Sailor - Overhyped and overpaid
He's been caught of quite a few times tonight. Out of position, missing tackles...he's costing the felons big time. -- What did the constipated mathematician do? He w...

Too many errors
You have to control that ball and Australia are just not doing it. England are looking strong and are playing good Rugby.

First try to Australia!!!
Get used to it, pommie wankers...................

Here come the Poms
pom pom pom POM pompom pom pom pom POM pompom pom pom pom pom pompompompom pom pom pom POM pompom pom pom pom POM pompom POM pompom pompom POM pompom

Rugby or Opera?
Hope the game is better than the pre game opera show with little choirs boys, only Michael Jackson would like that stuff. Roll on the game......

Aus v Eng about to start soon
I don't like the wet weather, but you have to play in what is there. Its not an indoor sport. I don't like the ref, and I hope he can swallow his animosity to Gregan for the good ...

Ha ha ha ha!!!!
Q. What do you do for a drowning Pommy Rugby player? A. Nothing. You could drag him to the top, but he'll choke anyway. The English Rugby team are bringing out a new bra! Plenty ...

I thought I'd be nervous...
... but I'm not! Surrounded by an air of confidence (for Australians read arrogance I guess!)... Just looking forward to the English victory!!!

To England.....
...boring country, boring people........ Get used to losing, you will never beat Australia in any sport. Is England capable of winning? Anything? Ever?

Commentary online
Does anybody have a url of a radio station which will be broadcasting the match live online? Thanks in advance

If your superstitous check these out
Stolen from Not happy about this!!! if your superstitous check these out In 1991 Australia lost their No.8 and best forwa...

morning all.....
Good luck to everybody today. Let's hope the game is memorable and all the players walk off the pitch. See you all later for bragging/excuses 8^) /opens beer at 7.00am, w00000t. <...

New English Anthem
Poetic licence - sung to the same tune as God save the Queer err sorry Queen God save three point penalties Long live three pointers God save our Jonny Score less tries...

World Cup final online
Hi, I'm overseas and can't find a place showing the final live. Thought I might be able to catch it online. It starts at 4am local time where I am. I can get the Roy & HG audio on Triple ...

The Sun Just Broke Through in Sydney
At 4:50pm Still very windy and cloudy though. I imagine the Stadium is very well drained. If it doesn't rain tonight how slippery will the surface be from the previous two ...

You've got me started now
All this shit about Mitchell - well let's have a few facts to sort out the shit from the shovel. In five matches v Australia, the AB's have only allowed 82 points scored. You may ...

Go the Aussies
Control that bloody ball, treasure it like you treasure you nuts , tackle as if your life depended upon it and No stupid penalities. Do this and I think I will be a very happy person tonight.

Who will take care of Phil 'WAR"
I will be up at 4 am to watch-it will be tough for England to counter the Rugby 'league' style of Oz unless they win more ball and swing it wide. Watch Phil 'War'-Australia's version of Irel...

Who's going to win tonight?
Who cares?!

rugby weather
2pm in Sydney, still sprinkling, coolish and windy as it should be. Australia would like it hot, still and dry but that's not rugby weather. Wallabies have little skill or experience in the ...

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!
Go you good things!!! Cheers, Kooky

Kiwi's , feel sorry for my mate!
I have just been talking to my mate next door. His wife was born in England and immigrated to Aus and is now an Aussie citizen but living in NZ of course! Last night her father arrived from ...

Any pubs showing the WC final ....
in the San Francisco Bay area, preferably in the East Bay?

AB's as they used to be and will be again...
With absolutely no apology to some idiots here who try, pun intended, to denegrate a kicking game I offer the following: "AUCKLAND One of New Zealand's All Black greats, Don "The...

Al Capone Sorts Out The NZRFU
NZ it could have been a lot worse. Imagine if we hadn't colonised you. You might have tae-kwon-do as your National Sport. Instead you have Rugby Union and hari-kari (induced) of your Coac...

Weather radar
If you want to check to see where the rain is falling for tonight's game just click on this link Its updated every 10 mins ...

The online betting chappies are doing some interesting bets, for those of us who can't sleep.......

IRB's efforts
tonight after the final the IRB will no doubt tell us what a wonderfully successful world cup it has been. the reality is that the success has been due to the obsession by Australians...

11pm, ITV
I'm so glad I stayed up to watch that 'preview'. What a load of shite.

Second most anticipated game of the year
Well, I'm off to bed, and it's strange that I expect a decent night's sleep. I had a terrible night's sleep before the NZ v Eng game in June. Is it because England have pla...

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