Rugby 2 Basketball 0
Great weekend for rugby. Still a game requiring skill rather than just big blokes who can run fast... Cheers UD

Funniest thing since Gazza...
... breaking his leg with that atrocious tackle was Dominici getting injured tripping Robinson. Bit like Red Dwarf's Justice Zone! UD

run for show, kick for dough
In an earlier posting, I made a few obserations/prognostications, I think worth re-visiting: >'expanasive play' and 'entertaining rugby' is irrelevant (much to the >wrath of...

A great day
Not just because there will be an England vs Aus final, but more importantly because Ben Darwin does not appear to be permenantly damaged. Kees apparantly stopped pushing as soon as Da...

RSRU ladder 16 November 2003 (contains spoiler)
One result from the Rugby World Cup semi-finals has an effect on the ladder: 2003-11-15 Australia 22 New Zealand 10 (Sydney) 1 England 2 France 3 Australia 4 ...

RSRU tables 16 November 2003 (contains spoilers)
Both Rugby World Cup semi-finals have an effect on the tables: 2003-11-15 Australia 22 New Zealand 10 (Sydney) 2003-11-16 France 7 England 24 (Sydney) "Big 5", last Tests: <...

England - France (Oh, alright, spoiler - if I must)
Just got back from Kibworth, which was packed - as I guess most of the clubs around England and France were this morning. Great atmosphere :) Truly immense game by England - pressure,...

Thank goodness for penalty & field goals
England would not have made the final otherwise, and we can't have the best side not in the final. English supporters (all) will obviously hammer every bookmaker this week and put...

Much dissapointing for all the whinging
I new to this group but I wonder if there are many real rugby fans on here? I just watch my team France lose to best team England and I not complain. Why southern hemisphere not accept...

Not that fecking chariot again!!!
I really feel (fear?) that the England XV will pull it off next week: fair play -- they are there on merit and deserve to win. For the sake of the game here in the Northern Hemisphere I woul...

Analysis of NZ after a lot of thought
Hmm... deep thought. Yep, it can only be the Cocks. Softcocks abounded in the AB's and much harder, well let's say semi-hard ones for the Ozzies. The under the shorts department settled ...

Worst World Cup loss
1991 - Was a conflict of coaches. The Ab's never really got off the ground. 1995 - They were overwhelmingly the team of the tournament. Unfortunate that they had food poisoning (intent...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang We Love You
Looks like Dad's Army may have another big game in em to me Now can we clear the ng of all this Kiwi and Frog nonesense and get down to some serious Aussie baiting God knows we've waite...

It begins now (or whatever Rick Boyd said)
Only for England its TRUE. Got to win the final lads, thats what we came for. -- Mr.Will

bravo les anglais
congratulations for England pity to see France play like that but "c'est la vie" !! the weather was terrible but in these wonditions England played simply better England do not pl...

England outplayed the French in the conditions. They kicked better and held their own everywhere else. It was a slow game and that suited English power over French speed. French dropped too ...

Eric Rush
Just saw him on Roy & HG and he has a good sense of humour. Apparently Paddy O'Brien told him he was depriving the village of an idiot to which Eric replied that he would go far as a ref an...

england will win. but im gonna be like china is with taiwan and never recognise them as what they are :) -- "I Ask Myself Why I'm So Hateful Perhaps It's Just Part Of M...

Was it raining? Or was it Scebe's tears
Hoho. How did it go? France to spank England, consider it a freebie, blah fucking blah..... Sweeeet.

Next Weekend
I think it'll be won through English forward the pundits have said, the Aussie scrum is weak (Darwin is out) and Larkham isn't a good tactical kicker. I can see England playing...

Glad its England
If we beat them then we have beaten all the top teams the last time we played them so we will then deserve the title. If England win then there will be no argument from me that they deserve it

Australia Strategy
Take out Wilkinson _properly_, and get the red card as he's worth 3 English Players?

National Anthems
Check out how England and in particular Dallaglio sang the national anthems. Now see how the NZ team tried to remember the words. Now see who is in the final...there's a pride amongst the En...

Score a friggin' try England you boring morons.
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Please? Do something interesting? Just once???? Oh and I can't wait too see the pretty boy get smashed next weekend ;-)

Public Announcement
In 2007 the IRB have decided to save the expense of all the effort of fifteen men teams and associated staff and will only allow one person from each country to play. Each player will get 40...

Congratulations England
French can do the best and the worst ; today it was the worst. Torrentail rain, slipping fucking ball (what a bad choice this ball)... France cannot play his game under these conditi...

Weather Conditions for the Final
At the moment there's showers predicted for Saturday night around the 23C mark. Though another weather report said sunny with chance of rain. All I know is I hope it's not l...

I don't think anyone could have beaten us TODAY in those conditions in those circumstances with that wind and that rain in the semi finals with everything to play for. A perfect 2nd half in ...

[R] Congrats
Weather didn't allow any different. I said to an English acquaintance in irc at 9-7. You should do it easily from here, 24 points from Wilko, fuck all from anyone else, and...

Its going to be hard
Wilkinson and those field goals are going to give us nightmares. We are going to have lift by at least 10% if we want to beat the Poms next week. Call it boring or call it what you lik...

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