USAToday Chat with Sasha Cohen 9/30/03 & links to previous chats
Today's chat is 5pm eastern time Previous USAToday skating chats in no particular order: Irina Slutskaya http://w...

Code of Points at Campbell's? According to this article on Tim Goebel from the NY Daily News, the Code of Points system will be used at Campbe...

from that point of view
If you can read, you will laugh ...,3816,1702,00.html

Is Alexei the only skater that is a celeb?
Seems like it. He is so popular like a movie star.

2004 ISU Four Continents?
I just noticed it's going to be in Hamilton. Anyone have a clue what skaters may be skating? Any European skaters? -------------------------------- To send email replace "...

Compulsory Figures?
Of the amateur skaters currently active, which guy and gal would come out on top in a compulsory figures test? Interested in your thoughts. Keely -- Lose the attitude to re...

FA: ABC Sports USA Figure Skating Team Blanket
I have a brand new, never used ABC Sports USA Figure Skating Team Blanket for auction on Ebay. Here's the link: ...

Oksana Baiul
Oksana is scheduled to make an appearance in Simsbury, CT. at the International Skating charity show. The show is scheduled early in Oct ., and my wife and I have tickets. She will appear al...

Alexei to turn pro?
Oh, I hope not. But the charismatic blonde hasn't competed in almost a year. Good Luck tomorrow Alexei in Hartford Superior Court.

Re: Skate America Hotel
I forgot to ask -- has anyone else had her reservation at the Lincoln Plaza switched to another hotel (in my case, a Holiday Inn)? -- Barbara --- "I read this article that sa...

JGP Mexico pairs, dance, ladies final results
I posted the men's results for the Junior Grand Prix comeptition in Mexico here earlier, so here are the rest of the results. Pairs final results: 1 Jessica DUBE / Bryce DAVISON ...

Alexei's Hartford, CT court day, Sept. 30
I wonder if young, darling, charismatic Yagudin's punishment will be made a matter of public record. All the media will be there since Alexei is now an American heart throb superstar, even i...

An alternative to RSSIF...
Well, we're coming up into another season of skating competitions... Woo hoo!!! BUT... I'm not looking forward to another competitive season's worth of RSSIF and all its pr... : Coup de projecteur sur la glace
Coup de projecteur sur la glace 26/09/2003 - jeep Le patinage artistique fait partie de notre famille du patinage, surtout lorsque les patineurs excellent sur la glace et le bitum...

It would seem to me that Jumps rule the sport of skating, and that everything else you just need to be average.
Is it fair to say that jumps are the most important thing in skating? It would seem that way because you can't win anything if you don't jump well, yet some of the most beautiful skaters and...

Prove this patch that came from the M$
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Janet Lynn historical question
A friend of mine recalls a Janet Lynn freeskate at Worlds, but it's bugging her that she can't remember the year. She thinks it might have been 1973. She describes it as Janet stroking ...

Skate America Hotel
The Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Reading PA is three blocks from the Sovereign Center. I reserved a room for Skate America. Today I received a letter from the hotel manager which said that the...

Jeffery Buttle's Pants on ebay
If you are interested... Jeffery’s pants along with an authentic autographed picture of Jeffery wearing them are on ebay. You can look under the category: Sports>Sporting Good...

Final Update of "Prelims" at "NEW FACES"!
We're in the final lap!...WESSKINT will be posting its EIGHT FINAL CANDIDATES (when it next updates- TBA), for the "MOST PROMISING" New Face of Figure Skating...2004, Award Presentation!

Stojko retires again

NYTimes article on Sasha Cohen
Making Her Move Quote: {on her coaching change} The conditions here are the exact opposite," she said ...

SP now 1/2 of overall score?
If I understand correctly, (and if not, please correct me) the short program is now worth essentially half of the overall score? If this is true, why would the networks decide to chack this...

Ice Channel
Any news on the latest developments here? Is this still up and running later this year? -Wendy :)

Why has no one seen Alexei's "alleged" girlfriend?
It is odd since Alexei says he loves a girl in the USA alot, but no on has ever seen him with her or seen her. Can you really hide someone this well? LOL....Is this girlfriend talk PR? ...

Alexei Talk vs AYDG?
somebody asked the moderator of the official yags' board at skatinginc if it was the policy not to allow links to laurie's AYDG board. skatinginc admin christine said "the team behind Alexe...

Article | Ice Castle owner has eyes on the future
LAKE ARROWHEAD: Australian skating champ Anthony Liu hopes to train Olympians. Quote: His purchase of...

Yagudin, Slutskaya out of Campbell's; Jenny Kirk, Scott Smith in Yags says he is unprepared because of his injury delaying his training. Irina has an unnamed illness but was ready to ...

article on UK skater Jenna McCorkell - says she has 3 axel
Skating: Bureiko has it all figured for Jenna's world target Quote: Already British Senior champion, at only...

Yagudin talks about DUI in translated article ge?topicID=5965.topic Shallah -- Join ESPN Viewer Zone & let them know you love figure skating! <...

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