The day after -- an Irishman's perspective
After visiting Twickenham for each of the last three Ireland visits there only to come home feeling chastened, it was determined that it would best to view the game from a pub in New York Ci...

Garlic or Leek?
Well, I can regard this with something like equanimity now. In truth I rarely get excited about Welsh games these days. As often as not because I know I will have to get up and go out half...

I sense relief...
... from the Kiwi camp that England have been beaten, rather than the unseemly hurrahs from our Welsh lunatic fringe. Why's that then? If Gareth Edwards was dead, he'd be turning in h...

The Germans have a word for it. Which is odd really because they're not much interested in it in my experience... UD

6N coverage in Australia
Have a pommy friend coming to stay with me this month and then trip around Oz for a few months (lucky bastard). Anyway being a Rugby fan he asked me if there is a any coverage of 6N - I ...

O'Driscoll on hotline to Mr Scebe This really is unbelievable. I *really* thought England were the World Champions. Apparently I must now stand corrected and concur that they are in fact...

What did Nonu do?
Apparently Nonu didn't play due to disciplinary reasons. Anyone got specifics on what happened?

Irish Arrogance
In a sickening display of post coital arrogance, the Irish Coach Eddie O'Sullivan is already talking about his title chances. Taken from the BBC Rugby Union website,

RSRU ladder 7 March 2004 (contains spoilers)
Two results this week have an effect on the ladder: 2004-03-06 Italy 20 Scotland 14 (Rome) 2004-03-06 England 13 Ireland 19 (Twickenham) 1 Ireland 2 England 3 New ...

RSRU tables 7 March 2004 (contains spoilers)
Three games this week have an effect on the tables: 2004-03-06 Italy 20 Scotland 14 (Rome) 2004-03-21 Scotland 13 England 35 (Murrayfield) 2004-02-22 Ireland 36 Wales 15 (Dublin) ...

Wales - France comments
The less I can say is that a few French are rather ill at ease with that scrappy and shaky performance in Cardiff... I really don't know how les Bleus finally managed a victory through tons ...

Congratulation to Ireland
Nice win. Could'nt hav happened to a more deserving team. What makes it interesting is that South Africa will play Ireland (and Wales) in about 3 months time in SA. Ir...

decision making
Taking a scrum under the posts..what the fuck were they THINKING???? Apalling decision making, the scrum was all over the place in the 2nd half. Having said that clearly the ref was go...

Wales v France | here we go...
Match about to begin. Roof open. Coin Charvis back in. Frances strongly favoured. And off we go...

Glaring English problem(s).
1. Backbone......Grewcock back in should address this one. 2. Balance in the back row. Hill will NOT be the answer at openside but oddly enough there in no logical heir to Neil Backs s...

Uncle Dave & Walter Mitty
Come out from behind the Couch Uncle Dave & Walter Mitty, Where are YOUUUUUUUUU. Chariots and Arses spring to mind. Come On UUUUURLAND. Never Mind you can stuff us Taffs in a Week ...

I promised my self I Wouldn't do it, It was an Irish Win, not Welsh. Wales are now more than ever going to get stuffed at Twickers, I may even have to be there. And know I shouldn...

What on earth was Cohen trying to do with his two footed lunge at Dempsey. He had no chance of saving the try so why did he about turn and slide both feet in, the only purpose seems to have ...

Close games S 12
Some very close and exciting games, but refereeing decisions played a big part in all these results. Lets hope that it all evens out over the whole competition. And, why do we still hav...

60 mins
Well with all the shit hitting the fan about the Canterbury RL Team it didnt take long for Channel nine to do a job on them and surprise surprise, a Brisbane Rugby side was also accused of a...

I can't believe that no-one has mentioned..
...that most esteemed of all virtual trophies, the RSRU Shield, has been passed to the Irish. <> .::::. ...

Draws in the Super 12
Looking back over the stats, there have been 12 draws in Super 12 history (from 570 games), but the Bulls-Highlanders draw was the first one for four seasons. Of those 12 draws, t...

You were the first person I thought of when the final whistle when at Twickenham. Thought this guy will be the first on the NG with rub-your-nose-in-it. You didn't disappoin...

clueless twats
when they were showing the replays of the cohen try as the vid ref made up his mind, sections of the england crowd , not doubt the schwing low brigade, were heard to cheer as they watched, s...

Congratulations Ireland
I saw the game, and Ireland basically looked like a team who had gelled much better than the England players. A bit too much hanging off the tackles and not enough grit up front seemed to be...

spot the trend
geoff hust, ingerlands world cup winning 'goal' scorer is macdonald's 'director of football' for the uk, in other words he whored himself and what that victory meant for a few quid off a yan...

Hypocritical Poms "With English football facing another bout of damaging allegations, England rugby coach Sir Clive Woodward has stated th...

Sir Clive's real Lions dilemna
Eddie O'Sullivan. -- Mr Scebe Losers always whine about their 'best'. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen". ~Sean Connery in "The Rock"

The Truth Hurts
Some things that may not be claimed quite so often now: 1. This England team are one of the great sides of rugby union 2. Losing Johnson, Back etc will make absolutely no differe...

Jonny, Jonny, Jonny...
Will Jonny make it back for any of the 6N games? Or does England need a new game plan?

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