Rocky to League
Surprising silence from down south about this considering it's all over the news up here. Who would have thought it? First Inge and now this... Cat got your tongues? ...

Canes Tonight
Well off to the caketin tonight to see the Hurricanes vs the Chiefs - Always a good night out ( with best stadium and best nightlife in the land ). Should be a good match but always worry wh...

(NZ ).. Next years Premier Division for NPC
I am interested to hear the views of other NZ posters toRSRU on this topic. I have heard that there was a discussion on ReUnion on Sky last night(thursday) and that the Panel all supported a...

King Carlos Dropped
The Blues need a lift and I have tipped them

Unanswered question!
Hi, In the Super12 match between Crusaders and Blues a caption showed that Caleb Ralph scored his 46th try. Does this put him in the the top 3 try scorers in S12? Who is the leadi...

Williams Stomping Ban Upheld.
31/03/2005 Williams Stomping Ban Upheld Marc Hinton The Blues have had their appeal over the Ali Williams suspension dismissed, the six-week ban for the All Black lock's foo...

Melrose Sevens
Melrose Sevens guests - 9th April 2005 - Newcastle Falcons, Stellenbosch, Ponsonby (Aukland) etc Further information Douglas Hardie Melrose RFC ...

Best Rugby Ball
What rugby ball is preferred in wet and muddy conditions by most people? What about just wet conditions? Let me know. Thanks FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for This FAQ g...

Warning on stolen Lions tickets
Wouldn't want anyone to get caught out: "Police are warning rugby fans desperate for a ticket to see the Lions not to...

Heineken Cup on French TV?
Could some kind soul please tell me which games will be shown on French TV and which channels? Thanks in advance. UD

OT, Mr Scebe seen in river
Yes, the fat one has been out to visit nature, with his friends...... Watch the sound if you're at work....

Hawks Update
Herriot's 13 v Glasgow Hawks 16 Take that you condescending buggers! Easter meant that both MYF and I had other commitments and were unable to attend the game of the seaso...

All Blacks v Lions - The Stats!
Setting the scene... as it were All Blacks vs The British and Irish Lions Played 35 All Blacks ahve won 26 and Drawn 3 and Lost 6 (one loss every 15-20 years) Point...

AQB Super 12 Ratings (29 March 2005)
The AQB Super 12 Rugby ratings have been updated to 29 March 2005. The Waratahs confirmed their place at the top of the ratings, dismissing the 7th-ranked Bulls 42-12. The Brumb...

Good one Fisburne, you racist clown
Get a load of this from the flabby arsed black star of that shitfest of a trilogy called Matrix. You know the bunch of movies where some idiot walks around in sunglasses and goes "Whoa" al...

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

$42,000 in 4-6 weeks w/ $6.00 Paypal start
Fairhaven College Discussion Board [ Home | Contents | Search | Post | Reply | Next | Previous | Up ] ----------------------------------------------------------------...

[Top 16] Round 23 results
Narbonne-Castres: 25-12 Toulouse-Brive: 71-3 Biarritz-Stade Français: 41-3 Bourgoin-Clermont: 27-19 Auch-Montpellier: 23-10 Perpignan-Agen: 41-26 Grenoble-Béziers: 31-8 <...

Heneken Cup Quarterfinals build-up
So here we go again, yet another twist in the focus of the European rugby season as the HC goes into the knock-out stages. With just one game since the end of the 6Ns for teams to re-i...

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Quinnell handjob finishes career
A likely story. "Injury forces Quinnell to retire Scott Quinnell Quinnell played in two contrasting eras for Lla...

APure Herbal Needed for Vitiligo white patches who will help me to get rid of white patches from my skin
I have got this mail plz help me have u test is vitiligoherb <[email protected]> wrote: Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:52:14 -0800 (PST) From: vitiligoherb <antiviti...

Coping with Sundays...
£10 at paddypower on Brazil, Leicester and a few girly tennis players, and you've paid for a 4 pack and your Sky subscription for the day. For added effect, you could rebuild your roadbike ...

Change of Name ?
I propose that the name of this group be changed to alt.nzthickies, so that still more immature and illiterate New Zealanders can post here. The last 85 posts downloaded by me included only...

Why the Bores keep on losing,2106,3226996a10295,00.html "Stormers coach Gert Smal believes New Zealand and Australia's Super 12 teams will realise how tough life has been for the So...

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Celtic League
The Neath-Swansea Ospreys secured the Celtic League title tonight, beating Edinburgh by 29-12 at the Gnoll, Neath. Edinburgh fully contributed to an entertaining if not always t...

An ode to Matua...
No one in RSRU history has put the time or effort into raise gay awareness as much as our very own 'matua'. Recently out of the closet, proud and flaunting his delicate literary skills ad ...

Sky TV does something sensible
With any of these types of stories (eg. about new competitions involving clubs/provinces from countries X, Y and Z, or about SA businessmen taking over English clubs) one has to wait until...

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