December Masters column for RUGBY magazine
Happy Holidays and New Year to one and all! Let's all resolve to stay in shape and start coaching or reffing once you put the cleats away for good. The sport needs yo...

Glasgow - Borders spoiler
Try scored in the last seconds of injury time to take Glasgow to within a point, conversion attempt from hard against the left hand touch line. Up steps Dan Parks with his indominable spiri...

Perry out of 6N
Time to start pontificating on team sheets for this year's WC warm-up.... Looks like Perry is out with rib damage, at least for the first game. Will the Tiger's 9-10 duo take over for now, o...

Brendan Gallagher's 2006 Rugby "awards"
Some fun for the coming New Year - enjoy:-) William Clark > With a look back at the highlights of an eventful year, here are my 'awards' > and observations.

Happy New Year to everybody in the world !!!
Happy New Year to everybody in the world !!! Cheers Carl

OT: Ashes to Ashes...
4 ZIP !! Who needs the Comedy Channel when we have the English attempting sport. And no Darts is not a sport. Ring Ring... Hello is that Foxtel? I wish to reduce...

Offside in open play
Can someone please tell me the OFFICIAL referee's signal for Offside in Open Play. Thanks in advance

Cate Blanchett comment in the NY Daily News Dec 24 Bedtime stories Bad news for any pubescent players hoping to hook up with Cate Blanchett.

Medals All Around For Effort
Glasgow Hawks 11 : Ayr 8 'Lord Nelson! Lord Beaverbrook! Sir Winston Churchill! Sir Anthony Eden! Clement Attlee! Henry Cooper! Lady Diana! Maggie Thatcher - can you hear me, M...

Glasgow vs Edinburgh - spoiler
Glasgow 34 - 27 Edinburgh Sorry Green Phantom I think it is Anniesland that brings out the worse in Glasgow. This game, and Glasgow performance was a million miles away from the ...

Tigers V Bristol (Spolier) All day the fog had been thick with visibility down to 70 yards at times but between me arriving at the pub a...

At last a team that can beat the All Blacks
once they get a kicker

Shaun Edwards Blog in the Guardian
Shaun has a few more thoughts about Brian Ashton's team; IanC

This shows what the ARU thinks of the wallabies chances in RWC
In other words lucky to reach the quarters - talk about positive thinking!!!,51041.html ...

Ashton Appointed.
"It's a massive privilege and honour to be forced into the job," said Ashton. Poor bugger. How on earth can h...

European Cup Final Tickets
is there any panic for heinikien cup final tickets, or will twickenham even sell out???

A Good Read
Particularly the reader's comments at the end.

New Redeemer snubs Wales? "Woodward dismisses Wales interest Sir Clive Woodward says he will remain as the British Olympic Association's...

Brian Moore on the fiasco that is the set scrum
Not the most popular fellow around, I'll admit, but this article in Saturday's Telegraph is spot on, and a close mirror of the discussion concerning the set scrum that we had here some mo...

XMas Caption Competition "mg finished his bourbon and had a blowjob"

FAO Mr Keegan
Do you see what I mean yet?

Prima inter balatronis pagmatim
Wales want Woodward 19 Dec 2006 The Welsh Rugby Union want former England coach Sir Clive Woodward as their director of elite performance. Woodward was beaten to a s...

Skinstad signs with Sharks
And this is for the real Sharks (the Natal Sharks) Bobby is returning to his hometown (where he was schooled and where his parents live) Question for the English club...

OT: Caption Comp.,0.jpg

In Case You Missed It
A festive treat for sports fans here. Click on video highlights and enjoy. regards The Green Phantom

England close on new head coach
England could have a new head coach as early as Wednesday - and the hot tip for the job appears to be Brian Ashton. Ashton, who was attack coach under former boss Andy Robinson, is thought...

ABs start to crumble Nonu off to league ....

When The Going Gets Tough
Currie 22 : Glasgow Hawks 27 I've complained before that I get sick of all the avian jokes and puns and I'm sure Currie must be sick of chillie based comments as well. Neverthe...

Sale - Stade Franšais spoiler
Wow, not exactly a stylish win, but a good win for Sale, 12 - 6. Each team their half. In the first, the English played intelligently and efficiently. Weirdly, Stade looked a bit passive. ...

Tiers Vs Bourgoin (SPOILER)
Bourgoin were shit, tigers performed alright but will need to step up a gear to beat Cardiff at home and Munster away. Moody got a hat trick the fi...

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