RSSIF Halloween Costume Suggestions, 2003
Would it be Halloween without my annual RSSIF List of Last-Minute Halloween Costume Suggestions for Skating Fans? Probably...but then, sheesh, the only people in disguise this year would be ...

Long overdue report (Super long post)
Hello again, Well, I have to confess that I've felt pretty guilty about not writing sooner. Particularly, since I promised and promised that I would be more consistent about repo...

CTV/TSN Drinks the ISU Kool-Aid
I was completely disgusted with the whitewash job that TSN did on the Code of Points during the Skate Canada coverage last night. Barely a single critical comment - it was all sunshine and...

13 Articles at Eskatefans.Com
13 Articles include articles on Skate Canada(with results) and more

Free for the asking...loads of FS tapes
In anticipation of Baby #2 coming next spring and realizing how my house has shrunk since Baby #1 arrived two years ago, I am scaling back my skating video collection. I've been gradually g...

Alexei is really quitting!!!
Here is a link to the OFFICIAL story at Yahoo! I am so, so, so, sad!

Totmianina hits the peroxide bottle, too
Just when I was starting to recover from the horror of seeing photos of Kurt Browning's dreadful dye job, I discover that Tatiana Totmianina is sporting the exact same shade of yellow. :-P ...

problems with the Sekret Computer at Skate Canada
George Rossano has the scoop: They had to interrupt the compulsory dance to fix computer problems, and the result...

Article | Yagudin leaves competitive skating 0/sports1927EST0275.DTL Although Yagudin says he feels healthy enough to continue skating after hip surgery ...

No US TV for Grand Prix?
When we were doing our IRC-cast of Skate America last week, one person complained to me that NONE of the Grand Prix events are being show on TV in the United States? ...

Prince Alexei to skate exhibiton at Skate Canada?
This is the rumour on another board. So wonderful if Canada lets the charismatic blonde superstar make his final bow in Canada before the huge crowds clapping for him and TV audience--before...

Dancer Sonia Rodriguez and skater Kurt Browning glide into new roles with help of financial adviser,

Skate America Report: Friday
Friday was ODs, ladies' shorts and men's finals. Dance, as usual, provided plenty of opportunities to be horrified by Halloweenesque costumes...and other things. The Canadian team of Pipern...

Skate America Report, Thursday
Well, I determined that before I let the motivation slip away, I was going to have to report on my perceptions of Skate America, for whatever they may be worth. It wasn't until a ...

Babelfish | Schöne neue Computerwelt
Warning! website has topless female banner ads. Beim ersten Eiskunstlauf-Grand-Prix des Jahres erfährt das neue Wertungssystem Lob

Good grief, Kurt Browning is now a blond

Skaters in Strange Places - the NRA Blacklist
Would you believe Tara Lipinski is on a "blacklist"? Check her name out on the NRA's (National Rifle Assoc. in the USA) Fact Sheet as an anti-gun celebrity:

musings on pairs SP for SA
Watching the pairs short programs on Monday night, I was struck at how unpolished the field looked. This is probably due to the fact that it is early in the season, but I guess I am just sp...

Downloadable Figure Skating
My wife watches figure skating, and she missed whatever event took place earlier this week. I think she said it's "Worlds", maybe? I've been looking around for a place to download it, as I...

Sasha's LP costume.
Could that dress be any less flattering to her um.."chest area". Too much nude fabric and not enough fabric on her chest(less)

Babelfish | Amerikanische Eiskunstläufer beherrschen neues System American ice art runners control new system Three US victories at the Grand Prix prelude mirror-image. "Skate America...

"The Strong and the Sequined"--a skating serial, pt. 254
*The Strong and the Sequined* A Skating Serial Part 254: Summer Coreen saw to it that Igor attende...

Comment on Skate America Ice Dance
Please, please, please, skaters, I beg you. DO NOT wear costumes of shredded chiffon dyed in different shades. Not only has it been done to death, but looks horrible! In fact, do not...

Crooked Judging
Good Slam article for the "casual" fan, gives good examples

New Alexei Yagudin figure skating photos!
I've posted the best of my new Alexei Yagudin photos from his October 12 Simsbury show - in which he performed two of his new programs, Feelings (romantic and expressive) and Memorial (...

New Sasha Cohen photos!
I've posted my new Sasha Cohen photos from her October 12 Simsbury show - Romeo and Juliet Malaguena

Detailed Results of SA available (SPOILERS)
at: I have only flicked through them briefly and just have three obsevrations to make about three skaters: Firstly, in the SP M...


Beautiful Alexei pic in Blades On Ice mag
Is he not the most gorgeous man in the world? Alexei has the most darling face and more charisma than John Zimmerman. John is incredibly handsome but he does not have Alexei's natural "star ...

Skating in Canada - 2 Questions
I was wondering if anyone knows if/when Skate Canada will be televised on Canadian TV? The only TV schedules I can find for it are for ABC... Also, will the new judging system or the o...

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