QF France in Cardiff
Serves the Froggies right - a grubby deal with their Welsh and Scottish friends sees them now playing their QF in Shitsville (Cardiff) The FRU must be chocking on their frogs legs...

Pienaar and Fitzy
Anyone else enjoy the banter between these two during and after the SA vs USA game?

4 x Tickets for Australia v England Marseille Saturday 6th October
These are 4 tickets seated together in the green section - face value £35 each. However there is a catch. I only have vouchers which were bought as a follow England package. They need to b...

Hipkiss for 12
I'm worried about Mortlock having seen how leaky the Barkley, Tait axis can be. One try is not really enough to convince me on Faz, so I'm starting to wonder about Hipkiss at 12. I'd be curi...

Habana Who???
Skinned :-) Some try that man. Now back to mourning... -- Am I the only Gareth Slee? http://www.garethslee.com

Habana Who???
Skinned... -- Am I the only Gareth Slee? http://www.garethslee.com

Commiserations Ireland
Just a thought for all irish fans who must be deeply depressed tonight.... Well, c'est la vie and life goes on... We'll see you next year in Paris. D -- "E' tipico de...

Well, this is getting good...
... and it would be nice if it continued. Our less cerebrally endowed 3N brethren are anticipating all SH semis but that has never happened before and it is unlikely to happen this time eit...


My predictions, a progress score.
You can google them if you like, all made well in advance of this quadrennial super wank, the Rugby World Cup. 1. The Argies will beat France. 2. Whales won't make it out of the ...

France vs New Zealand

The lack of the OIrish
OIreland OIreland together we'll go home.....

Go the ARGIES!
Rip em a new one, fkn dumshit ticks, send em home with whales. Argentina 25 Ireland 3

Bye bye Gareth Jenkins

Probabilities of World Cup Victory - 30 September 2007 (AQB Ratings)
Using the AQB Ratings 30 September 2007 http://www.image.co.nz/aqb/rugby_ratings.html and World Cup matches up to 29 September 2007 Probabilities of World Cup victory: ...

Home Nations Summary
Forget about what Ireland need to do wrt 4 tries etc, the bookies have Argentina at 1.5, Ireland at 2.5 and they don't often get it wrong. I must admit to being very underwhelmed by the Emer...

Well done, Welsh amateurs
Well done to the Welsh team made up of mainly amateurs with only five pros. in your ranks. When you have the money and time to spend months in training you will do well. --...

World Cup Format
G'day, First time I've written to this group so i will do a quick Intro. My name is Damien, born and raised in Canberra. I support the Vikings, Brumbies and Wallabies (and Wests i...

Impact on RWC 2011
With the SH dominance of this year's RWC (5 of 8 QF's, top 4 all SH), there will be implications for the 2011 RWC should the format remain the same. Europe qualification has 3 spots whi...

Wales v Fiji ( spoiler )
Ok, finally caught up and watched this match. My thoughts are that Wales were very unlucky to lose and how Fiji didnt have a couple of red cards shoved in their face was very surprising. <...

open letter to tv commentary teams
Dear commentary teams, I am watching the rugby because I like rugby. I am not watching the rugby to listen to you. Stop trying to ENTERTAIN. When the ball is in play I would be ...

Whats a good heading ?
The insufferable English commentators from the Aus v Can match. Joignez, beaucoup préférerait les commentateurs français parlant en français et je ne parle pas français......oui ?

Who's Who
With soooo many posters slanging each other off, and not really having paid much attention to who supports what team and where they live I easliy loose track. Can someone who cares enou...

A much improved effort in this 85-8 more-than-a-point-a-minute romp. Very few handling and passing errors, but a worrying number of turnovers and some poor restarts. Admittedly, it's hard ...

We (Italia) gave it a great go but let that Scot kicker kill us from afar. It would've been better for international rugby if Italy (and Tonga) advanced but that's how it goes.....

stuart barnes and wales
exit wales but enter stuart barnes with the real reason for their unlucky loss. on itv tonight the ex-england fly-half, bon-viveur and quaffer of the red stuff (gosh how he must...

Scotland v Italy
Yep. 'soiler'. The inside of my pants. Unlucky Italy. They seemed to want it more than Scotland and I'd say they really deserved to win if it wasn't for some blatant dirty play. As <...

Lyons broken leg
First Larkham, now this disaster.Is there a conspiracy? This is going to stuff us big time. My confidence is on the wane.

Shiteeyarser -- Count Baldoni

Second Tier Six Nations Teams on way out of WC
Fiji have done the rugby watching public a HUGE favour by booting Wales out of the cup. I'm personally sick and tired of watching these pants NH teams (Wales, Ireland and Scotland...

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