Looking for more information.
Hi I am interested in more information. Where is the best spot? You can email me at any of the following addresses: Thanks, Sam [email protected]

Identification Purposes - Pete Devlin
I think I have your jacket Pete just to be certain I checked the pockets and came up with the following : 3 condoms - one used.... ewwww why did you want to save that? 1 members ...

Collapse of The Celtic League
Celtic League collapses over row WRU defends Anglo-Welsh Cup Scotland and Ireland say they will play their own league next year following a row with Celtic League partners...

Taffies out of Celtic league
It says here.... Looks like it's all split between the Powergen and the Rainbow... Gah, who cares.....

The Barmy Army...
... are people who have the money to go swanning off around the world watching their team play cricket, tiddlywinks, whatever and generally behaving as though this were 1905 not 2005. They ...

Careless talk costs tries.....
What the flip is all this? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/international/weblog/4587997.stm Just reading through that. Gas? Bloody gas? Is a bunch of rugby ...

In case NZ lose series : Contingency plans?
Since it's widely accepted by AB supporters that this Lions team is the "worst ever" and anything less than a 3-Nil drubbing by the ABs over the Lions would be a travesty and non reflectiv...

Super 12 success=tri nations success
I see some idiot in the media has touted a claim that New Zealand's good performance in the Super 12 means that we can expect a strong showing by the All Blacks in the tri nations.

Tune is Back!
Return of a champion. This is a good day for Rugby. http://foxsports.news.com.au/story/0,8659,15464448-23217,00.html Wallaby flanks bolstered By staff wri...

Can anyone make a decent forward pack out of the Maoris squad?
So far I've got: Props: Hayman + Feek or Manu (not sure what sides they play) Hooker: Flynn Locks: Gibbs, Hohneck Loosies: Holah, Ormond, Waldrom Has potential to get ea...

Lomu XV v Johnson XV on Oz TV?
Does anyone know if this match will be shown on Australian TV? Its played on the 4th of June. Thanks Darryl

Rugby this weekend on SKY TV?
Can someone please post the kickoff times for these games (NZ time): All Black trial NZMaori v Fiji ** BOP v Lions Martin Johnson Testimonial ** + Anything else of inter...

Powergen suddenly looks more meaningful - "Proposed" Pools
PROPOSED POOLS Pool 1: Bath, Bristol, Gloucester, Ospreys Pool 2: Blues, Leeds, Newcastle, Sale Pool 3: Dragons, Leicester, Northampton, Worcester Pool 4: London Irish, Scarl...

What's the story with Martin Johnson accusing Geordan Murphy of being a 'pikey'? Apparently twas in rugby world.

Henjak, halfbacks & cutting edge journalism
Was just reading an article on the move to Perth by Matt Henjak http://tinyurl.com/9thxy http://www.rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/articles/2005/05/29/1117305492718.html "The signin...

To all those Kiwis who don't deserve it...
... I apologise in advance, but you know what's coming as soon as those bozos remember they have net access. Don't blame me, blame an irresponsible attitude towards family planning

RSRU tables 29 May 2005 (contains spoilers)
Two results this week had an effect on the tables: 2005-05-25 Canada 30 USA 26 (Tokyo) 2005-05-29 Romania 22 USA 28 (Tokyo) "Big 5", last Tests: P ...

RSRU ladder 29 May 2005 (contains spoilers)
Three results this week had an effect on the ladder: 2005-05-25 Japan 23 Romania 16 (Tokyo) 2005-05-29 Romania 22 USA 28 (Tokyo) 2005-05-29 Japan 10 Canada 15 (Tokyo) 1...

Lions cause a fence
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/international/4593141.stm Typical Woodward, and the first signs this is going to be an almighty cock-up, even though we'll win 3 nil....

Lord Woodward of Eden Park
My bet is, that after the inevitable whitewashing of the All Blacks and the equally inevitable bestowing by Her Gracious Majesty (also ruler of the Comonwealth and oddities such as New Zeala...

I keep telling you, the guy's an absolute fucking legend
http://www.nzherald.co.nz/index.cfm?c_id=4&ObjectID=10128093 "Reuben Thorne has a unique Super 12 record. The former All Blacks captain is the only Crusader to have played every minut...

Universally Crap Rugby Websites
Planet Rugby, RFU (no results for this year's 6N fer chrissakes!) and the others I used to go to for stats all seem to absolute shite now. Nothing. Try using the month results links at Plan...

New rugby blog
Guys just started a new rugby blog. wanted to know what you thought of it. it's just a site with rugby news news and views. i'd really like the comments from a few of the hardcore fans ...

OT: Corby to go to Singapore and London
Yep, Thats right, I'm off to Singapore this week, and I happen to have the same last name as Schapelle but thankfully no relation. You would be surprised by the number of kooks ...

Perth Gold v. NSW Country Cockatoos (Spoiler) attn: Rick Boyd
Hey Rick, Dunno if this report (from Northern Star newspaper, Lismore) has AAP'd to your side of the country yet. Was at the game - my club SCU def. last year's premiers Li...

rec.sport.rugby.union FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for rec.sport.rugby.union This FAQ g...

Extended Super 12
Reported today that the NZRU look likely to accept all submissions which would make a competition of 14 teams. Excellent from a Hawkes Bay lad's perspective.

Spoiler: Arix Viadana - Cardiff Blues
Arix Viadana 9-38 Cardiff Blues Cardiff Blues tunneled their way into the Heineken cup with a convincing win over the third placed Italian club side. I say convincing, but the fir...

Laurie bags the Lions
What a shit! That's the last time I stand his round at the bar. He can buy his own drinks from now on. "It is abundantly clear that this is the worst Lions team to arrive in New...

The best of the best
Wynne Gray tried to put together the best Crusaders team of the last ten years, but as an outsider, he doesn't really know the team the way the fans do. With that, here's my best of the best...

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