10 reasons why the ABs won't win the World Cup
http://tinyurl.com/q6zfa 10 reasons why the ABs won't win the World Cup 01 September 2006 By CAMERON McMILLAN Okay let's get this straight. I'm a born and bred New Zeal...

Good brief overview of SA coaching probs over last several years
A bit of background to what Jake White is now facing: http://tinyurl.com/rvg3u Well worth a perusal. An no Chucky, that doesn't mean wash it in detergent. -- ...

Tipsters Cap Rnd 8 Missing Picks
Ali Day Average Pick awing BrentC couchpotatoe Craig L Darryl Gore DC dechucka Devlin ghfan JD JohnO Keith Merodach Kozz mg <...

The rotation policy

Woodward takes over SA : breaking news.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/s/southampton/5302170.stm Well, maybe not, but I'm sure he can lend a "conslutancy" hand out : I mean, they wouldnt need much time ...

Australian National Club Competition
Just watching inside Rugby which tonight is based solely on the National Club Competition. The likes of Brett Papworh and Farr-Jones are against the model they have. Talk about a shit fi...

They'll be singing in the valleys tonight.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/5301258.stm There's lovely.....

The madness of king Jake
Centre combinations that work well, are rare. When they are both young, skilled, fast and rather big, they are even more rare. So what does Jake White do when he is given su...

Dan Carter v the Bok
Who will score more points in this year's 3N? Dan Carter - Played 5, Points 84 Springbok - Played 4, Points 61

Otago - Have they won anything? Ever?
Good chance for Otago to take the shield this weekend, though I hope they choke (Eg 1994). Got me thinking, have they won anything in my rugby watching lifetime (1987 - present)? ...

Since the last RWC
Across all Tests since the last RWC, ordered by winning percentage Played Won Drawn Lost % Score Avg-Score Tries NZ 31 28 0 3 90.3 1059-495 34-16 119-48 <...

lifting in the line-out
I've played rugby in school and had a gap of 10yrs+. I've come back as a prop(my old position) and now we are lifting in the line out. Why did they bring this in? I think it's crap as d...

Springbok team for Saturday
Springbok team: Jaque Fourie, Akona Ndungane, Wynand Olivier, Jean de Villiers, Bryan Habana, Andre Pretorius, Fourie du Preez, AJ Venter, Pierre Spies, Pedrie Wannenburg, Victor Matfie...

All Black Rugby Quotes
LOL you dumb fucks are going down on Saturday. "I'm going to graduate on time, no matter how long it takes." - Rodney So'ialo - Hurricanes - on University "You guys li...

AQB International Ratings (30 August 2006)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 30 August 2006. New Zealand continued their winning streak with a 45-26 win over South Africa in Pretoria, and remain on ...

Comprehensive update to the RSRU Official Offensive Terms dictionary
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offensive_terms_per_nationality 51st staters...tea sippers...'preccciiioouuusssses'...comedy gold, I tells ya. Look for rsru debates to become a lot more i...

For Didge
Didge, make a note of this site. Might come in handy for your arguments during the upcoming All Blacks / England game in November. http://www.gainline.us/

AB XXII for Rustenburg
Doug Howlett Joe Rokocoko Mils Muliaina Aaron Mauger Sitiveni Sivivatu Dan Carter Jimmy Cowan Rodney So'oialo Richie McCaw Jerry Collins Ali Williams...

RWC 2001 partial Draw released
Group C: Tuesday, November 1, 2pm - Australia v Tonga, Raoul Island Stadium Thursday, November 3, 9pm - Australia v Europe 1, Campbell Island Park Saturday, November 2...

Snake Oil for Sale
On the radio tonight, John O'Neill has resigned from Soccer Australia. I'm sure some Rugby Unions would pay for his services. Or maybe the position of God has become available. ...

What is happening with SCW?
What is up with this guy? Is he sticking his hand up for anything/anyone that will take him? What have the Southampton FA said about all his muted movements to get back into the world of rug...

Some more interesting Statistics
Interesting if you are a NZ supporter. The All Blacks' winning streak against Tier One countries: South Africa: two matches, average score 33-22 France: three matches, average sco...

George Ayoub - Best Referee
For real! They must have some crap refs in Seednee. "Among a number of other NSWRU awards last night, George Ayoub won the Dick Byres Medal for best referee and Eastwood's Lachlan T...

SA vs NZ spoiler.
The tough game against OZ last week, jetlag, SA at home, losing 3 players to injury during the game and the altitude, proved to much for NZ, for exactly 20 minutes. Peaking way too soon in...

Tipsters Cap Rnd 8
Rust-ten-berg RSA vs NZ Zog 16 38

Meg is amazing sais Meg
http://www.planet-rugby.com/News/story_53354.shtml This guy is almost as delusional as Uncle Dave & Digit features. Quite staggering really.

Leon McDonald injury
When I saw McDonald collapse on Saturday my immediate thought was that he'd suffered the same injury that finished the career of NFL (Oakland Raiders) running back Bo Jackson. Injury is call...

Crossword clue
"British International Rugby Player" - four letters, starts with "L" - possibly ends with "N". I like crosswords, but hated rugby at school - what with getting my poor bare legs b...

3N All time fanboy table
P W D L Fanboys Arseholes Divs Bi' PIs NZ 45 32 0 13 1244 903 +341 21 149 Oz 45 18 1 26 953 1046 -83 24 98 SA 44 16 1 27 895 ...

3N All time table
P W D L F A Dif Bp Points NZ 45 32 0 13 1244 903 +341 21 149 Oz 45 18 1 26 953 1046 -83 24 98 SA 44 16 1 27 895 1153 -258 16 82

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