The Lions are taking rugby to a whole new level this tour
Cannot agree on Team selections (make all players the same) Don't want them speaking what they actually think (make em plastic then) Want to keep the historical groupi...

New Zealanders are not listening.
Unless the New Zealanders apologise for the O'Driscoll incident and do something about it, this will be the last Lions tour to that country. This would be a shame, but I am quoting a source ...

France - Australia record
French newspaper showed an interesting record about the two sides. > 34 games played since 1928 > 15 wins for France, 17 for Oz. > 2 draws. ...

A Whinge Too Far?
I mean to say they don't expect that sort of thing at a rugby match in New Zealand?! I should think 18 arrests is pretty tame isn't it? Cheers

Should Byrne have been selected?
It now seems that the lineout meltdown last week was due to changing calls/options in the days before the test. Hence the confusion and abysmal performance. It wasn't all Byrnes fault, in fa...

All Blacks cheating in scrums!
I hope Whingeward has got his speech writer working up late tonite as he's only got tomoz to moan about the All Black scrums. Today he got in a whinge about the AB's having more playe...

Burden of proof!!
There is a huge burden of proof on the shoulders of those Welsh players now included in the Lions' team, who have been vaunted by many critics of the Lions squad as being the only talent cap...

Clive Flies In Top Lock, Hires Big Shot Lawyer

Generic whinge about Clive Woodward/Lions/Poms
Dear Kiwi newbies and trolls, In the spirit of helpfulness, I have decided to create a thread where you can put all your links to objective media sources, half-baked quotes and ou... FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for This FAQ g...

Hayman out, Sommerville in. Hayman ruled out with an infected toe. Somerville comes into starting XV at tighthead. Campbell Johnstone promote...

"Perceptive bunch, these Lions rugby supporters."

Marshall steaming on the sidelines
Marshall steaming on the sidelines 30.06.05 By Wynne Gray As one of the few gnarly, experienced All Blacks, halfback Justin ...

Clive Woodward to be given Australian citizenship
Eddie Jones is so impressed with Woodward's whingeing this week, he's sponsoring such a move. Such a whinger only belongs to Australia, he was heard to say, I'm sure there's a place here wit...

Clive Woorward to be given Australian Citizenship..
Eddy Jones is so impressed with Woodward's whingeing this week, he's sponsoring such a move. Such a whinger only belongs to Australia, he was heard to say, I'm sure there's a place her...

SCW raves again !!
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0006_01C57D6D.EC47E890 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Stephen Jones article - Umaga's phone was out of credit!!!
>From today's Times, by Stephen Jones Umaga 'out of credit' All Black Captain Tana Umaga has redeemed himself from a week of controversy by phoning crocked Lions rug...

Lions Fans
I had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying the Manawatu match with a group of Lions Fans. Well you couldn't help it really as they made up at least 50% of the crowd by my estimate! I mu...

Beware All Blaack backlash!
We have a family member within the AB camp ( no not a player) and according to a phone call, the team are incensed at the way that the BOD incident has been played out in the media, particul...

Fox Soccer Channel snubs US rugby fans
For US rugby fans, in case you haven't noticed Fox Soccer Channel has banished rugby broadcasts to the late night wastelands. All rugby matches whether they are Super 12, NRL, 6 Nations, any...

Yet another whinge from the master of whinging
Now Sir Clive Whingeward is whinging that the AB's cheated in the 1st test lineouts! The guy just can't stop him...

Umaga speaks the pathetic thug!!
Umaga speaks. I've just read what he had to say on the web. Absolutely nothing that was of any value. I'm reminded of the horrific tackle by Harald Schumacker on Battiston years ago in the W...

Shane Byrne - What is with the haircut ??
Nothing personal against Shane, hes probably a really nice guy with a golden heart, but somebody please explain the haircut. I mean, if your going to have a bad day at the lineouts, can you...

OT: Yeah, leave us alone "After years of listening to attacks on their staff as burger-flippers with no benefits and opportunities for advancement,...

So now it's official?
From Richard Williams in today’s Guardian “The rumpus over O'Driscoll's injury, which generated no fewer than four England press conferences in the space of 24 hours after Saturday's...

henson and kd lang - any connection?
That young chap Henson bears a striking resemblance to Canadian singer KD Lang.

Leg lifting
Attemting to start a new thread here outside of all the various slings and arrows being thrown and fired elsewhere in the group. A genuine question. Where in the Laws does it outlaw...

Hey stats fans...
Can anyone tell us how many games the players used in Lions away tests this season have played? So that when we've finished with the Lions we can have one total of games played all season ...

Borth for Baaath
No doubt those of you who keep with the goings on will know this already. Suits me, good for England as well. Borth, Deac...

Henson's "tackling"
Watching the last few times Henson has played I am concerned that his "tackling" technique of shouldering people to the ground may get him in the bin. Is this something he has r...

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