http://www.rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/ftimages/2005/07/31/1122748518251.html Matt Giteau holds on to the ball despite Springbok attention (Would that not be Nathan Sharpe) http...

Better but not good enough
The wallabies were better but not great. I always had the feeling they would lose either because I picked up something in the match OR I have watched them to often and know they can blow a...

Tipsters Cap - 3N - Game 1 Results
I think you guys have been spoilt by the tremendous job Ali did... OK, here's the deal. I've picked up everyone's tips from the other thread except: - Larry, who apparently...

Brent Hadley
Hey buddy where's our Tipster's Cap results? I only ask because I did alright this time and I feel the need to gloat about it :)

rec.sport.rugby.union FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for rec.sport.rugby.union This FAQ g...

Eddie Jones away record
Last night they said the Eddie Jones' away record with Wallabies is 2 wins from 14 games. Since losing again last night that makes 2 from 15. Sounds like they need another tour of England t...

http://www.rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/articles/2005/07/29/1122144016426.html "This is his 30th year of calling rugby Tests, yet [Bray] seems as well liked by the rugby public as ever. " <...

SA not doing enough to retain Tri Nations.
SA not doing enough to retain Tri Nations. Don't get me wrong, beating Australia is no small feat, but the name of the game in terms of the Tri Nations is bonus points. SA only scored ...

SA / AUS final score *SPOILER*
Well Done Boks. 22 -16 very tight game . Real nail biter. all credit to the aussies, great defence. Much better performance today from them.

Not Everyone Can Play
Since it's so bloody tedious in here at the moment and there's still a month to go before the main season begins ;o) Here's a question for posters of a certain age and generation. <...

circadian rhythms
Another tipping factor? Clean living God-fearing saffers go better in the afternoon. Nocturnal party marsupials do best under lights.

Western Force Australia's #1 Super 14 team
Western Force have signed up 13,000 memberships since opening the offer last week, giving them the biggest membership base of any super 14 side in Australia. The Brumbies are se...

Martin Johnson on celebrity Big Brother.
God it's boring isn't it? I can't get excited about it and I don't even give a shit. Still, I find myself getting behind the South Africans, and feeding Matua obvious lines.... <...

Special Report: Wallabies' night out
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 In an iafrica.com special investigative report, sports editor Dan Nicholl reconstructs the timeline of events after an incident at the exclusive Pulse night...

Mils moving to the Canes ?
Its prolly all bollocks .. to renegotiate his Akld / Blues contract but he would slot in well with the Canes I think. http://www.nzrugby.com/index.cfm?layout=displayNews&newsArticle=2...

Aus vs SA Prediction
Oz 17 SA 12

Wallabies: Now they want to eat each other
http://www.rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/news/off-the-field/fancy-rockys-cakes/2005/07/28/1122143963194.html http://tinyurl.com/aca8q "The Wallabies are eating humble pie again af...

Former AB convicted of killing a seal
This is just bizarre! -------------- Hore asked to explain role in seal killing Thursday, July 28, 2005 Former All Black Andrew Hore faces New Zealand...

rugby webcast/testmatch video file posting
Kia ora, I'm new to this channel. Any webcast site for the Tri-Nations? Ka kite, rugby is mana. --------------= Posted using GrabIt =----------------

Setanta is a scam
Setanta ballyhood their new cable channel in the US as showing "6N, 3N, and Lions tours" for subscribers. Now we find that the reality is that two of the three Lions tests, apparently all ...

Memories of the 87' World Cup
Of all the wonderful highlights of the inaugural World Cup, this is up there with the Magic Merino Mittens. The Kiwis.....complete masters of all the marketing disciplines http:...

Jason Robinson's injury.....
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/default.stm I didn't know about this, or the fact that Sheridan was playing for the Lions with a broken bone. Doesn't it just illustrate th...

When Harry Met Sally...
tinyurl.com/8rvq6 I must say that, reading between the lines in the various articles on the subject, 'Arry seems to have his nose put out of joint by all this. He's obviously fed...

Boks for Saturday.
Good sense prevailed and Jake kept the centre pairing of De Villiers and Fourie. Pretorius is kept on no 10 as well but Du Preez is in on no 9 in place of Januarie. Bummer. ...

Myths and legends
http://tinyurl.com/dmyq4 Some interesting stuff here. Small sample size caveats still apply, but I was interested to find that more tries are scored on the left than the right - ...

Something for Mr Murdoch to ponder
Record UK viewing figures for DHL NZ Lions Series 26/07/2005 allblacks.com The DHL NZ Lions Series proved a hit with television viewers in the United Kingdom wit...

AQB International Ratings (26 July 2005)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 26 July 2005. Samoa followed Fiji's win over Tonga last week with their own 30-19 victory over Tonga in a World Cup qualifier (...

I wish GH would stop talking sense...
...he's really starting to worry me now. The Welsh air must have got to him or something... http://uk.sports.yahoo.com/050726/2/ciwy.html UD

Tourist Question for South Island Kiwis
Taking a holiday for 9-11 days in Kiwi land in March 06. Definites on the to do list Christchurch (probably fly to CC) - Antarctic centre - Dunedin <...

Naughty Wallaby sent home ...
Here we go ... Wallabies send Henjak home http://www.rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/articles/2005/07/25/1122143780317.html Monday, July 25, 2005 Back-up Wallabies halfbac...

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