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WTF happened in NZ?
First, the Lions hose Canterbury. Enjoyable, yes, but very suprising. Say Fuck! a lot and retire to bed still shaking head. Next, Tasesa Lavaea plays like he can - well - play. Com...

Dan's do! Rugby World Cup organisers were today locked in crisis talks after interest in next years event plummeted following Daniel Carter's hair-staighteni...

Funny Shaped Balls Have a look halfway down the third paragraph. I bet that's changed by the morning!

Second Wind (Bath v Ospreys spoilers)
24-31 A gutsy win from the Os. Blown off the park by the home forwards, they hung on to scraps of posession and used them clinically. The stats - including a murderous 9-20 pena...

beach rugby festival: official 2007 date
The official date of the beach rugby festival will be 26 - 27 May 2007. It's an open tournament for men, women and goldenoldies..... fun: <...

Hey Nik!
Enjoying the rugby?

Playing in the sunshine, spoiler. Just look at that quote: 'playing in the sunshine'. Jesus christ almighty, what is this game coming to? What n...

Forrester I'm the first to admit that monthly rugby awards are not exactly taken too seriously by me, but this one just lends more...

England has no heart
Friends, countrymen, people who hate the English Crown, lend me your ears; I come to bury the English Crown, not to praise it. First and foremost, after enduring a barrage of the English Cro...

Another convict with a "knee infection"... -- If this is a blessing, it is certainly very well disguised. Sir Winston Churchill

One week only, Caption Comp'......

Farrell on the run?
He was at England training, now he isn't. AR press conference later on. What on earth is going on...... Actually, sarcasm aside, surely he hasn't spat the dummy because of Probyn's com...

Didge - just for you

Rlegation relegated? Hmm, I'm for anything that helps the national team, but I can't see this will. Top players will float to the top clubs,...

England V AB's, was it worth it? All that hassle with the clubs for a curtain raiser on a new stand, packed with luxury corporate stuff....., and it's n...

Refereeing appointments for autumn internationals
Selected highlights only: 4 Nov Wal v Aus ref: Steve Walsh (NZ) tj: Paul Honiss (NZ), Bryce Lawrence (NZ) 5 Nov Eng v NZ ref: Joel Jutge (Fra) tj:...

OT: Northampton NHS out of condoms.....

Probyn tells it like it is "Former England prop Jeff Probyn says Andy Farrell's involvement with the national set-up is a waste of time. "

AQB International Ratings (3 October 2006)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 3 October 2006. A lot of movement outside the top 15 of the latest ratings, following World Cup qualifying action. USA mo...

van Gisbergen eligibility shock
Andy Robinson reported to be reeling from the news that Mark van Gisbergen is ineligible to play for England. It transpires that van Gisbergen's parents were in fact married at the

Brian Fitzpatrick passes away

The return of the machine? I'd rather see him back in the side than DallyO. I'd rather see Simon Stovin-Bradford in the side than DallyO c...

England injury update Two points of note: 1) Wasps' exciting young fly half Daniel Cipriani has joined the training squad. My under...

Hey Bobs
Been enjoying the rugby lately? PPCB ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- The #1 Newsgroup Service in t...

Slack View
I noticed Andrew Slack's comments about the modern game on Planet Rugby. He makes a lot of sense. Basically the point he makes is that with the development of defence the game is becoming ...

I just caught a the end of radio report today which "if" I heard it correctly, alluded to a leaked report into the state of Rugby in England. One of the findings was that their ex...

Spoiler: Cardiff Blues v London Wasps
A little classic this one. I may even seed a torrent on this, it was that good. Both teams were bent on playing rugby and there were players all around the park that held their hands up for ...

James Brock
Anyone knows where that guy comes from? He plays for Clermont and currently enlights the french championship. Scored 20 points against Toulouse last night and was outrageously brilliant......

Northland vs Southland - "witty try"?
Did anyone see this match this afternoon NZ time? From the match report on - "Northland responded shortly after through some clever play from Rebel Sport Supe...

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