2005 Lions vs. France? Yes please.
--------------6002A8BDADD23A5AEA699D26 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit In an all too necessary bid to strengthen such a weak S12 f...

Good Week-end For Glasgow
Since Alistair is in raptures over the Glasgow Rugby demolition of Wasps on Friday night I might as well report on another gubbing by the Hawks over Stirling County on Saturday afternoon.

Leicester V Ulster
Does anyone know if it's being shown on British TV on Sunday and what time?

EC: Leicester v Ulster RESULT and comments
Leicester (24) 49-7 (0) Ulster ------------------------------ Leicester: 15 Vesty, Healey, Lloyd, Gelderbloom, Baxter, van der Westhuyzen, 9 Ellis; 1 Rowntree, West, Morris, M. Jo...

Leicester V Ulster - revenge is sweet
Leicester : The best team and worst team in Europe in the same week. I couldn't make today's game as I had no childminder, I wasn't particularly upset about that before the match but I...

Will he won't he?
Personally I'd like to see him stay on through the 6N, if he feels fit enough. Then drop the skipper tag for the trip to the '3rd' world and Oz. {3rd world, man that's funny, I should p...

All or bust
A fascinating selection from Richards at Leicester for today's quite important game v Ulster. After the rip-up last week, it's all change at half-back, with Ellis at 9, Healey shifted ...

Vivian Jenkins
From the alt.obituaries newsgrou ..... Muz Vivian Jenkins Rugby player, cricketer and journalist 16 January 2004 Vivian Gordon James Jenkins, rugby player and jour...

[SPOILER] Glasgow vs Saracens
Glasgow 33 - Saracens 5 Do the maths, Glasgow started 31 points down on Saracens, we ended 3 points down. Hollow is the only way that I can describe how I'm feeling. ...

[HC] Fortress Thomond to fall?
Munster are on the slide. Henry Paul says lightning can't strike twice. What is Paddy Power giving us for Gloucester winning the return leg as well? Since Cardiff emerged with a 37-32...

NZ v England - Test Date Confirmed
* sauce: http://allblacks.xtra.co.nz/news/0,,10455-3003673,00.html Carisbrook Test Date Confirmed 16/01/2004 04:56 PM NZPA A sell-out crowd is expected for the Al...

Swing Low Sweet Eric...
... never noticed until listening to Eric Clapton's Backtrackin' to keep me sane at work this morning that the UB40 version is an almost exact copy of that which God did in 1975. His is bet...

rec.sport.rugby.union FAQ: preface and content (part 1/4)
Archive-name: sports/rugby-union-faq/content Posting-frequency: every 30 days Last-modified: 15 May 2002 Frequently Asked Questions for rec.sport.rugby.union This FAQ g...

Rugby Rule Question
Is there anyone that knows the rules of rugby that can answer the following question: In what situation(s) is a Penalty try awarded? I have scoured the IRB Rulebook for 2003...

Bench warmer may bag himself a royal
Caleb Ralph, whose work rate on the bench was simply scintillating, appears to be courting a royal! http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm?storyID=3543682&thesection=news&thesubsec...

Englands injury list
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/international/3355993.stm roll on excuses in early comments.

I say you Kiwis...
... this is a serious post, not a troll. [Cue "troll" follow-ups <sigh>] If we can agree, at least, that what has won the past three RWCs has been defence rather than the all-ou...

Leicester reach new low
On the Eurotable http://www.eurorugby.com/modules.php?name=Rcurrent I know its harsh, but you've just got to love it.

4 weeks for Troy
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/international/3346881.stm After that, the real pain starts. Any chance this chump can turn out for the AB's later on? Mr Hill would lik...

Zara!! Zara!! Zara!!
My long held candid opinion of Caleb Ralph is definitely up for revision ... Maybe he is good at something .... although I'm sure it is not Rugby. Drinking games?? I didn't think Mitch encou...

Krige is gone.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/international/3393271.stm I'll never forget that last game at Twickers. What a chump.

Next England Captain?
For me Richard Hill, or at a push Vickery If you look at Dally everytime his name is mentioned drugs are in the next sentence, which is not good for an incumbent captain. Wilkinso...

Leicester to merge?
Something has to be done about struggling Leicester. Propped up by Rotherham in the ZP, missing out on European pool qualification and dwindling crowds - just 4K for an International game v...

wants to take over as captain again. in his dreams

Martin Johnson to quit
http://allblacks.xtra.co.nz/news/0,,10455-2990858,00.html Lo.

Bad Santa
What a truly great film. And who is the 'Bad Santa' for Rugger? Anyone in charge of Leicester. Deano. What are you upto you Bad Santa? You said things would be cool after ...

[EC] Round 3 RESULTS
Windy and wet conditions all over the place, and some tough forward battles resulting. A few notable results, particularly Sale and Celtic Warriors wining at Leinster and Wasps respect...

Ulster performance ?
Will there be any credit given to Ulster or is it all about the Leicester injury list and.....and how was the Ravenhill crowd? Usually they are quite vociferous.

F.A. Rare, Collectors Sony / WEGA RWC Wallabies Rugby Watch

Tigers Injuries
Last week against Glaws (good thread everyone and thanks JW) I read with a lot of interest the comments about Stuart Barnes and his cutting remarks about the officials. Well, brie...

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