Tall Skaters Again: Boitano vs. Cousins
[email protected] (ChocTaww) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > >From: "Barbara Hoffman" [email protected] > >A prominent rear e...

WEHT the World Trade Center ice rink?
This weekend while culling through my old skating magazines (yes, I'm getting rid of a whole lot of them), I was paging quickly through them looking for Orser articles (I've decided not to k...

Ice Dance History Question
I was reading some of the Blades on Ice coverage of this year's Worlds, and in an articly bearing the byline "Dortmund Media" (huh?) I was surprised to see that Moiseyeev and Minkov were c...

Re: Tall Skaters Again: Boitano vs. Cousins
But he's so handsome and charismatic - that makes him stand out amongst even the tallest skaters.

top-ten all-time...
dresses! A co-worker of mine and I were commenting about little girl's skating dresses the other night at work. Her pre-teen granddaughter skates freestyle. I'm an adult freesty...

Why is Alexei mean to fans?
He used to be so nice and pose for pics. Maybe his hip bothers him so much he runs to the bus now after the show. Maybe Kyoko is telling him what to do. Maybe he has a boyfriend. So mysteri...

Front Row Tickets Michelle Kwan FA
"Amy or Brian" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > > > > > > My pleasure, Amy or Bri...

WESSKINT Offers A Patriot's Thoughts On This MEMORIAL DAY

Craig Heath Injured and will not compete in the MLFS Championships
"Due to an unfortunate accident, followed by knee surgery, I have to withdraw from the MLFS competition and show. I was really looking forward to this monumental event and hope to be involve...

FS: 1988 "Champions On Ice" Program
1988 "Champions On Ice" Program I have for sale the 1988 "Champions On Ice" Program (Sept. 17, 1988 London Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada). The program contains 22 pages including

Summer Vacation Is Here! Educational Help for Skaters...
Attention skaters and skate fans! See if you qualify for tutoring assistance: http://www.wesskint.org/OrlandoK12Tutor.html Join our "A-TEAM"!

Saw the post regarding Plushenko's illness,was this a recent event? Any links to English articles? thanks

FS: 1984 "The Golden Age Of Canadian Figure Skating" 1st Edition Hardcover
1984 "The Golden Age Of Canadian Figure Skating" 1st Edition Hardcover I have for sale the 1st edition hardcover book "The Golden Age Of Canadian Figure Skating" by David Young (1984)....

Tall Skaters Again: Boitano vs. Cousins
I was watching my "Greatest Olympic Moments" DVD tonight and made a point of watching Boitano and Cousins back-to-back. It has been posted here so many times that the taller you are, t...

Plushenko in ICU
http://www.strana.ru/hotnews/215782.html Here it says he almost died right on the street. Passers by called up an ambulance and he was taken to one of Moscow hospitals where he ...

Perhaps I should have been more explicit
I will pay $50, US cash, in advance, to the first person to LEND me a tape of the Dortmund or Atlanta Women's finals. I'll also pay for FedEx both ways. You'll have your tape back withi...

Johnny Weir speaks Russian
He speaks Russian and French and used to show horses. Moscow is one of his favorite cities. He can speak Russian when Tarasova is training him. He is a naturally gifted skater since he didnt...

Trying to Find Video Of Dortmund or Atlanta
I've scoured the Internet (it's nice and clean now) for DVD (preferred) or VHS of either of these competitions. I'm most interested in the women's. There doesn't seem to be ANY figure s...

More updates at "NEWFACES"...
Welcome to: http://www.wesskint.org/NEWFACES.html Best regards from... DONN of WESSKINT

Major League Figure Skating is unlike any other competition ever!
This is a short overview of the MLFS Event that will take place in Florida June 4th & 5th. For more information visit the website www.MLFSkating.com Major League Figure Skating, ...

Are most male figure skaters gay?
I have heard 60-70 % of single men---- not pairs skaters.

Skating, Costumes, and Gender: A Postmodern Deconstruction
Here's an interesting commentary on the leotard as skating costume: *********************************************** The Fatal flaw of Society: Capitalist narrative and Lyotardist narra...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: References
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/references Last-modified: 22 May 2004 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: =============...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Skating People and Events
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/people Last-modified: 22 May 2004 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: =================...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Technical Elements
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/technical Last-modified: 22 May 2004 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: ==============...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Rules and Regulations
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/rules Last-modified: 22 May 2004 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: ==================...

Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Introduction and Netiquette
Archive-name: sports/skating/ice/figure/introduction Last-modified: 22 May 2004 COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING FAQ: ===========...

Figure Skating in Funny Places
Cute comic about skating. I found it amusing: http://www.comics.com/comics/bignate/archive/bignate-20040517.html

Jenny Kirk
One of the articles I read recently said that Jenny Kirk has moved to Los Angeles and has tried out with Frank Carroll. Didn't say if the two of them were going to work together, but it's a...

"Pooh" on American Idol?
About a year ago at a WWE PPV there were two guys in the front row dressed as Pooh and Tigger. I missed this show but I gather that they had really great signs for most of the wrestlers an...

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