Are they going to jump against the opposition throw?
All Blacks forwards coach Steve Hansen said lineout forwards would have to change "a habit of a lifetime" on this tour but would not elaborate. Stex

October Masters column for RUGBY magazine
The season is upon us! Put down the remote and put the boots back on and get to practice or the game before some young buck steals your spot! Here's a look at what Masters ...

OK....seriously now.......
I am not - repeat - NOT going to be able to do the Tipsters Comp. When the main words in your life are: mother, alzheimers, probate court and dementia then rugby is at the back ...

Tipsters Comp # 2 05/11 England v New Zealand London POST YOUR SCORE

Tipsters Comp # 1 04/11 Wales v Australia Cardiff POST YOUR SCORE

Tipster comp EVERYONE READ
If I knew I'd have to do this I'd have admitted early on that I had all the # Nations games fixed and I had the scores. Since that won't work I guess I'll run this but if anyone ...

Time for Rugby Dan and his amazing Tipsters Cap
With all the Internationals this month it must be Tipsters Time Zog

HC Ball
is anybody able to kick that HC ball? There were dozens of badly missed touch finders over the last weekend from normally reliable ball-in-hand punters. Seems to me that it nee...

Henson, fastest rugby player in the world? Arsehole got let off. Charity work, pfffft. Sounds like he was near my brother's house when he got pulled. That M4 is a ni...

France squad for AB game
Forwards (12) : Ibanez (Wasps/ANG), Szarzewski (Stade Franšais), Marconnet (Stade Franšais), De Villiers (Stade Franšais), Milloud (Bourgoin), Pelous (Stade Toulousain, cap.), Thion (Biarr...

England team Pretty much as expected. Midfield pairing seems sensible - if you're going to go with Allen then putting a re...

Big Month Part 2 (OT)
Just noticed that in October, the US death count in Iraq surpassed the US deaths from the WTC. George W Bush is now responsible for the deaths of more Americans than Osama Bin Laden. ...

All Blacks on TV in oz?
I see stupid setanta sports have the right to the England v ABs match again. Does anyone know if the Wales and France matches are on Fox? Nozza

Referees for NZ tour
v England R: Joel Jutge (France) TJs: Stuart Dickinson (Oz), Matt Goddard (Oz) TMO: Cristophe Berdos (France) v France 1 R: Stuart Dickenson (Oz) TJs: Alain Ro...

So Didge...
Where's this predictions thread you were talking about. It is Monday over there isn't it? -- "didgerman" <[email protected]> "PS. France will tear you up for arsewipe...

Hansen doing a ScoJo?
I see he's having a crack at AR complaining about the poms spying on the AB practices? This sort of BS is a cancer on the game. Why whinge to the media? Deal with it throught he c...

Re hand of back etc.
Quite correct it was cheating but then again so was all the other stuff like corry`s leg being held that was no doubt going on all over the place and not spotted/ ignored as fancy took the...

Harriets Falter, Hawks Fall
Glasgow Hawks 15 v Heriots 22 It is autumn, a sunless afternoon in the suburb, starless and bible-black... as Dylan Thomas definitely didn't write as his opening line to 'Und...

England v NZ
Didge/TGP, Fancy nipping down to Tennents next Sunday to watch the Eng v NZ ? A win for England would upset a few applecarts ;-) and we could phone GHFAN for a giggle !!

Hand of Back becomes the Boot of Deacon
Cheating fucking cunts.

H Cup saturday results
Perpignan 19 Wasps 12 Gloucester 26 Agen 32 Northampton 37 Reivers 13 Munster 41 Bourgoin 23 St Francais 27 Ospreys 14 --- A good day for french clubs. Perpi...

Leicester Team for Cardiff
Announced on Friday but one or two worthy mentions... Leicester Tigers team: 15 Sam Vesty 14 Geordan Murphy 13 Ollie Smith 12 Daryl Gibson 11 Tom Varndell

Big Month
Just pulled the NH tour calender down to book in some TV time and it looks to be a busy month: 04/11/2006 INT Wales v Australia Cardiff 05/11/2006 INT England v New Zealand London ...

Predictions: NZ vs England
New Zealand 35 England 12 -- "didgerman" <[email protected]> "PS. France will tear you up for arsewipe."

Planetrugby do it again
I love this comment "In the absence of the erratic Lavea the Blues went to the draft pool to boost their fly-half resources, picking up veteran Northland No.10 David Holwell."

nz - england
ingore the following ;) givvus feedback on the following I find it funny how the clubs in England didnt want to release players for the AB game at Twickers. If I ...

Third wind? Any comments on cross border matches? Spoiler for those
Oddly last time there was *an* English club V a Welsh club the ng was weighed down with chit chat. And now there's nothing but distant bells and tumble weed.... I predict a new da...

Third wind? Any comments on cross border matches? Spoiler for those
Oddly last time there was a English club V a Welsh club the ng was weighed down with chit chat. And now there's nothing but distant bells and tumble weed.... I predict a new dawn...

Forrester Fumbles, Flip. Wasn't this guy likely to get a starting spot? Damn..... Reading that article, it says he's going to see a kn...

What next for Lomu?
Just read that he's not going to League, no real surprise there.... So what should he do? He's still well known by the general public, it would be good for rugby if he was still in the spot...

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