Jonathan Davies explains himself.
"This match, as almost every modern rugby Test is, was decided in the forwards and here the All Blacks were way above Wales. "It was one of the main reasons why I handed the man of the matc...

"For me, the All Blacks get too many last chances."
"They are masters of illegality, the best cheats in the business.",,2094-1859625,00.html

Pelous Elbow Disgrace. Give the Video Ref more power
While the French outplayed Australia and deserved the win. Particularly in light of Australia's willingness to hand over the ball each time they got within a bulls roar of scoring. However t...

Game reports
Anyone got reports from the other two big games last night? I tried staying awake, but found myself waking up on the couch this morning after watching the AB game, and half of the League te...

Cockbain arse over tits
I see there is a beat up in the some of the feeds about the Woodcock upending Cockbain. I wonder if he nearly died.

France - Australia spoiler
France claimed a very good win : 26 - 16. Two tries to one. A nice and entertaining game, but sometimes spurned by silly errors made from both sides. Typical Marseille french performance : l...

Tipsters Cap : Game 2 results (Arg v SA) + totals after 3 games
Congratulations to Scott Lemon who leads after 3 games. Results for Game 2: 1 Bollocks 99 2 Charlie Pearce 98 3 bambam 96 4 Aidan 95 5 Pure Salt 93 ...

Tipsters Cap : Game 3 results (Fra v Aus)
Game 2 to follow shortly. 1 Charles 97 2 Road_Hog=AE 97 3 Sean Byrne 96 4 Dan Mapp 96 5 Stomper 96 6 Gareth Slee 96 ...

Ruddock, the good man
I really did appreciate post-match reaction of Wales's coach. Quiet rare those days to see a guy telling some simple and good thruths. Nothing to add about the ABs performance. Awesome...

All Black apologies needed!
From Tialata to Jones for f&^*ing him sideways in the scrum From the AB line out for embarrassing their oppononets Ditto the scrum generally From Rico Gear for being too good From ...

England will provide a big Test
Wales didn't have the power, discipline, speed or skill to front up to the AB's pack. If you can't do them up front, you are knackered, because their backline is too good. I thi...

Wales v NZ [SPOILER]
Wales 3 New Zealand 41 Error ridden game, but when the ABs found their rhythm, they were like a machine. Defense was generally sound, and was a big factor in limiting Wales to a S...

Shane Williams and Gareth Thomas
..should have the nickname "turnovers." On the Lions tour and again today, this guy just isn't solid enough in contact. He gets monstered and out muscled, leading to countless tur...

I overestimated Wales...
.=2E. don=B4t often do that :-) Take away a a couple of key players and they look as crap as ever. Hopefully just a hiccup but they looked clueless today didn=B4t they? Carter mus...

Tipsters Cap : Game 1 results (Wal v NZ)
Wales tips: 7 (13% of tipsters) NZ tips: 49 (87% of tipsters) Total tips: 56 Points tips total, Wales: 1,023 (36%) Points tips total, NZ: 1,836 (64%) 1 Scott Lemon...

Chris White
Pretty shocking refereeing performance from White. Normally he's pretty good but today was a shocker. His failure to police the offside line of the Welsh rush defence in the first...

Too Good
Even in a messy mistaken ridden game we notch up 40 points and restrict the best of the NH to 3. This tour could get embarrassing...

haha Didge...
You stupid shit. Grand Slam tour 0.25% and that was the tough game, lol. All Black Supremacy, eat shit rocket man. S M A S H E D ! ! !

HT: Is that John Mitchell...?
In the stands, mucking around with a chalk board??

AB/Wales HT: Hmmmm
It's all one way traffic so far. As predicted, the ABs are just too good...

Oh God
Christ, we're going to get stuffed. It's all AB's. We can't get the ball

Holy Fuck - Best Haka Response Ever!!!
Go Wales, this should be good...

Free money
Just checking out the bookies, Centerbet has odds for who will host RWC2011: Japan $2.20 SA $2.20 NZ $4.00 Word on the street is that Japan are out, so put half your money on...

All Blacks by 25
you read it here first.

Cardiff Blues v Munster - Spoiler
Jesus, this was dreadful. I was so bored, I huddled around a little Casio portable TV one of my mates brought along, to watch Ospreys take on Ulster at Ravenhill. Then I started checking m...

Glasscow V Connaught
Right, quick version for Matua and his ilk, we won, it was smart. Now, for the discerning fan I can tell both of you that it wasn't a bad game overall. Finally Glasgow took the direct ...

Guiness Premiership [Spoilers]
Well it looks like the Autumn internationals are playing the great leveler, well at the moment they are

I'm off
To watch Glasgow V Connaught. 15 mins to ko, I'll get a seat and a beer before the whistle, rock and roll.

France v. Australia available in Canada
Just discovered the France / Australia game is being shown in Canada on Saurday on the French channel TV5 - 14.50, presumably Eastern time. Cheers NF

More savagery from Tana Umaga
Take a look at the first picture in this article: As this camera angle shows, Umaga is quite clearly trying ...

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