Sky question
UK posters [Note: Mystic Hog, I mean everyone in the UK], I have a question: why does Sky only cover one Guinness Premiership game a weekend? The options I can see would be: ...

2008 6N : TGP Tipsters Cape - WEEK 4 TIPS HERE
Ireland v Wales Scotland v England France v Italy

AQB International Ratings (29 February 2008)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 29 February 2008. France fell two places to fifth in the latest ratings, after their 13-24 home loss to England, who moved up ...

Crusaders in with a shout?
First Schalk is out, now it looks like Luke Watson is going to miss the game. I guess I'll need to revise my prediction. Stormers by 3 now. <cough> Spizz ...

Pumpkin's fugitive father caught in U.S. Pumpkin's fugitive father caught in U.S. Suspect accused of killing his wife in New Zea...

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Ellis nearly back
10 months after damaging his cruciate ligament, Ellis has played 40 minutes for the Tigers academy, coming through unscathed. More importantly he's had two major dust-ups in training ...

Arabic Language Learning System
A larger number of people are starting to learn Arabic, while even more have some contact with the Arab world. Anyone who wishes to learn the language faces that big problem: the alpha...

Just read the papers today - 13 week suspension for 'placing finger in the eye'. Tim -- When playing rugby, its not the winning that counts, but the taking apart ...

Six Nations winner Vs. Tri Mations winner Former Wales and Lions fly-half Gareth Davies says plans for an annual clash between the winners of the Six Nations and t...

Wonder how long they'll think 'Waynker' is funny
Well, it's been months already. Anyone fancy a sweepstake?

Wonder how Waynker will go next game?
Can't wait for March 8th. UR

Uh Oh...nasty business

Welsh MP loses plot.,18259,3551_3204288,00.html "It is the British Broadcasting Corporation, not the English Broadcasting Corporation. He said.....

Tait or Cipriani
Assuming BA has the sense to get rid of Balshaw, is still pissed at Lewsey, and overlooks the specialist 15's in the GP........... Tait or Cipriani? To my mind, with the two...

Barnes/AB Straw Poll
Just curious to see where people stand on this. Who had the most influence on the 1/4 RWC result? Barnes: 60% ABs: 30% French: 10% Country: NZ

Sevens Tournaments Andalucia-Spain
In case anyone is interested links to the three sevens tournaments in Andalucia this summer. They take place on consecutive weekends. Benidorm Sevens 23rd-24th-25th May 2008 ...

One for SSB - any comments on the Italian divers?
Simon - following our discussions about Lee Byrne a couple of weeks ago, I wondered if you had seen the Italian melodramatics on Saturday? Mirco Bergamasco in particular was all over the sho...

Waynker had a fair game.
Good to see that he didn't cock up a game this week. He seems capable of running a sideline. UR

No drop goals
So far, I've seen no drop goal attempts from short arm penalties and I find that surprising. Say you get a short arm penalty 15m out and near the posts, I'd have thought t...

Two Italian players cited from the match against Wales
Now for the people who have commented about the booing during the first Italian penalty kick, here is the reason. They played dirty, had a man sin binned and have had two players cite...

Italy never turned up
Also Wales played well and this should give them great encouragement when they visit Croke Park. Wales thrashed a team that Ireland struggled to beat. On thing I must say t...

Balshaw and Regan
Surely not even BA can stick with these two after the weekend? Regan took his reputation a bit too literally, and was a bit of a cock throughout. Yes he wound them up, and had Szarzewsy in p...

England's first try, knock on.....?
Nope. Noticed a couple of bright sparks offering this morsel of comfort to the French, but sadly it was the French 15, Heymans who shipped the ball back under his arm. Easy to see if ...

Scotland player fails doping test Some bright spark on another forum has already come up with, "It can't be a 'performance-enhancing' drug, su...

AQB Super 14 Ratings (25 February 2008)
The AQB Rugby Super 14 ratings have been updated to 25 February 2008. The Crusaders and Blues sit equal top of the first ratings for 2008, after both winning their first two games. Th...

Did Scotland and Ireland actually play yesterday?
All this drivel about Wales, Walsh, and the rest, and not ONE single comment about the Scotland - Ireland game? I was wondering if it really took place, or whether those five tries I saw I...

Brumbies v Highlanders
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_005A_01C8778A.A4375120 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Back Injury Q
Earlier this season my son suffered a stress fracture to the L4 vertebra - a complete hoop fracture to the bone with swelling but no rupture to the spinal chord. He stopped playing rugby i...

Steve Walsh
Couple of decisions at scrum time were a bit harsh on the French, but when you've offended before it gets it in his head that it's your fault. Apart from that I thought it was a good game fr...

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