Grewcock - his Stats
Does anyone have the Stats on how many times Grewcock has been binned/sent off in his professional career? Havent seen anyone make mention of it from the post on the ng over the last few day...

Sailor's Punishment
Sailor has been fined $4000 and suspended for a total of three matches as a result of his drinking episode at a Cape Town nightclub.,8659,183...

Who is RSRU's psychic? Was it Rick?
I believe it was the esteemed Mr. Boyd who accurately predicted this: Tuesday, 28th February 2006 Top Stories Tue 28 Feb 2006 Williams takes credit for Ca...

16 men for Sharks
Has any action been taken regarding the Sharks having 16 men against the Crusaders for more than a minute, well according to the commentators anyway? I remember when it happened to a ...

Darling, I could have killed myself
What a bleeding drama queen! "I was down after the game, more so this morning. I feel pretty depressed, suicidal," said Henson, who was also roundly booed by the crowd when he came <...

Anyone know much about this guy, the QLD halfback? Had an absolute ripper against the Blues on the weekend and is now being talked of as the next Wallaby half. He certainley was the best ...

Anyone citing Jenkins?
Has anyone cited Jenkins for coming in on Horan with that massive swinging forearm? I don't think it connected (at least not with a green jersey) but that isn't the point. Horan got a neck...

Force now red hot favourites for WOODEN SPOON!!!!
They are now paying $1.45 at the TAB. Luckily I put my $5 on them when the odds were $4.00!!!!!! A few questions though: Has any team ever gone through the super preliminar...

Clive Cuntwad unrepentant

England v Ireland
Can anyone help? Looking for a couple of tickets for England v Ireland Thanks

The race is on ...
Whatever the general view is over the quality of the rugby on offer in this year's 6N, there is no doubt that Scotland's wins over England and France has made the championship one of the m...

Worst thing to happen....
It's hard to credit but it would seem that winning the GS last year was the worst thing to happen for Wales. There was alwasys a risk that a series of 'fortunate' wins would give people idea...

The real Henson
The guy is a paragon of modesty. "This was an international match and the pace was so fast. I have been out for a while and I had forgotten what the pace is like. I found it hard ...

6N Tipster's Cap Week Four
This week should be really interesting and should spread the field, so without further ado, your tips please gents: Wales Italy Ireland Scotland Fra...

6N Tipster's Cap Results for Week Three
Well, the weekend was quite a surprise for most, but seven managed to part the muddy waters in the crystal ball long enough to glimpse Andreas Robinson Caesar's Mighty White Machine returnin...

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Tahs suspensions
Elsom 4 weeks and Dunning one week Doesnt mention what or if the Bulls play whose cheap shot started it received anything

RSRU ladder 26 February 2006 (contains spoilers)
Two results this weekend have an effect on the ladder: 2006-02-25 Romania 35 Georgia 10 (Bucharest) 2006-02-26 Ireland 31 Wales 5 (Dublin) 1 New Zealand 2 Ireland ...

RSRU tables 26 February 2006 (contains spoilers)
Three results this weekend have an effect on the tables: 2006-02-25 France 37 Italy 12 (Paris) 2006-02-25 Scotland 18 England 12 (Murrayfield) 2006-02-26 Ireland 31 Wales 5 (Dubli...

No Great Surprises This Weekend
... but some bloody awful rugby. Ireland were the best of a bad bunch and they were made to look better than they were by a Welsh team which was woeful to the point of being as bad as they ...

Worst fears realised - Ireland Vs Wales Spoiler
Ireland 31-5 Wales Wales played well for twenty minutes, Stephen Jones went off injured and Henson came on to replace him. It all went to pieces and Ireland ran out convincing win...

Guscott speaks. Again.
Err, thanks for that one Jeremy old chap. Should give the Kiwis here a laugh or two: "Jeremy Gusc...

Graham Henry and NZ
After yesterday's mud slinging, I've been giving this subject some thought and I offer the following comments: - An English perspective on a New Zealander (GH) coming to coach Wales

What did I say about the useless cart horse? Can't catch. Can't evade tackles. Can't really do anything. Great Scottish defensive display : well earned etc etc. Cohen?...

Caption competition 9...... Caution, this image represents scenes of extreme debauchery and hedonism that some may find, you have been warned.......

Poor Decision Making...
Not quite sure when SSB will get the chance to vent his spleen on the ng, but you will hear the words 'Poor Decision Making' for a while, as we did last night when we took him to the pub !! ...

Congratulations Scoltland
Congratulations to the Scotland fans on the group! Not a lot of difference between the teams, and Scotland did more than enough to dominate territory in the second half. So many ...

Daniel Carter( inc spoiler)
This guy makes a lot of players around him look way better than they are... Crusaders very lucky to win that one !!!But points are points I guess....

6N Rugby
Sorry, I just don't go along with the view expressed here by others; that the evenness of the 6N table shows strength in the competition, and that it is a sign of the resurgence of Scotland ...

Bulls v Tahs
Fell asleep and missed the game so the only thing I know is a win to the Bulls by a healthy margin. Anyone see the game and can comment on the performance of the Tahs 5/8 ? How good were...

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