one more test
hope its right


OT Didgerman need help with mozzilla thunderbird
I down loaded mozzilla thunderbird from thier website but it only seems to come with an email reader and not a news group reader. What did i do wrong?

(OT) Who moderates this ng?
For years this group has been relatively free of spam posts. But just lately there has been a barrage of totally OT spammers. The most common is that M15 conspiracy crap. I use MS OL so I ...

How Dumb is Ken Higgs....really?
Does Ken Higgs have a history of falsifying information? Does Ken Higgs have a history of patently lying about facts? Does Ken Higgs have a history of posturing? Does Ken Higgs get owne...

Cancer sufferer is still playing rugby
Please forward this to as many in NE Canada as possible! Published Date: 27 December 2007 <...

Amazing-but-true Holiday Facts for 2007
1> "O Christmas Tree" was originally a love song, written by German composer Otto Krupf as an ode to his lover, Fritz Tannenbaum. 2> Every time somebody says "Rockefeller Ce...

Coaching notes used by South Africa for the RWC Final
Of use to the English I suggest

BBC sports personality of the year
Hi Just looking at previous winners of teams and individuals of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and couldn't help noticing that the England rugby team have won the team award fou...

Are these the 2001 All Blacks? Bad Kiwi Santas in drunken rampage Swearing drunk Santas frighten customers and damage property Group ...

Merry Christmas/ Seasons Greetings
to all RSRUers ( yeah even including Matau )

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water..... I've never been one of the Dally haters, and at 41, I'm not going to say he's too old, when I tell everyone I can still kick as...

Ping Didge
That chap I was telling you about who does the VW interiors has moved down Camelford way. If your looking for inspiration for your van,

Argentina could reinvigorate Tri-Nations, says ARU (Times of Malta) 12/23/2007: South Africa players applaud their opponents from Argentina after the Rugby World Cup semi-final at the Stade de France in Octo...

BBC NEWS | Anniversary for oldest rugby club Anniversary for oldest rugby club Scotland played England at Raeburn Place in 1886 The...

Free Sex
This site rocks!Also check out Free Sex For Dummiesd at as another erotic and wild site worth visiting!Peep out the tons of free video and entertainment.

Some funny rugby vids
Check out these rugby videos, Lomu crunch tackle, Screaming rugby fan and the Fiji dance

Clermont vs Toulouse (spoiler)
Anybody see this on GB Eurosport last night? Very high quality of play, Clermont using long wide passes to get the ball out to the wings quickly, Toulouse scoring fantastic individual try...

Ashton stays until 2015, says Underwood. Evans trap loaded. Don't pretend you're not ready with a hilarious 'geriatric' joke Nigel..... C'mon, you've been netted. <...

A simply superb effort by Bobs
Hats off to the champion or RSRU! 10/10 for that superb poem.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Gents, am away from my computer for next week. Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you're surrounded by loved ones and that Santa brings you stacks. <...

My poem for 2007. It's called "Shit Stained Balls". Please read and
Shit Stained Balls By Bobs *********** Sexy asian bitch on the road, seeing her boils my load, A bit of leakage creeps out the side, I wink at her as I have n...

christmas soon...
Take a look at this sites related to christmas celebrations christmas short poems

Ashton Stays
Well, that's justified Squeaky's position. He is adamant that he will .. do nothing at all!

Ollie Barkley charged ,---- | England rugby player Olly Barkley has been charged with assault | occasioning bodily harm in ...

LOL @ ARU & looking forward
"[ARU CEO] Carroll said the ARU was still committed to another high-quality competition in Australia." Provided someone else pays for it, presumably. many players wi...

Latham going North after 14's
Well Deans will now need a new fullback

Ashton stays
So says radio 5live, who aren't usually wrong. Sean Edwards looks like he'll be asked to join the England set-up as well. Hmmmm..... Happy about Ashton though, the old bugger deserves ...

Rugby legend a genuine hero
Rugby legend a genuine hero - Rodney Times news on 2 photos available at site Rugby legend a genuine hero <...

ARC scrapped
The ARU has decided not to continue the Australian Rubgy Championship next year.

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