USA/Uruguay halftime spoiler
First Test Match USA vs. Uruguay USA 11, Uruguay 13 at halftime Montevideo, Uruguay

A selection of pix from England training
I see the England "boys" are getting in touch with their feminine sides:

Spoiler: Ospreys v Gloucester
Marshall, Parker and Henson were the stars of this humiliation of the Guinness Premiership early season pace setters, who can thank their lucky stars they weren't facing an Irish provincial ...

From The Scotsman
Well, this makes for some refreshing reading. I particularly like Howells' simple, direct approach Regards The Green Phantom DAN Parks has been drop...

Purist pommies poaching pacific pislanders
Reading an article in the printed media, which described rugby as being a war zone, must be an alister cambell spin to deflect attention from Iraq, they could have died - shit some did. An...

Varndell to Bedford on loan
Interesting stuff. Any thoughts from Tigers fans on what all this is about? The quotes seem a bit m...

Justin Marshall surprised at having to follow laws....
It seems the south is a foreign country, they do things differently there.... Perhaps he's had enoug...

test - ignore
Posted at 12:00 GMT Lets see who's first to say alt.test


This Is A Local Shop For Loacal People
Chatting with John Williams last night. He surprised me by saying that he's not renewed his Leicester membership this year. Still supports the team but is losing sight a bit of what ...

OT Caption Comp
This has nothing to do with rugby union My starter for ten is "Gottle of geer"

Rassie: where do you draw the line?
I don't know if this has been raised in a topic before, but I'd like some thoughts on the Cheetahs coach's methods and more specifically, his ethics. Rassie has been in the news l...

White joins Blues
Cardiff Blues notice: Cardiff Blues have signed Australian flanker Ben White from ACT Brumbies. A tenacious competitor, White last season progressed through to the senior Brumbies...

Currie Cup
Sorry for the on topic post, but I just wanted to point out to the naysayers that the CC has actually been widely appreciated this year despite some dire predictions from people concerned ab...

OT: Ockers are a dying breed!
Mark Latham, former leader of the Australian Labour Party, says that the Australian "Bloke" is an endangered species. They are being superceded by "nervous wrecks and metrosexual knobs".

Global Series
There is talk that the IRB is looking at aligning the international season for both hemisphere? What does the panel think, and how could it work? Cheers Stephen <...

FAO - Andy Mulhearn
I'm having all sorts of news problems atm but I noticed in Google that you fancy the game in Anniesland on the 23rd Dec? I'll be delighted to see you there and provide some tradition...

England - who has stepped up? (OT - it's rugby)
As has been mentioned before, there is a dire need for players to step up if England are not to be completely humiliated this year (again). It's early doors, but from the GP so far this seas...

Hey Mulhearn Gotcha Have a look at you!! YOU ARE A FAGGOT yes fucking sir. Is that the boyfriend with you ? And I see grandad is still goosing you fro...

This group is getting sad
I know Matua can be a pain in the arse ( no puns intended ) but all of you ganging up on him actually makes you look rather pathetic. And I will accept any argument thats says this gr...

Aided and Abetted But Still Good
Glasgow Hawks 28 v Dundee HSFP 5 A scoreline to restore the spirits of the Hawks' supporter. To be fair some of the play did exactly that. I'd be lying however if I didn't co...

OT: Hey Pete!
I've had a thought - if you win our bet and England DO win the RWC you could put it towards a ticket to Germany. I came in a while back from sunning myself on the balcony, switched the telly...

Will England rugby stars defend the World Cup in long-johns? the boks get naked and have group hugs and now england wants to play in ...

Thank christ for our women ( OT )
The Aussie men are basically doing sweet fa . Anyway we are now World Champions of Basketball. Maybe are so called male Rugby Superstars should look at what guts and ...

Auckland (48) shit all over the wowzers from Otago (7). And the Cuntabs
What a performance, but that was against of bunch of clowns. And here's a strange feeling for me...I will be gunning for a Cunterbury victory today over the traitors from the north. If only...

Didges Occupation Nowt Holy fuck and he gives everyone shit for not having a job!! ...

We'll get you Winters......
Just you wait until they come up here.....

Peter Moore visits London {OT, but work friendly....} Yes folks, Pete, otherwise known as matua, has a very busy weekend ahead. It's a hard life keeping a good collection together I can tell...

Anyone heading to Kingsholm?
I know it's early season but I reckon that these two will be fighting for the last playoff spot come the end. Gloucester should have it up front, and their backs are no slouches too, but Nor...

Cross code handbags This will never happen, Vickery will be injured. What twat thought of this anyway? How about another of those 50/50 games? ...

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