Sir Clive to coach England soccer team? Oh my god!!
I like England soccer. There must be other people who are qualified and experienced enough to coach the soccer team. Not Clive, please!! Not him!!!!!

he has retired
Its confirmed dallaglio has retired from international rugby -- Hector Cameron

Dally jacks in England
Well well, I thought maybe one more year, even if not as skipper. One of England's best players in recent times, no doubts there, he was amazing at the last RWC. I can't help thi...

Soft All Blacks
31/08/2004 03:41 PM Marc Hinton The All Blacks' harshest critic has taken aim and let rip with both barrels, noted British scribe Stephen Jones declaring Tana Umaga a "blunder" as ...

Dallaglio and Woodward Really, is it possible WW could coach the England Soccer team. I know that coaches skills are tra...

Ship sinks, rats flee, film at eleven ...
So after Dallaglio, who next? Radio this morning is saying Woodward may quit rugby to work for the FA. Apparently he's a poofballer at heart. Backs, eh? Pah! -- ...

Dallaglio to Retire ?
From BBC :-

Yakkie Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Was having a beer with the Neath Town bowling lads on Friday - they tour this area and think Weston-SUPER-Mare just marvellous Boy-oh Anyway, a...

Historical Query
I recall that when I was young, many years ago now, it was the responsibility of a winger to throw the ball in at a lineout. When did this change and what are the advantages ?

Parking at Twickenham?
Thinking of going uip for the Premiership double header at the weekend. Never been to Twickenham before so grateful for advice: 1. Where to park? 2. Do we have to pa...

does anyone know how he is doing? missing him heaps.

Fans Says Carlos' Days Are Over
I've been saying it for years...,,11491-3650287,00.html But two polls on Xtra Rugby in recent weeks leave no doubts as to where the public s...

Pat Lam apologises to Auckland
Feel a bit sorry for Pat Lam, seems to be a good sort of a bloke, has played the game to the top level, but... never really served a coaching apprenticeship. Auckland now look le...

question about the six nations
when do tickets go on sale for the 6 nations 2005 series?. cheers in advance

non-Kiwi comments on Otago-Canterbury
just finished watching the Otago-Canterbury match... amazingly i managed to stay awake for the whole thing... but it wasn't that bad... i've seen Super 12 matches that were much worse ...

Rugby to Olympics to Elections
Enjoyed the Rugby this year ( from Super 12's to Tri-nations ) then had the Olympics ( well have to watch something on night shift ) and now the suffering truly begins........farking polit...

Guinness Rugby Plaque FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for This FAQ g...

BERNADINE, or "Hell Hath No Fury"
BERNADINE, or "Hell Hath No Fury" [The following is a reconstruction of the events transpiring in the apartment of Mr Justin Marshall and Miss Bernadine Oliver-Kerby, on the occca...

It Makes The Beer Taste Bad
A good day for rugby in the borders - any day that doesn't rain in the borders is a good day. Today was cool, dry and with only a faint breeze. The ground was dry also and it was the first...

What's going on in Convictville?
Two coaches (Blades and Gould) resigning within a couple of days - we demand answers! -- Mr Scebe Losersh always whine about their 'besht'. Winnersh go home and fuck th...

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby: "Grown men trembling -- I LOVE it!"
Amusing little item at the end of the Television One news this evening: a bird attacking passersby in a street in Sydney. In spring time, it gets very territorial, and swoops down on people...

Bobs' AB team for Europe...
Was; 15. Muliaina 14. Rokocoko 13. Umaga 12. Carter 11. Sivatu or Gear (he will give Howlett a break...he's looking burned out) 10. Spencer 9. Keleher

Hehe! (Spoiler)
Great news from afar. ection=sport&thesubsection=rugby&thesecondsubsection=provincial Waik...

John Mitchell bends Auckland over and...
The man must be LAUGHING his tits off! Teasing poor,naieve little Aucklanders with; "(Auckland) are the benchmark of New Zealand rugby, whether we like it or not. They've wo...

Waikato - Auckland Spoiler
What a boring game . Try after try after try after try after try after try after try after try after try. . Auckland did so well. 3 tries short of a bonus point . Wa...

Canterbury (Spoiler)
Now that is what I am talking about... 42..7 Merhts was superb.. Carlos is not now ..or ever was in this league.. Even Ralph had a good game !!

AQB International Ratings (27 August 2004)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 27 August 2004. Congratulations to South Africa, who clinched the Tri Nations trophy for the first time since 1998 with a...

My gift to RSRU... The END of the Tune Drug cheat scandal
But wait, there is MORE! Because TRUTH needs her crusader, I will etch into all time a record of what Ben Tune, the QRU, the ARU and the ASDA did. Through the miracle of 'bl...

OT: Don't worry, be happy,11381,1278793,00.html "It should make us happy, but environmentalists are deeply alarmed: Prozac, the anti-depression drug, is being taken in such ...

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