Thommo's Weatherwatch
Bureau of Meteroology forecasts for this weekend: Brisbane. Saturday -- showers and 26 (obviously less than that at 8.00pm AEST when Australia play Scotland). Sunday - shower...

Bores team for this weekend
Jaco van der Westhuyzen, Ashwin Willemse, Jorrie Muller, Thinus Delport, De Wet Barry, Derick Hougaard, Joost van der Westhuizen, Juan Smith, Danie Rossouw, Victor Matfield, Bakkies Botha, C...

best XV ever
Which is your best XV ever? Mine North is: S.Blanco G.Davies P.Sella M.Gibson P.Jackson B.John G.Edwards M.Davies F.Slattery J.P.Rive...

Bok team?
whens it being anounced?

Wales can do this.
Yet again all the England posters are writing of Wales. You really don't learn do you. Wales, Scotland and Ireland were supposed to bow down to you for successive "Grand Slams", but hey...

Byron Kelleher in RWC
What's happened with Kelleher in this world cup? Admittedly I haven't followed his career in detail, but whenever I have seem him play in the past he's been pretty convincing; how...

Who is kicking for Australia?
Against Scotland in the quarter final? Anyone know for sure? - not speculation. Either Flatley of Rogers I quess.....

Faith in the All Blacks
I have really enjoyed watching the All Blacks over this season so far and will be proud as a Kiwi no matter where they finish in the World Cup. To have The Super 12, Bledesloe Cup an...

14 Samoan players born in NZ!
This might just put the fucking nonsense about NZ raping the Islands to bed forever. I think that NZ deserves and apology from Boe, cos without us, Samoa wouldn't have a team: htt...

England Squad for wales
Leonard will be the most capped player after this world cup is over! J Lewsey J Ro...

Good work Aussies
No, no sarcasm, this is a genuine dipping of the lid to Australia for the great job they've done on the world cup. There were one or two words said about that low, treacherous cur ...

The Scebemeister's cap
Having won this again for a record one time (due to the fact that all the softcock entries were disqualified) i thought i'd make it a bit more of a challenge this week. Not content to go for...

AB team for weekend
Mils Muliaina, Doug Howlett, Leon MacDonald, Joe Rokocoko, Aaron Mauger, Carlos Spencer, Justin Marshall, Jerry Collins, Richard McCaw, Ali Williams, Chris Jack, Reuben Thorne (captain), G...

best forward pack and best backline in the quarters
BEST FORWARDS 1 - South Africa 2 - Frogs 3 - Poms 4 - New Zealand 5 - Irish BEST BACKS 1 - New Zealand 2 - Australia 3 - Frogs 4 - P...

Predictions For the Weekend
France vs Ireland ----------------------- After 1999, everyone assumes that the unpredictable French are maybe, perhaps going to knock off the English in semi #2. But i...

Wallabies Team named
Burke and Vickerman out. Lote and Mortlock included in run on. Roff/Harrison moved/added to bench. Interesting. 1. Bill Young 2. Brendan Cannon 3. Ben Darwin ...

Comments oin Mitchell
Warren Gatland, former Waikato team mate and flat mate (two years in Hamilton) of John Mitchell's is quoted in the Guardian as saying many nice things about Mitchell (good bloke etc.) but I ...

Ireland team for France
No. 8 Foley is dropped in favour of Costello which I regard as a mistake, an unpleasant one. Costello is the classic 17st schoolboy who runs over lesser opposition and then finds he gets du...

english player off to hospital
Just now on Sky TV news, a 28 year old english rugby player has been rushed to hospital after training in Brisbane with Spinal injuries. Presumably they're referring to an english tea...

A really good Rugby Forum
If anyone hasn't already discovered it, I have been having some great discussions here: Lots of input from all round the world about all the teams.. it...

AB Team for boks
15. Mills 14. Howlett 13. MacDonald 12. Mauger 11. Rocko 10. Spencer 9. Marshall 8. Collins 7. McCaw 6. Thorne 5. Jack 4. Williams 3. Somerv...

Australia side to play Scotland
Tuquiri and Mortlock in; Roff and Burke dropped. Surpirsed there are no changes to the pack with the introduction of an additional lineout option..very surprised. Australia...

Money + Motivation
From where I am sitting I believe the odds are 500 to 1 currently for Wales winning the final. Now if I took US$1 million and placed a bet for Wales and then met with each player and guaran...

The RSRU Tipsters' Cap - The Quarter-Final
It has to be NZ/SA does it not? Tips by kick-off please: _ /`_> / / |/ ____| __ <...

ABs are only paying $1.20 for the win this weekend
Do you think this is fair? I thought it would be around the $1.30 - $1.40 mark.

Tony Marsh - eligibility?
I switched on the Rugby channel the other day to see the NZ Maori creaming England and Tony Marsh was playing in the centres. Does this count as a representation of your country? Or is NZ M...

Wales v England v Two Minutes Silence
Won't the game coincide with the two minute silence on Sunday? Could cause embarrassing scenes around the country. Maybe the kick off time needs to be revised? -- Garet...

Thorne hate week again.
Thorne hate week is it?a few weeks ago he was a fucking hero when the AB s won the bledisloe cup and super 12,seems everyone is focusing on one player,midfield backs missing tackles etc do n...

Umaga has leg removed so he can face Boks
Now, that IS dedication. See photo. zealand/3236519.stm

England "Not arrogant" shock : Aussies love us poms.
I heard it from a doctor. It must be true.

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