Tipsters Cap Rnd 5
Name OZ SA Zog 37 16

Tipster Cap Rnd 4 Results recount
Sorry I reversed the picks for Nozza and Bambam. 1 Uncle Dave 87 [87] 2 Rugby Dan 81 [81] 3 Greig Blanchett 80 [80] 4 BrentC 78 [78] 4 couchpotatoe 78 [78...

Round 4 results?
Pls repost if possible....thanxxx!

For your information..
From Haka History The centrality of the haka within All Black rugby tradition is not a recent development. Since the original "All Black" team of "New Zealand ...

Next Daniel Carter???
As a HB Supporter it pains me to say it but the young guy from Canterbury, Brett looks to have all the skills. He has come though the age group system and last Friday night he looked th...

wobbly pre-game warm ups.
I take it from what george and the knuckleman said in reference to the post haka bag tackles, whenever there is pre-game entertainment they will wait until after the anthems to have a few ...

Tipsters Cap Rnd 5
Name OZ SA ZOG 37 17

The Haka as entertainment
as the Haka isn't supposedly to intimidate the opposition or to gain an advantage why don't the ABs do the Haka as part of the pre match entertainment thus fulfilling their cultural needs....

Family traumistised over new AB Haka All this over a haka! Shit, imagine if they ever saw the following weapon.

Tune's brain still fried
This week's gem: "Well, even though I was bitterly disappointed about last night's result, the fact that both teams walked off the paddock physically and mentally spent is a rem...

Oz not up to it - Greg Growden (SMH)
It sems as if though the Sydney Morning herald's chief rugby writer does not buy the argument that the Wallabies have improved all that mech this year.......... http://www.rugbyhe...

Middlesex sevens
Are Foxtel or Setanta showing the Middlesex sevens at Twickenham on 12th August? Or replays? Cheers, Tana

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AB Lineout
The AB lineout has been unstable for years and now seems to be deteriorating to the level of Romania B. They'll have a hard job winning the World Cup at this rate. They are forced to kick aw...

the answer to the convict's scrum problems fear him!

Connolly at it again!!!
Quote: Connolly slammed the action as irresponsible,saying its "murderous' connotation sent the wrong message to society. "We're very influential on the youth of the world. Anything t...

Bittorrent: Bled II is up on Diwana

Australia v AB fulltime
Well I have posted about the 1st half previously. Now for the 2nd half comments. I actually thought Australia were just the better side in the 2nd half and in the end it was onl...

Johnson is hilarious!

Why don't the ashtrayans get an attack coach?
Gee that clown Johnston is really good. He's come up with this new attack technique of not scoring tries. He must have been in England too long. But I must thank him for motivating the ...

Only one try but what a great game
I really enjoyed the game last night even only one try was scored. The Wallabies defence was good but they obviously couldn't finish off some promising attacking moves against an ABs defen...

Tipsters Cap Rnd 4 Results
1 Uncle Dave 87 [87] 2 Rugby Dan 81 [81] 3 Greig Blanchett 80 [80] 4 couchpotatoe 78 [78] 4 BrentC 78 [78] 6 Brad Anton 77 [77] 7 Walter Mitty 75 [75...

Football result: New Zealand 13, Israel 9
National Radio News, 6:00 a.m. Sports news, read by Stuart Keith:"A brilliant solo try by Joe Rokocoko led the All Blacks to a 13-9 victory over Israel in Brisbane last night." Th...

The Bledisloe Cup.
Fsck yeah :)

Australia sinks to new depths
What a disgraceful insult to the All Blacks and the haka by heading off down the field for a quick tackle session before the start of the game. The thick git Irish ref should have blo...

NZ v Oz
A game pretty much in the traditions of the past few years where it went to the last second to determine the winner. Oz won the forward battle with turnovers, possession and lin...

We need a new coach
His use of replacements lacked imagination His game plan lacked imagination Changes for the side ... well bye bye Gregan, would have Rogers on the wing

Tuqiri, Giteau, Gerrard
Two words: INVISIBLE shg

Best Team Ever
Since we've been informed by regular posters that this is the current NZ "A" Team (Henry agreed it was), and its the best team of all time, does that make this Aus team the secon...

Aust v AB 1/2 time spoiler
Only one comment about the referee ( I am sure there will be plenty of comments about him )....its a fine line in quite a few penalties Australia cant afford to make mistakes,,,they m...

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