The bleedin' obvious.....
As Fawlty said......: 'England's severely-depleted squad for the tour to South Africa could contain several of uncap...

Brain Gone
According to the Sporting Life web site John Brain has left Worcester " Worcester have announced the departure of rugby director John Brain, barely 48 hours after Warriors ...

RWC Tickets Priced Too High "Rugby World Cup organisers have been told they should feel "ashamed" of themselves, following a BBC Wales Sport investiga...

Reconditioning failure
I think it's safe to say the reconditioning experiment was a failure. None of the 22 have looked particularly great so far, with at least 8 of them suffering injuries. The bigges...

AQB Super 14 Ratings (30 April 2007)
The AQB Super 14 Rugby ratings have been updated to 30 April 2007. With one week of round robin remaining it is very tight at the top of the Super 14 ratings, with less than two ratin...

Gloomy times at the Highlanders
This as part of a Fox Sports News bulletin a few minutes ago: "The Brumbies are the last remaining hope for an Australian presence in the semi-finals, with Force now out of contention ...

Beach Rugby Festival, Italy
Beach Rugby Festival, Italy ======================================== English: Italiano: ==========================...

Posted As A Favour Since so many posters are now arguing over non-rugby issues it seems appropriate to raise some of the standards of argument. No names and no pack dr...

Hey Mr Potatoe Head
The best side won the WC for the 3rd time. This lottery system is a joke. But dont worry Rick, I am sure NZ ill win the lottery this year

Leicester Vs Wasps (Spolier)
Leicester 40 Wasps 26 Didn't watch, but listening to the BBC broadcast. Leicester forwards dominated Wasps pack throughout. Mass replacements by Leicester to protect key players ...

And the winner is....(spoiler....)
Glaws. Unless the Tiggers pull one out the bag in the closing minutes. Played chaps, congrats from me and all those others who find the play-offs as welcome as a foot massage vou...

Top Cricketers and commentators dispel "Lottery" myth "It is a symptom of their hyper-confidence but I don$(B!G(Bt think it is arrogance. They have arguably work...

Well, rattle my balls and slap my johnson. The S14 is getting interesting
Seems Shittything and Fredrick talked up their team a tad too early...looks like the hillbillies aren't shit hot afterall. I personally didn't think they looked great against the Hurricane...

All Blacks to win RWC.
Yes that's right, you heard it here first. The All Blacks will not only win the RWC they will embarrass all before them. Feel free to quote me, I'm usually right about these things. ...

Hong Kong 7's query
Hi everyone, Great win by the Force last night. Anyway to my question. I'm planning on going to the HK 7's in 2008, and was wondering if the seating was now reserved or is i...

Force v Cheaters, sorry, Cheetahs
Sportal: by Rick Boyd The Western Force are still in the race for the Super 14 finals [well, they were at the time] after an emphatic 45-17 bonus-point win over the Cheetahs at ...

Predictions semis:

Blues done in by the Veld?
Seeing that the Bulls scored most of their points in the latter part of the game, I can't help but wonder how much of a factor the altitude was. Any ideas? Jolly

For fucks sake. Why the Blues are losing
Well, apart from the obvious away leg. Firstly, too many journeymen in key positions. Let's go through them 15 - George "Nothing Special" Pisi and Ben "Hooves for Hands" Atiga at...

Super 14's
Watching tonights match on sky I am convinced that the Super 14's s the most exciting rugby competition in the world. Glad to see SA sdes competing. Haineken cup is dull and boring compare...

AB's magic lights up English League
Spencer and Reihana take Northampton to unchartered depths. Mercurial.

Caption Contest - Economy Size
All I can think of is something to do with Matt Dunning, Os Durant and Ollie le Roux. In fact, that doesn't actually bear thinking about. -- g...

Mexted ism
I give the Hurricanes a 50-50 chance of scoring four tries.

English Refs Still The Best But then, we all knew that ;-) UD

O'Neill confirms: not with a barge pole
"Over the last several weeks, there has been considerable speculation in the media regarding my possible return to Australian Rugby, in some capacity or other," said O'Neill. "I h...

ARU beats NZRU and just imagine the profit if it wasnt for Lote :-)

OT Sheep Poodles and the Japanese ( on topic for NZers as sheep are involved )
I just find this very funny Japanese sold sheep instead of poodles April 27, 20...

test again

AQB International Ratings (26 April 2007)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 26 April 2007. Little change near the top of the ratings, though further down Japan moved up one place to 16th, ahead of ...

AQB Super 14 Ratings (26 April 2007)
The AQB Super 14 Rugby ratings have been updated to 26 April 2007. The Crusaders remain on the top of the Super 14 ratings after their 23-13 home win over the Hurricanes, who fell two...

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