World Rugby Timeline, Year 2004
World Rugby Timeline, Year 2004 __________________________________________ Event of the Year: Mar. 27 2004 FRANCE. France complete Six Nations Slam ...

Happy New Year everyone - my three wishes
My New Year wish list: 1) The Blues to be 1 point ahead of any of the other Welsh regions at the end of the Celtic League season 2) Ronan O'Gara to miss a drop goal in the dying ...

Happy New Year to everyone.....
from America's #1 Masters rugby safe!

Drop kick Jonny is back.... And who better to play than our own 'number 2' fly half, Charlie 'awful hair' Hodgson. Unless of course, Charlie is inj...

140 Lions hopefuls
so the list so far is down to 140, so very nearly the top ten players in each position... one would have to assume that it would take nothing short of a miracle to make the Lions without hav...

Catalan Juniors Rugby Tournaments
Not totally sure if this is the correct place to post, so will keep it short: Please visit for details of our junior (U11s, U13s & U15s) rugby tournaments ...

L'equipe team of the year.
Very good French sports paper for those that don't know. Not quite sure what their selection policy is here. Best performa...

IRB Grant to Tier II (USA Rugby)
Here are a few ideas on how the grant COULD be spent. I am sure there are strings attached with most of it going to the Eagles. But for some debate and a look at another way to improve rugb... FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for This FAQ g...

From SCW
Woodward sends Christmas message to prospective Lions 29.12.04 1.00pm British and Irish Lions coach Sir Clive Woodward has sent 140 elite players a Christmas mes...

Another stunningly insightful editorial from the NZ Herald
With the calamitous goings-on in the Asia region, it has again been left to the intellectual heavy weights at the NZ herald to put a bit of perspective on events, least the less well educa...

Northampton win, but by the end does anyone care?
I was in America for the weeks leading up to Xmas, and returned home to see family etc. Today I saw that Northampton played London Irish and not having seen rugby for a few week...

Spoiler: Gwent Dragons vs. Cardiff Blues - Dec 27, 2004
Dragons win South-East Wale Derby Dragons 25-21 Blues The Dragons won this knife-edge match by a whisker and ended a run of three consecutive defeats. The Cardiff Blues went away...

Bing Hitler's Selection
Anyone see Steven Jones probable first team selection in the Sunset Tims yesterday. Looking at his backline selections I'm forced to start agreeing with our SH 'friends' and...

Do these stupid pricks have no imagination? Who else but the NZRU, of course. If i'm going to hand out brickbats, then i might as well hand out a bouquet as well - the ...

Breast Wishes for the holidays!

Merry Xmas
Merry Xmas all. Have a good break and I'll see you all next year when the ABs trash the Lions. Cheers Peter.

And a merry Christmas to you n you n you
and even to Lord Haw Haw! Have a cool yule and see you next year when again we shall reflect upon rugby's enduring verities: All Black supremacy English arrogance ...

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Wasps thrown out of Powergen Cup "Zurich Premiership champions Wasps have been disqualified from the Powergen Cup by the Rugby Football Union (RFU...

Help Please - Competition Question
Competition in Xmas issue of Radio Times to win holiday to Goa - can anyone please help answer this question:- 17 Rugby: in the 12 months and more since his famous drop kick that won t...

Great name for a Prop "Hurter"
This struck me as a great name for a prop. Anyone got time to waste coming up with other appropriate names?? International players only eh? I once played in a team wh...

Shuffling the deckchairs - SANZAR deal announced "UPDATE - The Sanzar rugby alliance has finalised a five-year US$323 million ($460 million) broadcasting rights deal with News Ltd...

Glasgow on Fox Sports in Australia
Apparently you Aussies can share my pain and watch Llanelli seize an undeserved victory over Glasgow at 10pm on Wednesady night. -- AListair Hutton

Joking Aside
With reference to my recent posting - and 'Scott of the Antarctic' Devlin's follow up. We have a system of substitutes here in Scotland which allow a winded, or temporarily damage...

Hawks Still Hoping
Anyone missing a dose of 'real' rugby from the week-end - here it is! Well, my young friend and I started out with hope in our hearts on Saturday morning. I'd checked the web page and...

eScrew zen story
eScrew Welcome to eScrew! eScrew is eScrew and this is eScrew story. eScrew will tell you eScrew story if you promise eScrew to consider eScrew story as joke. eScrew story is...

will win at least 6 games in their first season in the Super X according to my secret spreadsheet calculations. You can take that to the bank :-) see ya ET

A Welsh view of Lord HawHaw!! Merry Christmas Lew

Spoiler: Cardiff Blues vs Leinster - Sat 18th Dec 2004
Cardiff Blues vs. Leinster Here’s a question for you: how inept do Cardiff Blues have to be before there is a change in coaching staff? Watching the Blues struggle witlessly against a...

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