Too Black, too strong...
After the pool matches, the ABs once again emerge as leading points scorers. 282 points and 42 tries gives them the most RWC points for pool matches record for the fourth time. http://r...

The unspoken final? SA vs France
SA have the physical game to beat NZ, although I think they have their work cut out for them in the backs to produce the necessary creativity against the All Blacks. SA certainly have the ga...

The NZ Wales Game
My server has been down and I've lost nearly all the posts since last night, so apologies if this is a repeat. I thought this was one of a handful of games that have showcased the...

Is this getting through?

New Zealand v Wales -- some common sense
I suppose I should not be surprised at the avalanche of knowledgeless drivel pouring from the cakeholes of those whose rugby nous might well be likened to Fat Neill's sex life ... perhaps I'...

Wallabies/preferred starting teams
Interesting.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

Biggest Winning Margins
Here is an updated list of biggest winning margins in international rugby matches (qual. 120; *=new): Margin Date Score Venue 152 01/05/2002 Ar...

About the World Rugby Rankings
The ranking of the world's rugby nations has long been a lively topic of conversation. As my contribution to this discussion, I have written a computer program that uses previous internatio...

Subjective comments about the latest World Rugby Rankings
Subjective comments about the latest World Rugby Rankings These rankings were computed after the end of pool play in the Rugby World Cup. Pool play produced just three 'upsets', ...

POOL GAMES - final stats.
So it's over in the pools! Everyone has splashed around, and had their fun; and the usual suspects have emerged. More so:- for the FIRST time ever, the final 8 are *exactly* the traditio...

Glad we are not playing the Springboks next week
After this weekend I think every Wallaby supporter would be glad to be fronting Scotland rather than France but the darkest of dark horses seems to be coming from another source....

Poor ole Rube , every time the AB s don't play well, its Rubes fault,ho hum,mind you, the cries usually come out outside of Christchurch,so funny,no I am not from Christchurch,okay it wasn...

NZ super 12 teams - notable absentees
looking at the Kiwi Super 12 sides just named, i was shocked to see some very big names missing.... can anyone tell me what the deal is with the following players? if they've been axed solel...

RSRU tables 2 November 2003 (contains spoilers)
Five results from the final round of Rugby World Cup pool matches have an effect on the tables: 2003-10-31 France 41 USA 14 (Wollongong) 2003-11-01 Australia 17 Ireland 16 (Melbou...

AQB International Ratings (3 November 2003)
The AQB International Rugby ratings have been updated to 3 November 2003. Australia moved ahead of Ireland into third in the ratings, after their nail-biting 17-16 victory in Mel...

Every programme I see, every result I see, every game that features England I see, they all have some remark on what the Ozzie press will think. Does anyone really care? The press don't repr...

what a weekend
the world cup finaly sprang to life at the weekend with 4 really great games ,and englands win

whinging aussie's
i heard of a land of laid back cobbers bruce's and blues,but when i got here all i heard was whinging .this isnt right that isnt right,we dont like that. for heavens sake stop moaning about ...

ABs should still win ...
This is just what we needed. A nice hard game. The ABs will be ready next week, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Rubix running around like a headless chook!
There was an instant in the first half where a Welsh player was making a break down the middle and instead of tackling the guy Rubix ran in the opposite direction! That was frikkin' hilariou...

Wales V New Zealand Archives
We Welsh need some perspective on what happened today. Take a look at this Welsh team that played NZ in 1969. Brian Thomas Norman Gale Denzel Williams Brian Price ...

If AB fans can get over their egos..
Then we could maybe come to the conclusion that we saw a bloody good game? Clearly the dominating factor was the guts and heart that a much maligned so-called 'second string' Welsh side took...

France vs Ireland
We have had two near "shocks" in the WC so far - England against Samoa and New Zealand against Wales. In both cases the top rated sides won after being behind. In both matches, th...

Another Boring Blowout
By my rough count Nauseating Nigel Evans has made 37 posts since the AB v Wales kick-off. It's this sort of thing that's making the RWC look bad. alvey in brisb...

Wales v NZ
Some quick thoughts: Awesome performance from the Welsh - best I've seen from them in ages - lots of attacking spirit and flair. I'm impressed. Overall, it was a very enjoyabl...

Is that all you've got?
Time for the SH to keep its gob shut, I think. Any one of four or five teams could win this WC, including a couple of SH teams. But guess what? Australia is emphatically not...

Thoughts on All Black 'defence'
Dave Covey may push the 'NZ can't defend' bandwagon. Until today, however, it's been a bandwagon with very few people on it. Presumably some of the Johnny come latelies will take a turn to...

Send In The Clowns
SEND IN THE CLOWNS by P Waite Rumour has it that Adidas is poised to unveil a new All Black strip for the knockout stages of the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Informants from i...

Hmmm - after Joe Worsley's behaviour today, you can hardly blame the Aussie media for some of their comments. Good to see Woodward gave him a public slap afterwards though. ...

[ZP] Some English results
Round 8 and things going to form pretty well everywhere. The TV game was particularly unusual, in that it kept me from listening to the Bath v Leicester game on internet radio. I...

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