World Ranking
Hi, Do matches versus the Lions gain any points towards the IRB world ranking for the opposition when the oppositions wins? Thanks.

Rogers given free license This game could get interesting...Although he won't be playing like Carlos Spencer so the wallabies should be fine.

rugby is boring
Rugby is the most boring sport in the world you to play the game you need to be strongish and have a bit of pace and that's about it it's the worst sport in the world in my esteemed opinion ...

AQB International Ratings (31 August 2005)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 31 August 2005. New Zealand confirmed their place at the top of the ratings until at least November, with a 31-27 win ove...

I want Aus to win!
I don't think this has happened before (although I tipped them in the RWC semi), but I find myself wanting the wobblies to scrape an improbable win. Maybe it's because they've had such an ut...

wolaby team for sat

Whats up in the Northern Hemisphere?
Digerman has bought an All Black Jumper. Charles hemoriods acting up and he's turned into this agressive bugger. Al Quada hit the drinking water? Stex

John Smit
I'm impressed with the fairness and lack of vitriol on this ng in not pre-judging John Smit's alleged racist slur. I doubt that any South African fan will support him if it turns out to be t...

Tipsters cup: New scoring suggestion
> Cameron McDonald wrote: >> Is a prediction of SA 42 Aus 14 (sean) really better, whats more 81 points >> better/closer, than a prediction of aus 22 SA 19 (me)...which one is...

Aaron Maugers a Worry.
Hes been looking a bit fucking Frail in defence and kicking the Pill right into the oppositions Bread Basket!He must still think hes playing for the Poosaders. Ima. > > ...

McBryde retires.... Another one of the good guys leaves the game. He should rake in a fortune coaching hookers, good luck to him. ...

Clever AB scrum
The way the AB scrum neutralised the Bok scrum this past Saturday, is something Archimedes would probably have liked. They started a slight to and fro sideways movement to dissip...

Brits signs for WP/Stormers
Schalk Brits has signed for Western Province/Stormers for next season from the Golden Lions. Best hooker in the country IMHO and a great signing. Now, only 4 more to go and we'll have a dece...

Auckland Here I come
Hey guys, Off to Auckland to see the good guys get walloped by the forces of darkness - even though I suspected the match would decide the result of the Tri nations, I never tho...

FAQ - Netiquette
Oh, happy days if the posted FAQ netiquette was ever observed in this ng, ten years ago. After seeing the ABs vs Springboks game, I felt strongly about a couple of issues, and wan...

How much do Aussies want this win?
Dead rubber, not bothered? Would be nice to upset the applecart? Or A must win game for George..... It seems like some of that AB indiscipline has finally been pinged with a ...

Thoughts on the AB squad
Thinking about the Cartel's stated plan of developing 30 Test calibre players, two for each position, who are are they going to be and who is in the frame for 2007? Here's those t... FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for This FAQ g...

Thanks Dirk
Today I received my carton of Crown Lager which was sent by Dirk from USA All bullshit aside Dirk, I would like to thank you for honouring the bet and will give you a chance to win it back ...

All Blacks for last 3N game
Gear dropped, Smith on bench , Lauki and Holah in to cover loose. NEW ZEALAND 15 Mils Muliaina 14 Doug Howlett 13 Tana Umaga (c) 12 Aaron Mauger 11 Joe Rokocok...

He said, she said...
John Smits a racist... Couldn't they wait until they got home to start hitting the turps? Need a quick d...

nz-sa torrent rip problems
did anyone else download the NZ-SA game from the weekend on bittorrent? apparantly i don't have the right video codec, anyone know what one it's using? doesn't seem to be either DivX or XViD...

Tipster's Cap 3N 2005 - Game 6
New Zealand - Australia - Only one game to go, thank God. I will only be accepting tips from this thread. Cheers Brent

Fuck off that Jig Haka!!
What the fuck was that!Crawling around on the Fucking ground and slitting your own fucking throats.Sounded like a pack of fucking Screaming fucking poofters!!Leave the Haka alone!!!!Fucking ...

Wallaby tactics
The Wallabies are going to go out to keep the score down on Saturday. Expect continuous stoppages (like Sydney '99) for fictitious injuries, contact lense replacements, reset scrums, i...

Have a GREAT Monday...
I know Charles will. UD

Deaker still "concerned" about "dumb" Polynesian players
Great test match on Saturday, in spite of it being played at night time in Dunedin. A thrilling late try by Keven Mealamu means we beat the Springboks and are in line for the Tri-Nations ti...

NPC 2nd Division
Well some of us are interested! It looks like its all over after only 3 games. Hawkes Bay by the luck of the draw have already beaten the other 3 teams who are destined to enter t...

Kaino joins All Blacks
Kaino joins All Blacks 29/08/2005 Auckland flanker Jerome Kaino joined the All Blacks squad today as a replacement for Jerry Collins. Co...

All Blacks not the best
In an earlier message Uncle Bully observed that the All Blacks have now beaten each country they have played in their last game. Unfortunately this is not so. There is one exception. ...

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