Jennifer Robinson - Go tiger?
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Why does Alexei never have a girlfriend?
He is so cute.

Skating in Strange Places
A political editorial: Fashioning politics Quote: As the spring political season shapes up and we look fo...

Hersh: TV contracts; more sleaze from Speedy,1,7528562.story?coll=cs-international-print Today's Phil Hersh column reports that: - when the ISU...

Educational Update For
As licensed, K-12, private, English Instructors (since 1976) (for students who have some proficiency, and wish to enhance that capability). Our greatest expertise is working with...

Victor's turn on drunk driving Quote: SIMSBURY, Conn. (AP) - Victor Petrenko, an Olympic champion figure skater, has been charged with drunk drivi...

Re: Is Michael Weiss gay?
Maverick wrote in message <[email protected]>... [email protected] (DreamWeaver8080) wrote: >>It's THAT time of the year again when we get...

Re: Is Michael Weiss gay?
Maverick wrote in message <[email protected]>... >While watching him perform in Nationals, this thought strongly >occurred to me, am I wrong?

more skating in strange places
NBC 4 News (Columbus, OH) weather report yesterday showed a map with the temperatures around the Columbus area. Everywhere was in the 20s and 30s with one temperature reading (presumably wr...

Europeans on British Eurosport
I've checked the listings on the Eurosport website which seems to have got its act together and the tv schedule at least works for the next couple of weeks! All of the listings are live unle...

Skating in Strange Places
The Vancouver Sun used a "Hits and Misses" approach in their fashion reviews (by Joanne Blain and Michele Marko) of Monday night's Golden Globes awards. Nicole Kidman rated a s...

No Televised Nationals in Britain -- Suggestions
Ant's lament (paraphrased): <<What is a skating mother to do when the gits at the BBC will not televise the National skating championships?>> Take this matter to your ...

"The Strong & the Sequined"--a skating serial, pt. 257
*The Strong and the Sequined* A Skating Serial Part 257: Second Larissa looked like a schoolmarm in her ta...

Brian Joubert's New Coach...
Does anyone know who it is?

DoubleLs Inline Figure Skates - Distributors worldwide INLINE FIGURE SKATES Distributors worldwide <...

Kirk Wessler
Another Kirk Wessler mention of Michelle Kwan

Denver Post Interview With Tonya Harding
"Know Him From Adam" is a weekly Q&A session conducted by Denver Post sports columnist Adam Schefter with various athletes and other people in the news. His January 18 subject was Tonya Hard...

MacLeod's Comments re 4Cs Judging
Joanne MacLeod, Sandhu's coach, was quoted in the Globe and Mail commenting on the 4Cs men's results - something along the lines of "it's a shame when the best performance only places seco...

On cats, trampolines and angular momentum
There has been some silliness expressed on the NG that implies that people on trampolines can "create spin" while in the air. I've composed a very simple thought experiment which illus...

Skater Support
I just wanted to let everyone know that Skater Support ( is back up and running and has been fully updated with results from nationals. Please check it out and th...

Van Der Perren's Layback (and other male skaters, for that matter)
Is Belgium's Kevin Van Der Perren's layback considered a traditional layback? I was re-watching my Grand Prix tapes and I heard Dick Button call it "modified". Will it count as a layback w/...

Skating in strange places
From a review of the stars' clothes at the Golden Globe Awards: "Nicole Kidman has apparently abandoned her usually classy look for the ice-skater look: the sheer fabric that m...

and therein lies the problem with the judging system...
yet another judging controversy erupted today at 4 Cs! SPOILER SPACE | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Would a straight guy really go into figure skating?
I heard even Russian guys think figure skating is gay. i used to think it was only a North American stigma-the "gay thing" but I guess the stereotype is everywhere. It is true figure ...

Why do people think Alexei is racist?
I dont think he is.

Skating on CBC: schedule
Since I'm lucky enough to get CBC via cable, does anyone have a list of figure skating programs to be aired? Ala Heather. Ideally, I'd like CBUT's airing times. TIA, Marianne...

After watching the CBC broadcast this afternoon of the 4C's competition, I'm thrilled to have CBC back doing the broadcasts. Despite the annoying banner that appeared here and there during...

4 C's Pairs Free skate results
Spoiler.... Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler If you know the standings after the SP, well then, you know the standings after the LP.

CBC's 4C coverage clutters and distorts the image
Here's a copy of a message I've sent to CBC-TV Sports: .......... Ive been watching CBCs TV coverage of the Four Continents figure skating competition. I find ...

Skating on TV - NH PBS Tonight
Channel 11 NH PBS is dusting off the 1995 Evening of Championship Skating (Harvard) for a reairing. Listed are Karen Kwan, Dorothy Hamill (emcee) and Calla & Rocky. Meagan Leigh ...

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