weird dream
Had a bad dream last night... I was sitting on the grand stand watching a rugby world cup game. It was England vs an unknown team. Of course it was a full house, and there were lots of ...

Bye Bye Mitchell
So now Daniel Carter was crocked aswell as replacement called for. Quite bizarre. Clear your desk out John. In you come Oh Great Redeemer...see if you can a number on this lot.

$5 (paypal) for link to picture of 'Johnny Rotten'...
In some Aussie paper the day after the Rugby Final, there was a big, full-page ad w/ a picture of Johnny Wilkinson. The banner at bottom read 'Johnny Rotten'. I can't seem to find a link t...

Australian Coaches in the UK
Aside from for Queensland legend John Connelly coaching at Bath, does anyone know of other Australian coaches at clubs in the UK and how they're going? - Regards Ray <...

The Structure of the English Competition
I wish to know (and I am sure someone can help me) how English Rugby is structured? In that I mean, other than the ZP, what other competitions are there? and do the ZP clubs have teams ...

London Irish 9-3 Sale
London Irish 9-3 Sale Sunday 30th November 2003 Zurich Premiership 2003/2004 season Mark Mapletoft's injury-time penalty finally secured victory for London Irish...

For The Less Ambitious
Glasgow Hawks recorded another away win against Ayr yesterday making their record 11 wins and 1 draw this season and taking them 6 points clear at the top of the premiership. Wes ...

Attention Alan Lucheti
Alan Could you repost your excellent summary of Watson and the scrums please? I skim read it, thought "that's one to keep and read properly when you get some time" and now cannot...

For sale - Autographed England rugby ball
Hopefully this should appeal to the right people An autographed England rugby ball signed by Martin Johnson and Matt Dawson. In pristine condition, with wooden plinth and certifi...

Anyone experience with Sportex world wide rugby tickets?

Some possibles for the NZ Barbarians
Reading in the paper today the following are keen to play - Craig Dowd (former AB prop) - Taine Randell (former AB captain) - Oreni Ai'i (Auckland NPC/Blues reserve flyhalf/fullba...

The way the game is going...AFL imports
If the game goes the way England is pushing it...i.e. kick as opposed to running the long will it be before the Wallabies start recruiting AFL players for purely kicking?

Leicester v Bath: RESULT and comments 29.11.03
Leicester (6) 12-13 (10) Bath ----------------------------- Leicester: 15 Healey, F. Tuilagi, Smith, Gibson, Holtby, Pez, 9 Tierney; 1 Rowntree, Richards, White, L. Deacon, ...

9 Nations? NZ desperate to learn from NH
More from the loony John O'Neill. You could argue that they are more or less doing it already. ...

Zurich Premiership Results For Saturday 29th November 2003
Leicester 12-13 Bath Newcastle 20-23 Wasps Gloucester 28-20 Northampton Harlequins 9-16 Leeds

Kicking up an NFL storm While most were mesmerized by Jonny Wilkinson's Herculean drop goal in the World Cup final, one pair of eyes probably showed mor...

Saracens v Rotherham Saracens head coach Rod Kafer has given a start to World Cup winner Richard Hill. New signing Cobus Visagie w...

Bath vs Leicester
13-12, and Bath with the only try. Could anyone who saw the game please give me an opinion. Oh, and it looks like time for my weekly "I love John Connolly" statement. ...

Ranfurly Sheild
Hi, Can anybody tell me what the NZRFU's plans for the Ranfurly Shield are? I haven't seen it mentioned in the recent review of NZ rugby? Are they going to keep it? With t...

Wasps V Newcastle. Windy!
Has anyone seen game as windy as this? I bet Wilkinson is pleased to have another week off, the wind is making everything look unkickable. I must admit, Walden is doing ver...

The first of the UK newspaper clippings have started to arrive here in the US (thanks to obliging relatives in the UK) and one report that stirred me most was about Greenwood. He talked abo...

Tuqiri off to AFL?
Seems the ship jumper might be jumping ship again, this time to an AFL ship! what's after next season? punt returner in the NFL? The ARU would be dark about it one would think, their big inv...

OT: End of the World.
Excellent Shockwave flash of the fucked up world we live in:

The great pretender?
Just a Freudian slip, or perhaps Lindsay Knight is inadvertantly nailing Doormat? m?storyID=3536788&th...

France NZ
God I'm sad but I have to admit that I was filling in all of the scores from the cup in a wall poster!! unfortunately I forgot to write in the 3rd/4th playoff score can someone help me plea...

The Ball
Anybody know what happened to the ball that Catt kicked into touch at the end of the final? -- - links to PC bargains for UK users.

Rupeni Caucau if apparently leaving Fiji to try to become an All Black. Apparently there is a proposal with the IRB supported by NZ and others to relax the current rules which would cu...

Rupeni confirmed for Baa Baas.
Xavier Rush in as well.,,10455-2868686,00.html

Eddie Jones 3am Wake Up Call
3 am in the morning Eddie Jones gets a telephone call. "Hello, Jones here" he mumbles "Mr Jones", says an urgent voice on the other end, "this is the Sydney Fire Chief. The ...

England Disqualified
Hugh is trying to spread a rumour about NB. Sounds like a bad loser aussie trying to make himself feel better. Grow up and get over it! Peter Taylor

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