Dragons v Leicester: RESULT and comments
Dragons (18) 24-15 (10) Leicester --------------------------------- Dragons: 15 Morgan; Wyatt, Luscombe, Sweeney, Breeze; Warlow, 9 Baber; 1 Black, Brown, Thomas, Gough, Sidoli, H...

Lomu off to Wales
Lomu has been registered to play in the HC for the Cardiff Blues!

Anton Pitout to Munster - any good?
It was revealed today Munster have signed Anton Pitout just ahead of the HEC deadline (in addition to a 4 month contract to League's Gary Connolly). Is Pitout any good? I heard he...

Anybody got BBC Wales?
If anyone has and is watching this, please can they record? I'll happily pay for the recording media and postage... Powergen Cup - BBC Wales: Dragons v Leicester Please let ...

Muppet Resigns
David Moffett shocked the Welsh Rugby Union by resigning as its group chief executive on Thursday. He is stepping down because of family reasons and will leave his post on 31 December...

Hey ! Listen Guys
Are we sure John Hill isn't Alastair Campbell's pen name? The way he's still trying to justify the biggest disaster EVER to coach a Lions team makes you wonder doesn't it ? What DID ...

Chances of AB's GrandSlam
Perhaps a little early to speculate about this yet without a team selected as yet, but what say you? Who from the 6 N's opponents would have the best chance of beating NZ on this ...

so that's England doomed then
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/english/4288856.stm no intention to change the coaching staff FFS, so another mediocre season and a piss poor defence of the RWC then. ...

Spoiler: Wheel Blacks vs Australia.
Wheel Blacks 48 Australia 41 [Wheelchair Rugby, 29/09/05]

6 nations early betting
http://www.skybet.com/skybet?action=GoEvEv&id=10247147 France 5/4 England 2/1 Wales 3/1 Ireland 9/1 Scotland 80/1 Italy 2000/1 Hell, it's got to be worth...

Lomu for Quins?
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/4289184.stm Incredible really....

Wales, the new England?
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/welsh/4288156.stm More injuries than even the world champions? They must be doing something right, just a little too often.... ...

Who is Perry Freshwater?
Never seen this Freshwater bloke play. Is he any good? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/english/4281200.stm I know Kay was average on the Lions tour, but I'm sorry to ...

Van Gisbergen/Hodgson
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/english/4281200.stm So Van Gisbergen qualifies, but is Hodgson the only reason he'd make the team? Would we be looking at him if Charlie was...

A sense of thwarted ambitions has been bubbling inside him ever since.
"Without being big- headed, I believe I could be a performance director at any sport," he said, but the excitement, the challenge, is proving himself as a coach. "A real coach with a track...

I go away for a few days.....
And this happens: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/4283932.stm The world is full of surprises eh? I was sure he was going to go for that 50 year old with a face like a bulldog chewin...

RFUW Premiership 2 Richmond II Plymouth
Leaving London at 7.30 on a Sunday morning and travelling for 5 odd hours is not universally acknowledged as the best preparation for a hard Rugby match. But this is what both Rich...

Waxing Poetic - Almost
Glasgow Hawks 44 v Herriots 19 The old song 'There is a happy land Far, far away...' should be continued 'where Glasgow Hawks, frolic and play'. David...

[Top 14] Round 6 results
Toulouse-Perpignan: 30-22 Clermont-Agen: 37-24 Bourgoin-Toulon: 40-21 Bayonne-Narbonne: 47-21 Paris-Brive: 25-17 Pau-Montpellier: 21-12 Castres-Biarritz: 13-19 ...

Gasnier to Union?
Today's local rag claims that the ARU is seriously trying to sign noted small-game performer Mark 'Fire-up Bitch' Gasnier from St Geo-Illawarra. Did any other papers carry this story? ...

Whos the celebrity?
NZ TV star accused of beating up woman? T.

Robinson Quits International Rugby
Jason 'Billy Wiz' Robinson has announced that he is not making himself avilable for any Internationals. Bit of a surprise, even though his form and 'game breaking feet' has not ...

NPC contracts?
I'm confused by NZ rugby contracts. Carl Hoeft just played his last game for Otago. How did his contract work? When did it expire? How is it that he can leave a team set for the playoffs, ...

Go Woodies
Dogged performace by Woodies to again beat Manly and make GF No 5 Big ask against Uni next week though. Dickheadson as usual missed a blatant forward pass in Manly's 2nd try, ably assisted...

The 2006 NPC is going to be a JOKE
It's plain to me that Northland cannot cut it in first division. They haven't won a game in two seasons for fucks sake, and look set to lose every game again this season. They are INEPT. T...

How was flight NZ5084 boys?
Bwahahahahhahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................... pussies. -- Mr Scebe "Pershonally i think you're a fucking idiot" ~Sean Connery in "The Rock"

Breakaway League a la FA
OK, here's what you do RFU... 1. Find yourself a TV mogul. 2. Find a bunch of rich blokes who fancy owning rugby teams (not too difficult). 3. Get together ...

Canterbury - Wellington
I have tickets to watch Canterbury put Auckland in their place in a couple of weeks time but I have this nasty suspicion that Wellington are finally going to break their duck down South to...

bryce williams leaving
from the herald. "Bryce Williams should have been the next choice lock but he is heading to Leinster." this sucks!!! great potential.. can see his point though - playing th...

30,000 fans in Madagascar

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