Super12 fowards passes
Is it only me or are there a number of forward passes in the super 12 that get missed by the refs. (especially the cheating New Zealand sides) Perhaps we should have northern hemisphe...

Time for grace
Munster's defeat by Wasps really was so disappointing to so many devoted followers of the red jersey. The sun bled red. As a sport we all love on this newsgroup, rugby frequently ris...

Lions' tour clashes with ZP...... It's a sign of the times I suppose. Isn't it horribly like soccer though? Club versus country rather than 'for club and country'...

SH team to play in English League
London Tribe I have heard that Skinstad and Fitzpatrick are organising a new team called the London Tribe. This team will play in Englands 2nd division. It will be made up of SH ...

Kirwan's new contract
his contract has been renewd until the next world cup. IMHO, it's a good decision, since he's getting the message to the players and with such a young team it would have been quite bad for ...

Venter Ban
A J Venter 8 weeks ban for head butting and this from the SA disciplinary board or whatever its called. Isn't it about time we have a tri-nations judiciary ? Surely in this age we...

Confused as ever
Could our NH colleagues please give a run-down of the major club competitions and their ranking. I get seriously confused with the HC, Parker Pen, ZP, Celtic Tiger Plate etc Chee...

Wallaby sponsorship ... Qantas?
From Line wide open for Qantas to score Wallabies sponsorship By Julian Lee April 29, 2004 Qantas is tipped t...

AQB Super 12 Ratings (29 April 2004)
The AQB Super 12 Rugby ratings have been updated to 29 April 2004. The Crusaders maintained their grip on the top of the ratings with a 40-21 home win over the Bulls. The Brumbi...

Larkham on Merhtens at the World Cup,2106,2880789a2201,00.html Larkham also says what those who comment on rugby, both the professionals and the amateurs, had been saying all year: There had...

Blowers vs Rubix, and captaincy
Blowers is awesome - by far the best blindside I've seen in years. He's been shredding people in the ZP, and is a lump of a fella at to boot. Every game I've seen him play, he's all over the...

new rumours for Glos fans
cause we know you all loved the "Trevor Woodman to Sale" rumour... which i hear is unlikely... but these two are apparantly all but signed... Olivier Azam back from Montferrand, and this tim...

Rathbone is considering returning to SA
Springbok coach Jake White has formally invited former South African Under-21 captain Clyde Rathbone to attend a Bok training camp and the Brumbies star winger is giving the offer "very se...

The Official R.S.R.U. T-Shirt

ZP transfers review (and rumours)
ok... here's a quick rundown of what i've got in the books... ? - denotes rumour BATH OUT - Wylie Human (Northampton), Jon Mills (Llanelli), Iain Balshaw (Leeds), Mike ...

Tuqiri prefers League, set to return,8659,9419469-23209,00.html RUGBY league chief executive David Gallop wants Lote Tuqiri to desert rugby union and come back to the NRL. ...

Wasps Munster DVD/Video?
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0046_01C42D63.3E734350 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

What an exciting country. -- France v England at Stade de France 10 - 35 Digeree-don't

phil gifford rates thorne
just backing up scebe with people that back thorne HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Pro Rugby Manager WINNERS
Congratulations to: Rosemary Peet, Lancs, UK Mike Norton, Warwickshire, UK Jason Seddon, Manchester, UK

transfer roundabout
We are approaching that time of the season when the ZP transfer market starts to kick in. I think we all know about ........ Matt Cairns - Sale to Saracens Hugh VyVyan - Falcons t...

Coaches out there
Hello I'm currently involved in coaching a High School team in Canada some of the kids have some heart and skill, but realistically I'm thinking it's gonna be a 500 season at best. Their fir...

Cashmore back
Isn't it a rule that you need one season of NPC to get back in the All Blacks? Will the couple more games of the Super 12 count as well? About time we had a genuine fullback back...

Leicester To Join Celtic League
So John, it looks like the Tigers have won the race to get Steven Jones. Will the munchkin be moving into tv analysis full time now do you think? Seems a shame to waste all that hair and ch...

Ian Jones rates Thorne
"He's in my form fifteen". -- Mr Scebe Losers always whine about their 'best'. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen". ~Sean Connery in "The Rock"

Just saw the news report about Krige and have to say the bloke is a meathead and the judiciary got it right. Anyway a question for our pommy cousins, was Krige one of the players ...

So, JD....
You said: << > MY QUESTION What, in your view, is the reason for the "inexorably morass that is Africa" ?>> YOUR ANSWER Not in any order. Colonialism. ...

Most boring S12 game ever
Sharks vs Reds the past weekend. Pity both could not lose. It is decades since I saw such crap rugby.

Talking of horse races ...
I wonder who will captain the Wallabies this year. Will Gregan step aside for Mortlock at the international level as well? Other positions of interest: 1 - Du...

Leota's Try
Anyone else think he didn't have control of the ball? A

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