Christine Brennan's Tribute to Brian Wright Christine Brennan's tribute to Brian Wright, who passed away this past Tuesday.

still more WSF news: mailing lists
The WSF has created two new public mailing lists, hosted by Yahoo! Groups. The WSF-news list is a moderated announcements-only list, while WSF-discussion is an open discussion for...

Skating Updates (July 30 2003)
Please visit for updates in skating news. SkateFan2

WSF news: more on Ted Clarke
The WSF is sponsoring a letter-writing campaign to ask the USFSA Board of Directors to reinstate Ted Clarke immediately. Check out this web page for background information, a sample letter,...

Stojko, Honda and Robinson Highlight Upcoming Thornhill Summer Skate
The entries and event info are available at The Thornhill Summer Skate takes place from Aug 13-17 at the ...

WSF news: Ted Clarke sanctioned by the USFSA
Some of you may already have seen the notice of the grievance action against Ted Clarke (former first vice president of the USFSA) that appears in the current issue of "Skating" magazine. H...

Josee Chouinard Alert
for theo: Check out the new issue (August 2003) of Blades on Ice. Great article on what Josee has been up to. Toonces (the driving cat)

FS: 1975 Toller Cranston "The Ice Show" Promotional Sheet
1975 Toller Cranston "The Ice Show" Promotional Sheet I have for sale the 1975 Toller Cranston "The Ice Show" Promotional Sheet. The sheet measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and states: "Hurok P...

Debi Thomas Fan Site Enjoy

Elena Berezhnaya to become film star?
How wonderful. She looks so "old Hollywood" like Jean Harlow.
I have been getting this error message for the last three days now - even at 3 in the morning!: Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request d...

Yebin Mok official website
Los Angeles skater Yebin Mok has an official website up now, at Check out some photos of her and her sister when they were little. Cute! Her sister is a photogra...

EP's Only You/Long Tall Sally While surfing for Evgeni stuff on the web, I came across the above. What I'm saying isn't directly aimed at anybody on this boa...

adult camp in Hackensack
If anyone who reads this went to (or knows someone who attended) the adult camp in Hackensack, please email me at [email protected] I have some information for you. Thank you!

Johnny Weir is a fabulous skater-a new heartthrob of teens everywhere
So wonderful Alexei is helping him.

Another skating in strange (?) places
Just saw The Producers. At the end of the show, they do a scene showing all of the hits (after "Springtime for Hitler") that Bialystock and Bloom went on to produce. And one of them is "De...

New Luc's Figure Skating coach Web site

Liberty photos?
Did anyone take any pictures at the Liberty Open Competition in Delaware? Or does anyone know where I can find any?

Watched '98 Olympic Mens LP
Watched this last night as i was at a loose end and had a few thoughts and comments: 1. Kulik used a mowhawk entry into his quad the time i remember thinking the entry lo...

Michelle Kwan in Grand Central
There's an exhibit in Grand Central Station displaying entries for a design competition for the restoration of The High Line, an elevated rail structure that runs up the bottom half of the W...

Dorothy Hamill on VH1...
I decided to take a break from skating and turned on VH1, only to find that there is no escape. Dorothy Hamill was named one of the top 200 pop culture icons, right between Dick Clark and ...

Liberty pair FS nov/jr/sr
NOVICE PAIR FS Kelly Settelen and Andrew Goldman: 3twist, 2axel she two-footed, throw 3salchow fall, camel change sit lost unison at end, lasso to one hand twist out, nice back...

Synchro International assignments posted
The assignment for US teams to go to international synchro competitions has (finally) been posted on the USFSA web site. See:

FS: 1975 Toller Cranston "The Ice Show" Promotional Sheet
1975 Toller Cranston "The Ice Show" Promotional Sheet I have for sale the 1975 Toller Cranston "The Ice Show" Promotional Sheet. The sheet measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and states: "Hurok P...

Liberty partial novice, junior, adult
I spent some of my time doing work, so I only caught a few novice ladies SPs and junior men's FS. NOVICE LADIES SP, PARTIAL Danielle Candela: authority in her spirals, 1s...

Liberty junior men FS
Slowly, slowly, I write up my Liberty notes.... JUNIOR MEN FS Luis Hernandez: perhaps the most silent feet of the competition. 3loop nice, 2lutz, 3toe scrape, semi...

Kimmie Meissner @ Liberty
After watching her free in junior ladies, all I have to say is WOW. This girl could have easily beaten the rest of the senior ladies. If you thought her triple Lutz from novice ladies was ...

John Zimmerman will be doing skating camp Saturday w/Sylvia Fontana
Skating out of Dixie into Olympic fame Choosing figure skating over baseball as teen led to professional career ...

Liberty senior ladies SP (+ partial FS)
SENIOR LADIES SP Lisa Plumeri: 2toe turns 2toe fall, 2.5 salchow, death drop sit, 1.5 axel, very good combination spin with textbook positions, serpentine spirals lost balance ...

Skaters going to Skate Detroit
Due to new job requirements I could only make it for the final day which is junior and senior ladies and men... anyone have any idea which skaters plan on being there?

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