Scott Johnson Named Eagles Head Coach
March 31, 2008 Scott Johnson Named Eagles Head Coach BOULDER, Colo. ? USA Rugby has officially announced that Scott Johnson, the Sydney born former fly hal...

At The Stoop Tonight 31/3
KO @ 7;30, 5 to get in. Quins A vs Wasps A. Voyce, Waldouck, Gizzy, Amour, McMillain, Leo, French etc, on the Wasps side, Gomersall (bench), plus quite a few of the Quins 1sts on the Qui...

OT: Is anyone else tired of this Chinese spam?
Accessing through Google Groups I occasionally report it as spam using the button on Google. Does anybody else? How does Google decide to remove this crap?

How on earth did Collins escape a citing?
As Richard Loe observed, if Collins's 'tackle' on Reid had been any higher, it would have missed him completely. If you can't get cited for that, you can't get cited for anything. ...

The 'third force' strikes again
Interesting article in South Africa's Sunday Tribune regarding the re- election of Oregan Hoskins as President of SA rugby. Not being a regular follower of the unique politics of the situati...

ELVs continued...
For the world-will-end crowd, can you help explain which of the ELVs you think is bringing emminent death to the sport, or which ones may be acceptable to adopt? Below are all the ELV...

NH knobs and AB raping the pacific etc
Background info So is Raymond Horne an Australian or English? Is Joe Rokocoko Fijian ...

What is it with Wasps?
We give them a good hiding one week and they have the temerity to come to Welford Road and give us one back. Haskell gave one of the most annoying, bristling, everywhere perform...

<snip> Power consumption in Christchurch slumped by 13% last night, as people responded to Earth Hour by switching off their lights. Hundreds turned out to watch the city's Cath...

Sharks vs Reds (spoiler)
Since noone else will do it: Sharks won. That is all.

Unlucky Bulls
2 tries to the Blues were not tries but they are there in the score book. I dont believe he had control of the ball in the first and the 2nd was a blatant case of player been taking out o...

Tahs v Cheaters
Well another performance that is well below par. In the first half they should have racked up 30 points at least and in the end they had to struggle for a win. Lachlan Turner tu...

Phillips Out

Force v Stormers (spoilers)
32-16. What a fantastic win for the Stormers to cap off a great tour, 16 points from a possible 20 is stunning stuff. Excellent team effort and Chavanga must now be leaving Habana in the s...

Where did Deano lose his teeth?
back in the good old days, circa 1983/4 we took a minibus down to South Wales for a Friday nighter to see one of our own (John Cleveland College old boys) Dean Richards lose his teeth goin...

Man said 'wombat rape' led to accent change Man said 'wombat rape' led to accent change By Nick Squires in Sydney La...

Req: Final match of the 6N video
Does anyone have a link or could send me a recording of this match? (2008 March 15th, Wales v. France) I've been out of the country for a fortnight, and so missed the game. I'd l...

Johnson farce: is it Edwards?
I see Wales want Edwards to sign something longer lasting, is this what's holding up the new coaching line-up? Is squeaky hanging on to get Edwards back?

OT: Wifi and cellphone
I have a problem that I'm spending an inordinate amount of time on and is pissing me off so much that I thought I'd ask here for a solution as I know there are a lot of techy types posting...

Vote St. George
ST George VS. the Chicago Bulls for greatest sports team of all time!

All Blacks rape islands: official.
'Changes to the way players are contracted have also been suggested, along with adjustments to All Blacks' eligibility rules.' So says the Torygraph......: http://www.telegr...

All Blacks rape islands: offical.
'Changes to the way players are contracted have also been suggested, along with adjustments to All Blacks' eligibility rules.' So says the Torygraph......: http://www.teleg...

female staffordshire bull terrier most popular anime characters list http:/...

IRB Official Review of the 6 Nations
It is in PDF format. I've not read one before, so I've nothing to compare it to, to see if they're trying to make a particular point or whether it is just a list of statistics. ...

Hurricanes (NZ) v Crusaders (NZ) question
I find myself unusually drawn to this game. By unusual i mean - I am really interested and the Sharks are not playing that game. Whilst the Saders look like the best side in the S14 b...

Force Majeure
The current form of John Mitchell's Western Force could be falling right into the lap of Robbie Deans. Five years ago, then AB coach Mitchell, handed out AB jerseys to every man & his dog as...

Ashton - Dead Man Walking "Ashton remains as head coach but the RFU will continue the search for a team manager and another specialist coach." ...

At the level of scienta I have reached, I realize there are responsibilities I realize everyone likes to dance and play, and that the call of the wild has to be worked out respons...

US blocks emails to FBI
some or all of these people have reported receiving blank emails from me, and at times the messages don't go through I realize US is in a position to "do what it has to do", I am also,...

Go Brumbies
The Brumbies are calling for the S14 finals to change from 4 teams to 6. At first it seems to be an odd request, until you look at their recent results: 2005: 5th 2006: 6th ...

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