Dating site for Kiwis Charlie (just trying to fit in with the current tone of the NG) -- Remove NO-SPOO-PLEASE from my email address to reply Please send no unsol...

Hi to everybody, do you know if exist some podcast files for donwload, possibly of the six nations matches? Thanks a lot for your help. Bye Ed

Didgerman gets to stay with Mum
Who ate all the pies...

All Blacks to field monster team,22049,21297529-5006067,00.html Good Shit!! Lookout Didge Matua

Emgee and Co.
Can you please track down and bring down this twat who has been posting from .jp addresses and purporting to be Irish and Scottish so far. He's annoying me. Thanks in advance you...

The Gay St.George Flag Just a preview of what the majority of Scots think about you clowns.

What will it take to resolve the RFU vs Cluns issue?
Personally I agree wholeheartedly with the main point of this article: But what will it take to remodel the English structure? Is there any chance?...

Rory Underwood
Don't hear anything from him nowadays (though he might write for one or other paper, I don't know) which is a shame given that he actually talks sense - ...

Ireland lineouts
I watched the England / Ireland game again last night and was intrigued by the lineouts. Ireland won all theirs (except one) and stole three (it might have been more) from England. ...

Great starting line
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_008C_01C75A5F.B374D5C0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Rugby game online
Hi to everybody, i'm looking for a rugby game that it could be play online. Something like that or similar. Could you help me? Thanks a lot. Bye Ed ...

AQB International Ratings (27 February 2007)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 27 February 2007. England fell back behind Argentina into seventh in the latest ratings, after their 13-43 Six Nations lo...

Middlesex 7s of yesteryear . . . The perfect example of pride coming before a (not) fall. Classic. And a prize (token) for who can guess what Mr Carling said to Mr Woo...

Funny mascot at Croke PArk
I don't know what your TV feed was, but did anyone else notice that little kid that ran out with O'Driscoll as an Irish mascot (the one on the left with the stuffed animal)? 80,000+ in the...

All Blacks Are a Fine Body of Men
In the past I've found myself fighting a corner for Graham Henry for having done a fine job, with scarce resources, in Wales and for being stabbed in the back by various players and factions...

Italy Vs. Ireland 17th march
Hi to everybody, i'm searching some Irish supporter for the match of 17th March, we would like to have party at the end of the match and at evening, for S. Patrick too. :-) Let me know ...

Ireland v England torrent directions needed.
Hello Gentlemen. Has anyone got a link to a torrent of this game which I missed due to being in mid bloody air. Thank you.

6N Tipsters 2007 : Standings after Weekend 3
WEEKEND 3 RESULTS TIPSTER SCORE [ALT SCORE] hognoxious 256 [256] Will 253 [253] Montesquiou 245 [245] Dave L 242 [242]...

Bravo Ireland !
Yups, like million people over the world, just to send my congratulations to that magnificent team. What Ireland achieved on Saturday is quiet not really common. Cheers amis irlandais, you...

Why Dunedin Rules and Auckland Sucks
82% of Dunedinites support building a new stadium (even though we'll pay for it ourselves without any government handout). We're positive, united and forward looking. Compare to ...

Irish born players.?
Pretty bloody sad that some half back born in Ireland who has worked his guts out,sees a rather well tanned chap from the SH take his place. Is there any limit on bo...

Not far from the Truth, I suppose...

Stuart Barnes: The future is again All Black "From The Sunday Times February 18, 2007 Growing gulf in World Cup year The skill levels in a Sup...

Looks like it will be 4 Nations
"Argentina could join the Tri-Nations as early as next season, following pressure on Sanzar from the IRB." I think this makes sense. Argentina are the worlds 6th ranked side after ...

Isaac Boss,Irish ?
What the hell is going on,the Irish say because Boss had an ancestor from that boggy land he is eligible to play for Ireland. But,he has turned out for a NZ team,the U...

Big Weekend
The depleted Canes pip the hapless Bumboys by a point after the bell The depleted Hurricanes destroy the Stormers The depleted Blues munt the boring old Reds The depleted Crusaders smas...

Take your medicine
Haha World Chumps, what a fucking disgrace! And true to form most of Engerlund's pitiful score was scored with the boot. How does this fit in your RWC plans girls?

AQB Super 14 Ratings (25 February 2007)
The AQB Super 14 Rugby ratings have been updated to 25 February 2007. The Sharks remain on top of the Super 14 ratings after their bye week, but the Hurricanes closed the gap signific...

Force v Lions
Force v Lions The patience of the long-suffering Emirates Western Force supporters must be wearing very thin after the home side turned in a patchy second half performance to lo...

Anyone know the score Ireand vs Soaphiders
Oh dear!! I just found it.,,12416-6995285,00.html Matua

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