Tipsters Cap : Autumn Internationals. Game 3 !!!
Oops, major screw up. Forgot the Wales v Australia test on November 5th. (Thanks Geoff Muldoon). It's billed as a "French Selection" side, but I suppose it should be included. Ple...

Some good and bad news for Wales.
Some say it pays to wait until the teams are named before posting your tip, then there's Didge... Some good and bad news for Wales ...

A Game Of One Half
Stirling County 5 : Glasgow Hawks 48 Two visitors from Wales, MYF, MYF's sister and myself provided a boost for the visiting supporters to Stirling County's ground on Saturday. ...

Sad times
Well, I thought I'd read all the stuff on the newsgroup about the EC before posting anything, not wanting to duplicate anything on an already crowded group. Two threads about the competition...

Tipsters Cap : Autumn Internationals. Games 1 and 2
OK people, let's be having them: Game 1, 5/11/05: Wales - New Zealand - Game 2, 5/11/05: Argentine - South Africa - Richard Bridgman

IRB rates South Africa Cup bid
IRB rates South Africa Cup bid 01.11.05 By Wynne Gray New Zealand Herald A confidential IRB report has rated South Africa the best choice to host the 2011 R...

All blacks in uk & ireland history
Interesting read. My favorite is this : "The tourists had gone through Australia undefeated...

Justin Marshall on BOD/Tana
Quite a well balanced article by Justin in today's Daily Telegraph. The jist of it is that he understands that BOD still needs a bit of time to vent his feelings here. He points out that...

Tipster's cap : which games do people want to include?
I would suggest the following: 5/11/2005 Wales v New Zealand 12/11/2005 England v Australia 12/11/2005 Ireland v New Zealand 19/11/2005 Wales v South Africa 19/11/2005 E...

England second row
With Shaw looking dubious after his back went again (rumour has it he's been playing on epidurals for about 3 years now) - the England second row looks as though it is slowly defaulting to w...

Wasps v Toulouse
Didn't get to see the game yesterday as traded Sunday at the movies for a rugby marathon on Saturday, but did anyone in here see the above? Seems to have been little comment on the d...

Sod off back to league you dwarf of dubious heritage Henry Paul - sole contribution to the game of Union has been to remind us that very few league converts work. Money down...

Jog my memory please
Hi there A message from a Kiwi who has lived in Canada for the past 14 years...Could people please help with the following questions... 1) I left New Zealand in 1991. I don...

No chance of getting this bonus..
All Blacks 'offered $100,000 World Cup carrot' 31.10.05 10.40am The All Blacks will each receive a $100,000 bonus if they win the World Cup in France in 2007, it was ...

Spear tackles unimportant - E Jones
Jones was also unimpressed with the International Rugby Board's directive that it will be far stricter on spear tackles after the controversy over the tackle on Brian O'Driscoll, which ended...

IRB report says SA's RWC11 bid is "strongest",,176-1849075,00.html "The Sunday Times October 30, 2005 Revealed: Mauling for Japan World Cup bid ... THE International Rugby Board’s (IRB)...

The end of D'Arcy's speargate....
Having stood next to the little scamp this afternoon, it's obvious just how laughable that gif of his 'tackle' is..... I knew he was small, but Jesus, it must've been like tripping over a ...

Televising the All Blacks vs Wales test in North America?
Does anyone know if there is going to be a feed of the All Blacks vs Wales test in North America? I have checked Setanta, and they are showin the Aus vs France test, but apparently don't hav...

Angels Of Rugby Calendar Now 14.99!!
It has been nearly 45 days since the launch and announcement of the Italian 'Angeli del Rugby' calender. Amazon.Com began to take pre-orders offering the calendar for 29...

Has anyone suggested a Tipster's Cap?
And does anyone want to volunteer to organise it? Cheers Brent

Current winning/losing streaks
(looked up to answer a question on another forum): Wales - 8 wins New Zealand - 3 wins England - 2 wins Ireland - 2 wins Scotland - 1 win Argentina - 1 defeat ...

Laws of the game! ;o)
Following a recent exchange with a pedantic Antipodean (a rare species I know), I wonder if the laws of the game are specific enough to cover all eventualities. There is nowhere i...

Possible AB XV for Cardiff Seeing this selection all over the place. We'll know for sure on Tuesday, but in the meantime; Mils Muli...

Glasgow v Leinster - 30th Oct
Are any of the Glasgow based rsru'ers going to this game ? Ping me an email if you are... Pablo

Is there anyone in North Amercia viewing the AIs through DirectTV?
I am wondering if there is anyone in North America who will be viewing the AIs through the Setanta linkup with DurectTV?

BOD puts it to rest
In fairness about time too. The press was making more of it than he ever did.

I just got an email from Wally...
...and he's not happy: X-Gmail-Received: bb6e92b9339c9990c16ea527980b652a366e0bf6 Delivered-To: [email protected] Received: by with SMTP id 17...

4 Llew - Re. Moving On
Llew am posting this fresh as previous string is getting quite clogged. Llew, Many thanks for your response and apologies for my delay in resp...

What are the most humourous uses of any Union jargon terms you've heard?
What are your picks of the most humourous uses you've heard so far, of any Union playing jargon terms, made by either any (current or former) player/s, a coach, ref, who ever was commentatin...

National anthems and other pre-match rituals
There's been a fair bit of debate in other threads about pre-match traditions and rituals. One thing that has puzzled me a lot, especially with my fitness and coaching hat on: Wh...

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