Just Wanted To Say This
Cardiff won today! I know it's not much and they've lost nearly every game they've played and it doesn't matter anyway and they were at home to Sale Sharks and all that stuff but....

Sir Clive insulted, officially, by Paddy from the Bog
http://www.rugbyrugby.com/LATEST_NEWS/story_33927.shtml Is there no end to the anti English sentiment of the surly Syd Millar? He, you will remember, was the unhappy man child who veri...

S12 Warmup Games
I see the Warratahs ripped the cheifs a new one 85-19 last night. Apparently their backs were sizzling hot ! (new center combo ??) I thought the Hurricanes were also playing the Blues ...

Pussies Speyd
Leicester Puss-Cats found immediate dividends in their decision, like SA in the 2nd test vs the Lions, to go into a match without a recognised kicker. Conversion attempts and penalty kicks s...

The Poms are running scared - again
http://www.planet-rugby.com/News/story_33925.shtml The Poms have already worked out that one Cup doesn't make a winning team, and now that they have to back up a last minute drop goal ...

England's injury crisis
If i was a little more cynical, I might believe the England coaching staff had given the old men something to 'help them play through the pain' now it looks like the south african mike...

Bad to worse for SA
Bad enough for the Boks that they are exposed as a second rate rugby nation, with pre-historic 'motivation' techniques, a captain who enjoys knocking out his own players as well as the oppos...

Jon Chapman
Have you just got a new set of batteries for the laptop, or have you just recovered from a coma? Even Didgerman doesn't post this frequently. regards The Green Ph...

Scotland to sing new anthem??
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/international/3443179.stm What is the consensus on this? Seems a little bizarre to write a brand new anthem? Are there no (suitab...

"The Times They Are a' Changin"
Well, maybe. I've got some intel' that when the selection committee of the NZRFU presented its findings on the results of its interviews of both competing coaches for the AB coach...

Cook the man some fsckin eggs...
oooh and some bacon!

Thugh & drug pusher as England captain?
Can it be true?? The English has named a thug on the field with a drug pushing past as captain? I guess it will be "wipe out the past" from now on.

England Squad for 6Ns
What with the high profile appointment of Dallaglio as captain of the England team for the first 6Ns game v Italy, the squad itself seems to have somehow missed any discussion here.

R.I.P Ferdi Greyling
Alas, with the naming of the new {and old} England captain Ferdi's poor heart gave way. He's gone to a better place, that old military training camp in the sky. Eternal grovelling in th...

Post of the Year Award (Entry 15: BOBS)
Let us state from the outset that, for the judges, this particular nomination has been a problematic one. To a man (and a woman) we generally have a high regard for Bobs, whose rumbustious,...

Ben Darwin is off.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/international/3436233.stm That's a shame, but there's more to life than beating WC favourites at rugby. All the best to him, ...

Still looking good for Andrew Johns move
From the "australian" - read last paragraph Knights: Hagan deal the key to Johns January 27, 2004 THE Newcastle Knights today identified re-signing coach Michael Hagan as th...

Famous Springbok Louis Babrow dies
http://www.planet-rugby.com/News/story_33872.shtml "Famous Springbok Louis Babrow dies Tuesday January 27 2004 Hero of 1937 passes away Former Springbok Louis Babrow, r...

A new old home for Irish rugby
And about time too! http://www.rte.ie/sport/2004/0127/lansdowne1.html By the looks of it (with the roof down) it'll keep the swirling wind due to the exposed North and South...

European rugby in Melbourne
I will spend 3 months in Melbourne, Australia from April to June, and I wonder if someone can recommend any pubs where I could watch the final rounds of the European Cup (and possibly the fr...

Masters of Abuse (No.1 - RICK BOYD)
A series in honour of those architects of ad hominem, those brutal barons of belittlement, those nattering nabobs of nastiness, those vicious and vehement virtuosos of vilest vituperation wh...

wage cuts
both dadruggio and worsley have now taken significant wages cuts to enable them to stay at their club. what the hel is going on, i thought english rugby was on a high, attendances were 'thro...

Mispost From Racists, Maybe
I just replied to the 60 minutes racist thing which 'Geezer' appears to think is worth pursuing. I reset the follow-up to ensure that it only went to nz.general. Can I just ask...

Nun on road
This guy is driving along in B*ysw*t*r, P*rth, W*st*rn A*str*l*a one Saturday evening when, all of a sudden, he sees this nun walking on the road up ahead. Dude stops his car and says, "Sis...

[EC] Why the pool structure needs to be reformed
I've always be inclined to believe the 6 pool, best two runners up system of the cup is bit silly, having read the article on the times website about Edinburgh's qualification chance...

Filthy Frenchmen sack unclean filthy French man
--------------781BF7009DBE221511B0B6A1 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit What kind of a world are we living in? BBC SPORT | Ru...

Anyone watch the 60 minutes article about polynesians playing rugby in New Zealand?
I missed it. If someone could summarise what it was about it would be much appreciated.

recordings of singing at the millenium stadium/cardiff arms park
Does anyone have information about recordings of singing at the millenium stadium/cardiff arms park? The national anthem, or sospan fach, or anything? I would like to play some a...

recordings of singing at the millenium stadium/cardiff arms park
Does anyone have information about recordings of singing at the millenium stadium/cardiff arms park? The national anthem, or sospan fach, or anything? I would like to play some a...

[EC] Pool round 5 RESULTS
Some fascinating pool positions now, with only Edinburgh guaranteed a play-off spot, according to my possibly flawed calculations. Big results this week include Northampton's Fri...

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