Review of Present and Previous Employer
Hello friends, We are from and we've launched our website a few months ago. It's about sharing working experiences to help job seekers with their <...

ChinesePingyao518 http://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- PingyaoWorldcultureinheritancehistoryfamouscity---Pingyao oldcity,histo...

Divide and Conquer
I see Nooseyfucka has succeeding in splitting the Blues: Why the Blues keep shooting themselves in the foot...

BA - is he for real? England: Mark Cueto; David Strettle, Dan Hipkiss, Andy Farrell, Jason Robinson; Jonny Wilkinson, Shaun Perry; Andrew She...

BBC Teletext Errors
I have checked with with page 370 of the BBC teletext sevice hoping to find details of the English rugby team chosen to play Wales this coming Saturday. I can see some names which I recogn...

RSRU Hall O Fame
As mentioned in another thread, the best ever list is a crock. To better reflect the recognition of the greats of International Rugby Union, I'm starting a call for nominations the inaugura...

Big blow to Somerville Jul 31, 2007 "The World Cup hopes of Greg Somerville are hanging in the balance as the Canterbury prop undergoes eye surgery...

Pierre Spies has been ruled out of the World Cup
because of clots on his lungs. A statement from the South African team management on Monday said he was expected to be out for six to eight months. "It would have been great to be in Fr...

Throwing games in RWC
Will this worldwide trend to use 2nd 15 teams continue in the world cup? Especially in the Pool games when it is inevitable that the lesser team will probably lose. I think with 30 ma...

I hope BA agrees with Cueto Couldn't agree more. It will also stop these games becoming a massive farce.

Bias in the "best-ever" picks
Do you think there is a bias when people are voting for these best- evers? NZ'ers tend to vote for NZ'ers, SAf's for SAf's etc. I think most of us would agree this is somewhat true to some l...

Effing Antipodeans send 'em all home I say!
You've gone too far, I'm riled now. I could put up with the AB global domination of rugby for ever and ever, the little rituals you have, the pre-match jig and the post match whin...

Best Ever Locks
Now this is tricky, I figure the easiest way is to vote for either an individual or a single player, and let them decide loose head or tight head side. If you actually have a preference, sta...

Best Ever No6
And the winner is... Richard Hill 7 Mark Shaw 3 Schalk Burger 3 Ian Kirkpatrick 2 AJ whetton 1 Ben Clarke 1 Kel Tremain 1 Matt Cockbain 1

The splits in camp Wallaby
Fucking egos

All Blacks on the slide: British media The northern scribes are rounding on the All Blacks ahead of the World Cup, suggesting Graha...

OT: Politicians, what a precious bunch they are -- Andy

Deans as AB coach.
Now there will be one advantage in having Deans as the AB coach. It will be bloody easy to name the ABs. -- grumpy

Grade A whining
How's this for a real piece of whining sore-losership? VINCE Grella has attacked ...

O'Neill is going to have a stroke - Jones to extend Bok Contract?
I think O'Neill is going to whine a bit. Why he whined in the 1st place is beyond me. Idiot.

Wgtn v Otago - spoilerish
Friday night fish and chips and a half decent game of rugby on the telly - that's all I ask. And by hokey New Zealand that's what we got last night. Just ignore the diagonal scrum feed...

Peter Hewatt, anothing for the poms.
"The agreement brings to an end months of uncertainty for Hewat, who, despite having the second-highest points tally (636) of any NSW player after Matt Burke, has never been called up to pla...

RWC - Argentinas chances
I've not seen much of the Pumas lately, but have noted their steady climb up the rankings. Some might class them as unlucky to be in a group with France and Ireland, but at least there's no ...

Media boat missed..
Coverage in the UK is almost non-existant. 6 weeks till the tournament kicks off and almost nothing about it in the media here. County cricket still gets more of a write up in the papers tha...

O'Neill has gone mad
JOHN O'NEILL has accused powerful International Rugby Board and Australian rugby figures of forming an alliance to conspire to remove him from the ARU's top job four years ago. Wh...

The Game They Play In Heaven
Out of curiosity, and in the very sad event of TGP shuffling his mortal coil and moving upwards to continue his Rugby, I have a question. When they play rugby in heaven, how much is a ...

The Dangers of using a Nom De Plume
Sometimes you get confused about where you are and who you are corresponding with. So earlier today I sent a letter to an academic committee, signing off with my RSRU non de plume. Nice....

Dwyer's thoughts Dwyer: O'Driscoll flawed, smug and lacking modesty ...

Development of the Wallaby strip
Now: Yesterday: A while ago: Back in the day: Origin...

Australian touring party named Don't really mean to take the piss, it's not that funny tbh. Interesting though. Talking of criminals, here's matua's dream job......

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