RSRU tables 31 July 2004 (contains spoiler)
One result this weekend has an effect on the tables: 2004-07-31 Australia 30 South Africa 26 (Perth) Australia also beat South Africa, 29-9, in Brisbane last year, so only p...

Jake White should have brought Albert Vd Berg on to get some safe line-out ball, but biggest mistake was not bringing Brent Russell on in the last 10 minutes. He has shown before that he can...

SA and Australia - some thoughts (spoiler)
Congratulations to Australia. In the end you were clearly the team than deserved the win. Regarding the forward play. Australia has a weak spot in the front three, but manag...

Rathbones left Foot Fault
Did i see the left foot on the line before Rathbone put the ball down,the Arial view says he did. Ima.....

The whole rule is bullshit.. The one that should be penalised is the original offender. In the A v SA Morlock was penalised for retaliation so the original offender gets rewarded ...

Rathbone don't come home
Rathbone with dirty play like that you need to be cited!!! Traitor - don't come home - you are not welcome!!

What a match
I guess the difference was the lineout

Well done Australia
Well done to Australia on their well deserve victory of 30 - 26. South Africa could not even catch a cold in the line outs. Time to bring back Matfield!!!!!!! Greetings Alber...

SA v Wallabies
The ref is a peanut and thats even with his decisions favouring Australia. The Boks have looked the better side and Australia has fumbled and bumbled for most of the half. B...

Aus vs SA half time score
Australia 15 - 16 South Africa

SA - Australia - Tipping
SA 18 Aus 16

What will the weather be like in Perth on Saturday?
What will the weather be like in Perth on Saturday?

SA/Austeralia tomorrow
For me the following will be interesting. How strong is the SA pack? How strong is the Australian pack? The AB's dominated the Aussies and probably had an edge over the Boks...

Maori 101 . (Matua's posts - week ending 30/7)
Yes sir that's what you are Shrek. How's the wife Col. You're starting to lose it ha ha ha ha good. APPOLOGISM ???? ROGER CAUSES HEART DISEASE Going down to the Senior Citizen...

Another Cup [SA vs NZ] 'Boks and ABs to contest new cup Jul 30, 2004 The Springboks and the All Blacks will do battle for the "Fr...

England Elite Squad named
the England elite squad for the 2004/05 season has been named.... some interesting names absent... also named are the Academy squad and four core 7s players no Mike Catt, Martyn W...

Where's the Irish? Elite Squad Despite the above website saying all premier clubs are represented in the elite squad, i see no London Irish. ...

Knock On Call rule
All, Just wanted to confirm a law (at least with USA Rugby) on what is defined as a Knock On. "A knock-on occurs when a player looses possession of the ball and it goes...

Former All Black Lomu has kidney transplant 29/07/2004: Former All Black winger Jonah Lomu has undergone a kidney transplant in a New Zealand hospital after a suitable donor became FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for This FAQ g...

Justin Collins recovering from Heart Surgery,2106,2985520a1823,00.html What a trooper. I was wondering why Henry prefered Newby over Collins. Speaking as someone who has experienced similar sh...

Another record for Auckland
Following their recent setting of a record low for a home test, they've done it again. A record low for a crowd attendance at a shield challenge. What a disgrace of a city. Time f...

Thorne? Thorne??!!?,771,58,html

NZ's control freak , Herr Klark , wants PI team in Super 12
Is there nothing in this country that Klark does not want to control . "And New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark confirmed she would also back island rugby at the Pacific Forum in Sa...

Gregan joins club
Reading article on (I know, I know, 'uninformed idiots' is most peoples opinions of the writers on that website) and they were writing about Gregan getting his 100th cap this...

Shield Challenge
Anyone know the result of this afternoon's Shield challenge? Adam

Spencer vs Marshall ?
The usual biast people on talkback radio sports and in this newsgroup have shown their colours,the Canterbury faction say its Spencer at fault and the Aucklanders say Marshall are respo...

McCaw out
You've got to admit, it doesn't look good for Richie.,8659,10269684-23217,00.html All Black out for season July 28, 2004 ALL ...

McCaw out for remainder of Tri Nations
Am reasonably happy for Holah - finally gets a decent run. One player that would have been an automatic AB choice anytime since the Crusher left for his overseas retirement package.

Ockers are at it again
Does anyone know the deal,the Waratahs have cut with the Highlanders over getting more home games in the Super Series next year? ...

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