Is Goeble in or out?
Is Tim Goeble still competing at Nats this year, with all of his boot problems?There's nothing about him pulling out of Nats on the usfsa website, but I'm a little worried. Any thoughts?

Predictions for Nationals
We all know that Michelle will win Nationals ... But who will join her on the podium? ~~~~Chana~~~~

How does a skater maintain his/her eligibility and still make money?
Are they allowed to endorse products? Kwan's a millionaire and I have seen her milk ad; she gets paid for this? Cohen has done a watch ad. Who can they tour with? ...

Coming in 2004 from Anonymous Demonic Media
Here are some of the things you can look forward to in 2004 from Anonymous Demonic Media: In January, next week, in fact, we will be bringing you live daily coverage ...

Re: Japanese Nationals--since no one appears to be talking about it.
The Japan Skating Federation decided that Ando, Suguri, and Arakawa represent Japan at World Championship. Ota and Onda will compete at 4 Continents. Suguri and Arakawa had...

Japanese Nationals--since no one appears to be talking about it.
***May contain spoiler-type info*** Since no one appears to be talking about our current GP Finals Queen, Fumie Suguri, having been beaten this past Sunday by a junior skater at t...

Holiday Ice Dreams
I watched "Holiday Ice Dreams" on A&E this evening. Daria Grinkova has certainly grown a lot, and looks very sweet. Oksana is as unattractive as ever. It was good to see Paul Wylie skate ...

Parade Mag blurb on Tara
In today's (12/28) Parade Magazine there is a blurb on Tara and her acting career--it mentions that she has been studying acting for 6 years and is "steadily" adding to her acting credential...

Bacharach show - stills?
Does anyone have stills from the Dec. 20 2003 event? They were all really hot especially Nicole.

GP Finals on CBC
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Holiday Shopping Finished? Now Back To More Important Things...
Time to "shop" for expert, educational assistance for figure skaters (and gymnasts) in training programs! For more information, go to: ...

ChicagoTrib | New Coach Helps Energize Kwan 304dec25,1,6627219.story Quote "Anybody would be surprised," Arutunian said in his self-taught, still d...

2004 North Americans Coverae
We are considering cancelling our coverage of North Americans in Montego Bay because of the possibility that the U.S. may have foiled a terrorist attack. It is p...

Cohen/Wagner/Hughes - question
Maybe I mised something, but last I read of Hughes, she had applied to compete at Nationals. I haven't read anything indicating that Hughes has decided NOT to compete at Nationals, but li...

Flutz the overdone critque here
New to rssif. No problem. Just learn about the flutz and then point it out and harp on it at every possible instance. Instant status. Now the next level is to complain about TGs qua...

no Timmy
Now that TG has withdrawn from Nationals, who is favored to win? sd

Philip Hersh on Cohen/Tarasova split
Sasha Cohen hires new coach The coach took the fall for Sasha Cohen's pratfalls. Cohen, 19, has left Tatiana Taraso...

Tarasova back to Russia - Cohen to work with Wagner
12/24/03) — Two-time U.S. silver medalist Sasha Cohen announced today that she and coach Tatiana Tarasova have amicably parted ways. According to Tarasova, "Lately I have not been feeling...

Cooks/Skating fans
Here's news for combination cooks/skating fans: Last week, Food Network personality Bobby Flay proposed to his girlfriend, Stephanie March, at the center of the rink at Rockefell...

Sasha Cohen goes to Robin Wagner,1,878369.story?coll= hc-headlines-sports -- Namaste, Shallah Oppose secret judging in skating! Support SkateFAIR!...

1 All Event Ticket Atlanta 1/4 thru 1/11
I have to sell my ticket to Atlanta for the 2004 State Farm Championships. It's Row D!!! All Events including the Chevy Skating Spectacular on Jan 11th See my ad on Ebay. Item # 2212555...

Did anyone see it? It was pretty good, except for the fact that Kristi and Nancy could not skate to En Vogue... That Dwyer guy was AMAZING!!! How old is he? Was that a double jump <...

Who Is More Interesting - MEN'S or LADIES Singles?
The women are beautiful to watch, but nowadays the guys are landing quads...Cohen has been so inconsistent lately, Kwan is holding off until Nationals, and my baby Irina Slutskaya is so ill ...

Watched gymnastics right after Boitanos special tonight on TV. Right away I could feel that the scores were compressed into a 1 point range. I actually think gymnastics could benefit fr...

GP results query
Looking at the ISU results page... Prior to the final, Cohen and Liashenko were listed with 24 and 21 points, respectively. ...

Celebration on Ice in Peterborough
This past weekend, a couple of friends and I went to Brian Orser's Celebration on Ice show in Peterborough. Elizabeth Taylor was in charge of making the arrangements for us and she did a fan...

Comments on Ladies GP
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Boots Question
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------5899FAD6C9BB25E9A5BBB367 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit I've been meani...

Don't whine, this is worse!
Okay, I don't know if anyone posted about this on Saturday...for the West Coast viewers... WE HAD TO WATCH NHK TROPHY AND GRAND PRIX FINALS (PAIRS AND DANCE) AT THE SAME TIM...

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