In the spirit of non-trolling..
A quick question following the autumn tests: does anyone else think refs are watching Richie McCaw and co more closely these days and if so, what kind of effect will it have on the penalty c...

Hill rules himself out
Bugger it..... Deano then?

From the New York Times 11/30/2006 re "The Haka"
By GEORGE VECSEY Published: November 30, 2006 Imagine how the National Football League would handle this: Moments before kickoff, the starters on one team face their ...

Chiliboy to captain SA,,2-9-838_2037929,00.html "The rise and rise of Ralepelle 30/11/2006 07:40 - (SA...

Haka debate makes it to the USA
>From today's New York Times.......... By GEORGE VECSEY Published: November 30, 2006 Imagine how the National Football League would handle this: Moments ...

Just How Bad Can They Get? First it was the Welsh with their entirely ewasonable request about the Haka. Now it's Scotland because they decide to offer their best facilities...

Jobs for the Boys
With horror I read this in todays rugby news on the BBC: ,---- | "We have some very good coaches in the English game but it is important | to find the next generation of coa...

Jake White stays - and immediately makes a muddle
So he stays. Barely, but. Some more meetings to follow in some if which it may be decided to clip his wings. Other big thing is the 1st black Bok captain - Chilliboy Ralepel...

For those of you who wish to travel to Argentina............
*/Ahoy....please read this intro: The below column did not run in its' usual magazine's November issue. The views below, both good and bad, are strictly my own, primarily a...

From Mathew Brown on Rugby Channel
In case you missed the drama surrounding the All Blacks' refusal to perform the Haka here's a quick recap of what happened. The WRU wanted the All Blacks to issue their challenge after th...

NZ rapists rush to protect supply of victims
In a cynical attempt to preserve its supply of PI rape victims, NZ officials sponsored talks to resolve the crisis in Fiji.


Nonu, best centre in the world Down the bottom is Danny Stephens XV. I have no idea who Danny Stephens is but he must be a fucking looney.

which is da best rugby team
heya i love rugby which do u think is da best rugby team?

No more Haka?
Well, if this guy is to be believed; ,---- | Former Wales captain Paul Thorburn told BBC Wales he believed the WRU | decision had set a precedent for next year's World Cup a...

AQB International Ratings (29 November 2006)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 29 November 2006. New Zealand finished their European tour unbeaten with a 45-10 win over eighth-ranked Wales, and will r...

RWC 07 Pools - As they SHOULD be
If the IRB had any smarts, they would not assign the teams to pools based on their performance in the last RWC, but on more recent form. Argentina and Ireland especially get royally screwed ...

RWC07 Pools
POOL A England South Africa Samoa USA Repechage 2 (Morocco/Portugal/Uruguay) POOL B Australia Wales Fiji Canada Japan POOL C <...

RWC07 Qualifying - Repechage
To be played in early 2007 REPECHAGE FIRST ROUND R1: Morocco v Portugal (Home and Away) REPECHAGE SECOND ROUND R2: South Korea v Tonga (Home and A...

RWC07 Qualifying - Oceania
ROUND 1A 29/07/2005 Vanuatu 12 Solomon Islands 30 (Vila) 13/08/2005 Solomon Islands 7 Papua New Guinea 45 (Honiara) 20/08/2005 Papua New Guinea 97 Vanuatu 3 (Port Moresby...

RWC07 Qualifying - Europe
ROUND 1 04/09/2004 ANDORRA 76 Norway 3 (Andorra-la-Vella) 18/09/2004 Norway 9 ANDORRA 23 (Bergen) 25/09/2004 Bosnia-Herzegovina 10 AUSTRIA 29 (Zenica) 16/10/20...

RWC07 Qualifying - Asia
ROUND 1A Division 1 08/05/2005 Japan 91 Hong Kong 3 (Tokyo) 15/05/2005 South Korea 31 Japan 50 (Seoul) 22/05/2005 Hong Kong 3 South Korea 56 (Hong Kong) ...

RWC07 Qualifying - Americas
ROUND 1A North Pool 05/06/2005 Bahamas 23 Cayman Islands 12 (Nassau) 05/06/2005 Jamaica 10 Bermuda 10 (Nassau) 08/06/2005 Bahamas 24 Bermuda 15 (Nassau) 08/06/2...

RWC07 Qualifying - Africa
ROUND 1A Northern Pool 12/03/2005 Senegal 48 Nigeria 6 (Dakar) 26/03/2005 Cameroon 0 Senegal 6 (Douala) 16/04/2005 Nigeria 8 Cameroon 18 (Lagos) ...

upcming RWC 2007 | quick breakdown
Seems as if Pool D (France, Ireland, and Argentina, plus a couple of minnows) is the closest thing to the 'pool of death' - Pool A (England - maybe - SA, and Samoa) coming in after that. Poo...

Tipsters Cap, the winner!!
Congratz to Ronin11, here is your cap: /`_> / / |/ ____| __ |rsru.-`` ) |---`` _.' ...

Tipsters Cap Results - Last round (spoilers)
Overall winner will follow in another thread shortly, with the cap. Scotland 15 vs Australia 44 1 ruggeryoda 94 [94] 2 Uncle Dave 90 [90] 3 Luluwazazulu 88 [88...

tackle beach rugby festival, Italy 2007
The international OPEN Beach Rugby Festival is coming! Have fun!! applications are open to all so download your application form from: ...

GH to Cardiff shock Dave

Welsh Born players ?
It is with amusement I note the number of NH posters who state the the ABs would be no trouble if three quarters of the AB team were not players that we had pinched from the ...

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