Question about spinning
I'm little more than a casual fan, so I need someone to help me on this: why do Chinese men in general have such poor control on their spin exits? Not sure if I'm even phrasing t...

Trophy Lalique
I really like the ladies sp commentary. Glad Peter and Susie commented on Arakawa's basic skating and her edges. hehehehe... don't know why they showed only 3 ladies though.

A tale of two VCRs
Today, there are 4 skating programs on TV, all of them on or about the same time (PST) on 4 different channels. Let's see. There's NHK Trophy on TV Japan (11:53 a.m.). Cup on China on ABC ...

Who will be the"Most Promising" New Face of Figure Skating, 2004?
Voted yet?

Michelle Kwan?
Maybe this has already been addressed, but I haven't had time to check in much, nor look in Michelle competing "eligibly" this season? Chad

consecutive Grand Prix wins
There was some discussion about Sasha having won three consecutive GP events and wondering whether it had been done before. I was looking at some old competition records and came up with the...

musings on "older" skaters (contains spoilers)
I was looking at the complete results of the GP series ( and noticed that Viktoria Volchkova finished 20th out of 23 skaters who earned point...

Skating on ESPN
Just noticed that there's a two-hour skating show on ESPN starting at 5:00 pm EST. I don't know what it is; the TV magazine doesn't say and I hadn't seen anything about it before.

Rosalynn is British!!!
I found someone in the chat room I like to go to, who is an expatriate Brit, living in the USA, and this guy says that Rosalynn Sumners is indeed British. So for those flamers in th...

Ice Wars
It appeared to me that the skating in Ice Wars was better than most of the skating in the eligible events televised so far this season. Sale/Pell and Ber/Sikh were excellent (up to the...

NHK results
spoiler space 1 Jeffrey BUTTLE CAN 211.00 2 1 2 Timothy GOEBEL ...

Thank CBS & Olay for Ice Wars
that is if you watched it and liked it :- CBS Olay

My Ice Wars Review
Here's what I thought: ROUND ONE - MEN Kurt - Eh .. he didn't seem to be in this program. And a mini-fall/hand down on one jump. I didn't find this very exciting....

Nicole Bobek on Ice Wars
Did anyone else notice an "area of addition" on Nicole Bobek this evening? A skating friend of mine and I noticed it during her performance and started discussing how such an enhance...

Ice Wars
That was fun! The best skating event I've seen since I-don't-know-when.

Welcome Back Oksana
It was so great to see Oksana back to her old techincal form - She is such a Master of the two-footed landings! What a professional! I wonder what it is like to have won a Gold Medal and b...

sasha in V magazine
Big multi-page high-fashion pictorial in glossy V magazine starring Sasha photographed by Mario Sorrenti. Never seen anything like it for a skater. She's definitely being marketed in a new...

Re: Olympic Skating Videos
In Volume I, the couple identified as Pakhomova & Gorshkov bears an amazing resemblance to Rodnina & Zaitsev. Barbara --- "I read somewhere that 77% of the mentally ill live ...

What happened to Klimkin?
anybody knows?

Cup of China Ladies Short
Did anyone else see the short programs Thanksgiving night? I liked Fumie's very much, and have never heard a symphony orchestra playing Paint it Black. What a cool contradiction! :) She w...

Final Voting At "NEW FACES"
Last week to cast your ballot for "Most Promising" NEW FACE of Figure Skating, 2004! Final candidates will soon be announced: Hope you ...

VCR alert... sort of...
That is, if you get the TV Japan channel. They're showing the ladies short programs at NHK Trophy on TV right now. I don't understand a single word but I'm taping it anyway. The schedule ...

Plea for Comcast tape of Easterns
I live in northern NH and we don't have Comcast. My mother has it in Massachusetts but she is here till Monday for the holidays and we forgot to set her VCR before we left. I would love to...

Help, Los Angeles Viewers of Skating on TV
I have been trying to find airings of skating on cable and regular TV for a few weeks now and I can't find anything airing before 11/30. What channel has been showing the Grand Prix in Los ...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

another photo that makes you go "huh?"
I don't know how I missed this one from last weekend..... What was he thinki...

Welcome to*
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Surya back on Ice and Looking Good
I saw Surya today at the rink in Marlborough, MA. She is back on the ice and skating really well. I talked to her and she told me she is feeling real good and is ready to skate for her fans....

More CoP pairs questions
Who was smoking the ISU crack when they decided that a throw triple loop should be exactly the same value as a throw triple flip? Have the people employed to do this never skated? They surel...

Marking Guidance under CoP (program content SPOILERS for Cup of Russia)
Is there any guidance on marking under CoP? My first question relates to pairs: 1. I was just wondering what happens if the pair plan sbs triple toe loops and one of them co...

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