Martyn Williams is Back....
Martyn Williams is back. Not Neil Back you understand (he ain't that worthy) but back... in the Wales squad. Amazing. He retired from international rugby after the world cup but ...

USA Rugby job
USA Rugby is currently looking to recruit a Rugby Game Development Manager to be based in Boulder, CO at National Office. USA Rugby is expanding the Youth/HS/College resources at Natio...

Flannery's agression on Bonnaire's head during the Clermont-Munster - shame on Flannery who in addition denies any intentional can he dare to say that?????? - shame on the ref for a biased perf.....

mg has two Bacardi Breezers......... What will his Mum say?

Curious Group 5 permutations
My son asked me last night what the possible outcomes of group 5 are. Not so straightforward...... Wasps have 18 pts to Munster's 15. Clermont have 14. The best Clermont ca...

Welsh coaching set-up
Just reading through the list of people involved: Gatland, Edwards, Jenkins, McBryde, Howley and the fitness coach is no mug. Has there ever been a team that has such a well rounded bunch o...

Munster vs. Clermont Auvergne.
Extraordinary game in which Munster were plastered in the first half and came back in the second, with the help of a lucky try and rampant indiscipline of CA who had three binned. Final scor...

And the winner of the knob-jockey award......
Dai Loisin!!!! He blows in, calls us inadequate Anglos, I give him a bit of jip back and he posts this to my spam trap email account.... "I am Emeritus Professor of Law at N...

Congrats Edinburgh
Leicester put out their big guns but it still wasn't enough. Any talk of not deserving a place in the tournament must be well and truly shot to bits now. Next year could be intere...

Outlook Express has graduated.
Lookout, lol. ** X-Newsreader: Microsoft Windows Live Mail 12.0.1606

1993 2nd Australian Team v South Africa - players list required
I'm having no luck with this! I need to find out the player lists for this test. I have been given a Aust team jersey signed by the team and management but there is no list of who has sign...

Packers v Hawks ( off topic )
Watching the NFL from US of fuvking A. Normally wouldnt give it the time of day but due to the weather its interesting. The snow is really pissing down ( ok, how can snow piss down ?...

Ospreys vs Gloucester ....and the winner is
Alan Lewis. Don't get me wrong, Gloucester are useless, but how many pullbacks, ball killings, obstructions, coming in at the side etc is he going to let them get away with?

Stofile: De Villiers appointment made purely on merit The biggest joke about this is that he rates de Villiers better than Heyneke Meyer. Meyer is the only SA coach to have won a Supe...

New captain for France
The happy one is Nallet, Lionel Nallet. Was probably the in-form guy during the last RWC. Just played a game or two. And wasn't picked for the knock-out stages. The Laporte's logic in...

One law for Henson, another for Barkley Bloody Welsh can get away with anything in England, they just cite some ancient gypsy law......

Kiwi Sporting Icon passes away at 88
Hot off the press, Sir Edmond Hillary passed away at 88 years of age. One of the very few real sporting icons from New Zealand. If the yanks call him English or Australian I...

New Dawn update: first step toward disaster taken. Yeah, good idea. If all the Welsh players play in Wales, things will be so much better. It works for Ireland, England, Sc...

England raping the Pacific... had to be said..... Karl aka Stomper

The Tears Of Finding The Truth
Through The Internet INTRODUCTION The following story occurred on the Internet through one of the chat programs (Freetel) in January 1999. It is a rea...

New Bok coach is Peter de Villiers
Well now. That means the current S14 champion coach is out of a job. Ha ha. Only in SA. -R

England squad out.... Lewsey out is a surprise, as is Vainkolo in. Farrell getting dropped is less of a shock, glad that Ashton didn't give h...

Dan Carter Makes Magic
Incredible Kick: It must have been windy how did he do that?

Cozza Retires from Internationals Good on him for knowing when to go, and good on him for being the servant to the English game that he has been. No...

Interesting perspective on Nth v Sth
Northern game inferior, say ex-Tahs By RUPERT GUINNESS - SMH DIFFERENT GAME: Former Waratah Peter Hewat, now with London Irish, has noticed they play 'a lot of 10-man rugby...

Mesothelioma Cancer Still Affecting People
Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that forms in the linings of the chest (the pleura) abdomen (the peritoneum) or heart (pericardium). This cancer is caused by exposure to asbestos. Asbe...

legal narcotic alternatives
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Quins vs Tigers
Seen enough to add Croft and Varndell to my list. Varndells defence has improved no end - the extra bulk seems to have given him some confidence. Croft looks class and has an excellent workr...

Initial squad
Anyone got any shouts for people to add to this list? 12 was my toughest call but I've gone for the balance of a L and R footer. I'm the first to admit to Bath tinted specs, but I honestly t...

Shaun Edwards
For those who didn't see the Leinster-Ospreys match on S4C, Warren Gatland was interviewed and said he expected terms to be finalised this week wrt Shaun Edwards and Rob Howley joining the W...

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