Melting "Ice Cream"
I've been intending to post this for a while, but never took the time to sit down and cite chapter and verse...until now. Since the publication of Toller Cranston's book "Ice Cream: Th...

Good Luck to Nebelhorn Competitors!
A personal wish of support for Laura Handy and Jennifer Don! For as much as I disagree with many aspects of the COP for this season, I'm extremely anxious to see the outcome of the c...

Proposed judging system
Since it has been so very quiet lately I thought that I would explain my proposed figure skating judging system for discussion. Perhaps it has been seen before, but not by me, and it may be ...

Alexei and his sports agent rumours?
what is this?

Study | The Incidence of Injuries in Elite Junior Figure Skaters You can only read the abstract unless you are a subcriber but the summery is still worth reading. Quote: Fif...

Ryan Bradley Article
Haven't seen anyone mention this yet: Go for the Gold: Bradley tackles skating on his own terms now

Plushy's quad
At Worlds Stoiko mentioned that Plushy's quads are often cheated. What did he mean? Take-off, rotation, 2-ft landings?

David Pelletier's latest post
In case your a David Pelletier fan :-0

When is the first Official Comp.
When does the new season start, er what event?

Judging question
A question for those in the know. If a judge is also an adult skater, should they be allowed to judge events that include their coach's other students? Would there be a conflict of

Alexei-humm, interesting new info
A lady named Peach State skater who has a skating website posted some very very interesting info about Alexei. She said her source was a person who ran an Olypmic venue at SLC. Not sure I sh...

More Updates (Aug 27th)
A few more updates have been added in the News & Links section at Blade Runners. Please visit and don't forget to check o...

Rossano's CoP presentation
I am embarrassed to admit that I only just now read Dr. George Rossano's presentation about ISU judging reforms that he gave at the PSA conference. Like all of his writing, it's hysteric...

Gary Beacom's book
According to IFS magazine he is publishing a book "Apology" about his anti-income tax stand and prison experiences. It's not an apology as in "I'm sorry" but rather a defense of his position...

"High Roller Olympic Schmoozing"
Article from the San Francisco Chronicle. The "he" in the quote below is Vic Garvey -- he's sort of an ultra travel agent for the rich and famous. "...At the Salt Lake City Winter Gam...

Oksana's wedding!
Does anyone know when Oksana and her "fiance" plan to marry? Not that I'm holding my breath. ~~~~Chana~~~~

"Ice Skating" Magazine
I saw this at Barnes and Noble last week. I hadn't seen it before. Does anyone know anything about it (e.g. how long has it been publishing, who's involved with it)? The design is kind of ...

An Evening With Champions ticket sale info
Tickets are on sale starting today and starting this year you can purchase them online via a link on the website. Sorry for omitting that information. Rosie

Harvard's An Evening With Champions
I just received my postcard with info on the event. The website is You can buy tickets online. Regular tickets are $30.00 and children and seniors tickets ...

A Tale of Two Championships
Hi, everyone, I haven't been here awhile, I usually spend my online time these days deleting spam :-(. Anyway, I'm attending the World Gymnastics Championships in Anaheim and tho...

Skating Updates (Aug 23rd)
Lots of updates have been made in the news section at Blade Runners and the calendar of events has been updated as well. The url is <...

Torvill & Dean question
Hi there I need to get hold of the music which Torvill & Dean danced to for their "Barnum on Ice" piece, which I think was at the 1983 World Championships (wasn't that the first t...

(Slightly OT) # Of Entries at Gym Worlds
I'm asking this here because I know there are some people who read this group and also follow competitive gymnastics. I was looking at the results site for the world gymnastics championshi...

Skate Canada all-event ticket wanted
Hi all, I am thinking about going to Skate Canada and thought I'd check and see if anyone has an extra ticket he/she doesn't need. Not *too* far from the ice, of course.

2003 Ice Wars Event
Nov. 13th at 7 p.m., Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY. North American Team: Brian Boitano, Kurt Browning, Nicole Bobek, Sale & Pelletier. World Team: Viktor Petrenko, Ilia Kulik, Oksana...

why no skating events in Toronto
Aside from Mississauga's Hershey centre ( which isn't Toronto), why is it that Canada's largest city never gets a major amateur skating competition? Dario

why no skating events Toronto?
Aside from Mississauga's Hershey centre ( which isn't Toronto), why is that Canada's largest city never gets a major amateur skating competition? Dario

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