RSRU ladder 26 June 2004 CORRECTION
Two games this weekend had an effect on the ladder: 2004-06-26 Australia 51 England 15 (Brisbane) 2004-06-26 Romania 25 Italy 24 (Bucharest) 1 South Africa 2 Ireland

RSRU tables 26 June 2004 CORRECTION
My mistake, four games this weekend had an effect on the tables: 2004-06-26 Australia 51 England 15 (Brisbane) 2004-06-26 New Zealand 41 Argentina 7 (Hamilton) 2004-06-26 Romania ...

Kiwis still hurting ?
Recently someone from Kiwi land wrote in this Newsgroup that they would settle for a two match series win rather than the RWC. Thought it was Rick Boyd but could be wrong - it which ca...

Dallaglio alternative
With all this rants going on about Dallaglio being a crap captain, which I totally agree with, who in the team that just toured NZ and Oz, would have been a better choice? Admittedly, I don...

Tickets for SA vs Wales in Nov
Anyone know when and where tickets will go on sale for SA vs Wales in Cardiff on 6 Nov? I can't see anything at Currently, Ticketmaster only shows Barbarians vs N...

Six Nations Ticket Question
Hello, When do tickets for the IRB Six Nations 2005 tickets go on sale?. Also where can i buy them from?. Many Thanks, Ben Smith.

And the new Canterbury NPC captain is...
Loose forwards Sam Broomhall and Richie McCaw will share the captaincy duties for Canterbury for the 2004 NPC season, the pair take over from halfback Ben Hurst who held the job last season....

[NZ] NPC & the salary cap..
Have thought about this over the last couple of days and am not in agreement. One of the major problems facing the NZRU is player drain, so if cumulative player salaries reduce, t...

Who wants to beat England?
It s everyone s turn , just write your name below: NZ Did it AUS Did it FRA Did it Next : 1 2 3

Defending Clive
The anticipated thrashing of a diminished English XV happened. This proves one thing : Sir Clive is a great coach. With the limited talent available in English Rugby he took a t...

Woodward's Lions
Hi Guys, Thought you might be interested in this article from to-day's (29th. June) UK Daily Telegraph. Upper case emphasis is mine I realise that you all think of Wo...

Eddie has it right
From Eddie Butler in the Observer... Let's face it, there is no way that the All Blacks or the Wallabies - even shorn of two thirds of their starting line-ups - would come to the UK an... FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for This FAQ g...

Clive's top 10 reasons why England lost to NZ and Aussie.
Clive's top reasons why England lost to NZ and Aussie. No. 10 - Well, the best number 10 of the world (according to Clive and England supporters) wasn't in the team. So the worst one f...

Wallabies [International] Scorecard.
Australia 51 - 13 England Tries for Australia: Tries: Rathbone 3, Paul 2, Tuqiri, Rathbone from RSA Paul from NZ Tuiquri from Fiji Rathbone - Jake White...

IRB World Rankings

Who in the English team is offside with Woodward?
It seems as if though a number of the English team and Sir Clive are not getting on together according to Australian and NZ press reports. In the Sun-Herald in Australia yesterday two ...

AQB International Ratings (28 June 2004)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 28 June 2004. Australia's 51-15 victory over England was not quite enough for Australia to move ahead of England in the ratings...

[R] New Zealand now destroying Italian rugby - official
Joyous news from Bucharest with Romania claiming a 6N scalp for the first time since they used to beat the Welsh quite easily in the 80s? Romania 25-24 Italy

[Top 16] Stade Franšais - USAP result
Stade Franšais 38 USA Perpignan 20 A weekend in Paris had already been on the cards for quite some time, but I couldn't have anticipated that USAP was going to be there as we...

England Captain
This will undoubtedly go down as just more England bashing, but it's not intended that way. But I do think 'sir' clive has chosen very badly with his captain. A number of ti...

dummy running?
"The defensive system of Phil Larder always looked fragile against the multi-angled activity in front of the ball-carrier - dummy running that is not tolerated back home but that leaves sout...

2 the Dowager - Rick Boyd
> > -- rick boyd Enjoy it Rick. You have very little else to hold on to When is the next two match series in England ? Incidentally the query about Haden and Loe...

World Rankings
Using a Nobel Prize winning algorithm developed by NASA, and taking into account recent performances, the benchmark THOMPSON world rankings are: 1. New Zealand 2. Australia

all blacks b team
played sat night.. same forward pack that had their asses kicked in the trial (cept for jack). there is no problem with AB forward play.. i never really rated sommerville, but i know nothing...

The Reality For the ABs.
The reality is that the All Black forwards were handed their beans in the scrums and rucks. The experience of the Argy forwards shone out as they did whatever they had to slow dow...

Apologies to our English Friends
I've copped a bit of shit lately for alledgedly only turning up when we win. Well chums, I dug up the evidence that says otherwise so we'll have no more of that talk: My post from...

All Blacks.....Crap
......against Argentina. Graham Henry got it right with the team he selected against England. Far too many passengers and a lack of leadership showed us up last night. ...

RSRU ladder 26 June 2004 (contains spoiler)
One game this weekend had an effect on the ladder: 2004-06-26 Australia 51 England 15 (Brisbane) 1 South Africa 2 Ireland 3 France 4 New Zealand 5 Australia <...

RSRU tables 26 June 2004 (contains spoilers)
Three games this weekend had an effect on the tables: 2004-06-26 Australia 51 England 15 (Brisbane) 2004-06-26 New Zealand 41 Argentina 7 (Hamilton) 2004-06-26 South Africa 53 Wal...

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