03 Apr 2007 09:36:35
Speed Racer
Re: Broadcast Mixup

One reason you dont see me a hell of a lot in the newsgroups anymore is
because I mostly stick to my web page now. My web page and online radio
station (currently with Live 365) has picked up quite a following. Other
than the occasional right-wing nutjob who calls me a "godless Commie" just
because I oppose Bush, I do not have any problems with being flamed.
Nobody calls me Chuckie, though I did have one caller to my talk show
some time back who said that she does NOT appreciate people putting
rec.sport.skating.ice.figure back into the followups when I DO post here.
I have broadcast every figure skating competition this season for my
radio station, except Worlds, and thats only becuase I was out campaigning
to save Net Radio. I have been webcasting for years, but Live 365 is a recent
affection, allowing me to run a 24 hour music channel, when I am not
broadcasting live programming.
I use my web site to post now, mostly, and I am, as I said, drawing
quite a following. I am working on, among other things, my OWN Tonya Harding
web page, and it will eventually be inregrated into my station page. The
best thing about having it on a web page, instead of in the newsroups, is that
I will not have to put up with the Tonyaphiles who will argye with me about
whether she was guilty or where she comes from. Because I am quite busy in
the campaign to save internet radio, it will be a while before the page
is finished, uploaded, and submitted to the search engines. TO get a page
submitted for free, one submits it first to Yahoo, then it filters out to
Google, and then other search engines, though not all search engines get it.
Speaking of Tonya, and web pages, one guy in the security newsgroups I
lock horns with at times, because I do what I can to facilitate people being
able to get onto my station from work, flat out told me once that he filters
my site, because I DARED to let a pro-Tonya voice speak on my talk show some
time back. Among the sites he bans, includes the Portland Ice Skating
Society page. This guy also designs computer networks for a living, and this
guy told me he does not sign off on a job, until the Portland Ice Skating
Society page is blocked. When the network security system is implemented on
any system he designs, the Portland Ice Skating Society is blocked. It appears
that the PDXISS is annoying a few people becuase of its content.