
This is probably very very old, but there's a site called It's quite a hit on my college campus, so I decided to take a look after...a few months, ha. Ok...

Jahnke's SP Music, Part II
Thanks to Sandra and Ellen for the clarification about the so-called "Bourree in E Minor". I'm glad at least we figured out it was Jethro Tull/Ian Anderson's arrangement.....but the same s...

Question re Jahnke's SP Music
The music that Ryan Jahnke is using as his short program is credited as "Bourre in E Minor" (according to CTV). According to my husband's record collection, it is Jethro Tull doing Serenad...

Skate Canada on TSN
Spoilers Interesting facts come up in the opening comments by Rod Black, Debbi Wilkes and Tracy Wilson. Debbi & Tracy have qualified as "Technical Officials" for the judging. No...

System Downtime
We have been having a few computer network problems, which is why you have not seen much from us lately. One server went out, and then another machine has hard disk go bad. We are w...

"Cracked Ice" order form fixed
The Libreria dello Sport people have done a bunch of translating and bug-fixing, and the order form for "Cracked Ice" by Sonia Bianchetti is up again. Thanks for your patience! Remember (o...

Nancy on Today and preggers!
Nancy was on tv this morning, actually, I can't remember if it was Today or Good Morning America, but one of those morning shows. She was talking about Halloween on Ice and how she is expec...

"New Face"...LINDSAY DAVIS Takes the Silver!
Lindsay Davis takes the silver at the 2005, SWP Regional Championships! Full photo+ coverage at: Best regards to all ou...

US World Team Member reviews T&M's accident
Sharon Carz, US World Team Member and body-double for Moira Kelly in "The Cutting Edge," talks about her experience making the film and about a fall she took that was scarily similar to Tati...

Judging Loophole Exposed Article in the british press (amazing though it seems!) talking about Ponomarenko the ...

skating in strange places: sundance film
From New York's Village Voice, a review of a new film with Claire Danes as an ice dancer: ********************* Freeze Frame: Stabs of Beauty in a Chilly Romantic Dystopia <...

Is Anyone Watching Brian's Spectacular Show?
I missed the first twenty minutes or so, turned in on by accident just in time to see Silvia Fontana skate. Kulik skated beautifully, if a little busily. And now B-Bo is skating to somethi...

Hooray for Evan Lysacek
I hope he knows how many hearts he warmed by starting his long program with the backward outside loop figure :) :) :) Fiona

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Welcome to*
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Katia and Artur
I was on a website earlier this morning and saw a wonderful picture of Katia and Artur Dmitriev doing a death spiral from some recent show. I think the two of them would make a wonderful pr...

Well wishes for Tatiana.
Thought we might start a thread for well wishes for Tatiana and Maxim. Don't know if they read this board, but maybe someone who knows them does and can print out the messages.....

Scott Williams Interview
Find out why he doesn't "identify myself as a skater" on Past Features: Michael Chack, Doug Ladret, Danielle Hartsell, Dan Hollander, Oksana G...

new judging system (CONTAINS SPOILER INFO)
Phaneuf soars under new system Canadian second in first Grand Prix event; some stars struggle with change to judging By BEVERLEY SMITH

This Hurt Me To Watch Did anyone see that skater get the pile driver into the ice last night? Ouch, fusking ouch. They should make those helpless youn...

Tim Goebel?
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Skate America: Blech
If these are the types of programs we have to look forward to this year (the ones ABC showed), I am not excited at all. Very unadventurous choices of music, very "safe" programs (maybe eve...

SA-Seating etc. May Contain Spoilers
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------717AD33BDBB60B612364F836 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Well, a few thi...

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